20 Amazing Small Kitchen Island Designs

simple kitchen with hanging lamps

Kitchen islands are very popular in homes all over the country. However, while there are lots of people who love these useful island spaces, others might feel like an island might not be the best choice for their space. As beautiful and as practical as kitchen islands can be – they do pose one problem: they tend to take up a decent amount of space. This means that depending on the layout and size of your kitchen, you’re definitely limited with what you can do as far as islands are concerned. But the good news is that having a small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have an island. In fact, small kitchen islands are becoming a great option for those who are looking to save a little space. These smaller kitchen islands can serve as some additional counter space, or may even be used as daily dining space. Small kitchen islands can give you the same look and feel as average sized islands while also making sure that your kitchen doesn’t feel cluttered. If you think a small island is right for you, these examples will help solidify that thought. Here are 20 amazing small kitchen island designs.

kitchen with small white island

image via otag.ir

small kitchen island with wooden counter

image via nicenup.com

beautiful modern kitchen with stainless steel fridge

image via freshome.com

small kitchen with small island

image via homestratopshere.com

kitchen with yellow paint

image via hgtv.com

small kitchen with u-shaped design

image via homedit.com

large kitchen with orange walls

image via decoist.com

beautiful modern kitchen with picnic table style seating

image via hgtv.com

kitchen with small white island

image via allinonekitchen.org

kitchen island with marble countertop

image via http://www.areopagocultural.com/

small narrow kitchen island

image via http://cikky.swanndvr.net/

beautiful small kitchen design

image via HomeIzy.com

bright kitchen color scheme

image via Bloggienotes.com

large kitchen with hardwood flooring

image via http://gorestep.com

beautiful modern kitchen with lamp

image via homestratosphere.com

u-shaped kitchen with chandelier

image via homedesign.com

small kitchen island for bar

image via homedit.com

beautiful small cherry wood kitchen island

image via http://ytxy.swanndvr.net/

beautiful and lavish contemporary kitchen design

image via http://inspiringhomeideas.net/

grey kitchen with white cabinets

image via http://www.areopagocultural.com

lead image via hgtv.com



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