20 Amazing Living Rooms With Tuscan Decor

beautiful tuscan style living room

Although Tuscan decor originated in Italy, it has become popular all around the world. Tuscan decor is well-known for its lavish appeal and is characterized by “aged finishes, iron scrollwork, and intricate patterns.” In addition, Tuscan style rooms often include “travertine or terracotta tiles, travels up textured or plaster walls, and finishes with a beamed ceiling.” These trendy designs have become popular fixtures in luxury houses, and it’s easy to see why. While Tuscan decor can look great anywhere, it’s an especially good fit for living room spaces. Tuscan decor can make your room feel elegant and grant, and especially good fit for larger spaces. Although Tuscan decor has a very traditional look, it can also look great in modern spaces. If you like certainly elements, but don’t want your entire room to be Tuscan themed, you can incorporate the aspects that you like and mix and match with other styles. This is great news for people who don’t want to fully commit to any one style. But it all comes down to one final question: is Tuscan decor the right for your home? These examples can definitely help you decide. Check out these 20 amazing living rooms with Tuscan decor.

living room with exposed wooden beams

image via http://www.decoratingdecorandmore.com

beautiful tuscan design living room

image via http://grin.lorexddns.net

beautiful living room with chandelier

image via http://decora.lorexddns.net/

amazing living room with tuscan style

image via designingidea.com

cute tuscan style living room

image via http://www.rooivalk.com/

tuscan inspired living room decor

image via interiorhousing.biz

tuscan living room, living room, tuscan style

image via davinong.com

living room with dark wood flooring

image via http://www.rooivalk.com/

beautiful tuscan living room decor

image via Rencon.us

tuscan living room with exposed beams

image via http://tucs.lorexddns.net


image via designingidea.com

lavish tuscan living room

image via https://in.pinterest.com/sunnirae62/

tuscan style living room with fire place

image via nanobuffet.com

nice tuscan living room with mezzanine

image via http://www.solesirius.com

beautiful living room with vaulted ceilings

image via houzz.com

luxury living room with beautiful tuscan design

image via simplelocksmith.net

mediterranean living room with tuscan sofas

image via rizestudios.com


image via homihomi.com

living room with cool tuscan design

image via http://www.worthingcourtblog.com

elegant living room with brick accent

image via designtrends.com

lead image via Euskal.net


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