20 Beautiful Bedrooms Filled With Natural Light

contemporary bedroom with slightly vaulted ceiling

Over the years, countless studies have shown that natural light has lots of benefits. Not only can natural light help lower your energy consumption, but it can also make your space feel warmer and brighter. On top of that, natural light can also help improve your mood and increase your energy. According to Simonton, — a window retailer — “Doctors believe that spending time in naturally lit environments keeps your energy levels more stable throughout the day and prevents the dreaded afternoon fatigue.”

With that being said, what better place to let natural light do its thing than your bedroom? Since our bedrooms are where we start and end our days, it only makes sense that we allow natural light to fill these spaces. While large windows are the most obvious source for natural light, everyone doesn’t have the benefit of utilizing this option.

Still, there are other ways to increase natural light in your bedroom such as using white colors throughout the room and making sure that any window space you do have is no obstructed by furniture and other objects. Ready to see how much natural light can improve your bedroom? Here are 20 beautiful bedrooms filled with natural light.

contemporary bedroom with window above bed

image via houzz.com

Beautiful bedroom overlooking the city

image via http://homepicture.in

contemporary master bedroom with large window

image via minimalistdesk.com

black and white bedroom with wood floor

image via http://shop.dezignable.com

bedroom with unique window

image via http://livingimpressive.com/

light and airy bedroom with windows

image via madebymood.com

traditional master bedroom with wood flooring

image via zillow.com

bright bedroom with chandelier

image via homeklondike.site

contemporary bedroom with wooden design and ceiling fan

image via onegetall.com

masculine bedroom with beach atmosphere

image via Europecinefestival.org

bedroom with light colored carpet

image via sofapedia.com

bedroom with blue painted walls

image via https://www.designtrends.com

bedroom with wall of windows

image via madebymood.com

small bedroom with large window

image via http://www.homezenith.com

beautiful attic style bedroom with triangle window

image via homegoid.com

bedroom with window and sky light

image via http://www.freshdesignpedia.com

contemporary bedroom with glass fireplace

image via aeGive.com

beach style bedroom with large windows

image via decoist.com

modern bedroom with sliding doorsimage via http://www.byrneseyeview.com/

beautiful coastal bedroom with wood flooring

image via infosofa.com

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