15 Garage Ideas So Lavish You Could Live In Them

lavish garage with wooden design

To many people, a garage is nothing more than a place to keep a car. Most of us probably don’t even think much about our garages. However, in the world of luxury real estate, the idea of a garage extends far beyond that. In fact, it is very common for expensive homes to have garages that match the square footage of many average homes and apartment. Unlike your average garage, luxury garages are often seen as their own room. While some may not see the point in having such a spacious and luxurious garage, car lovers will definitely be able to relate to the desire to have the perfect home for your car. After all, if you’ve got an expensive car, or an entire collection of cars, chances are you want to make sure that they are stored in the safest place possible. If you’ve been wondering just how amazing a garage can be, these lavish ideas will show you. From the ability to store several cars at once, to a design that also includes a lounge area, you won’t believe how impressive some of these garages actually are. Here are 15 garage ideas so lavish you could live in them.

luxury garage with pool table

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beautiful garage in dallas

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spacious garage with tile floor

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spacious luxury car garage

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beautiful modern car garage

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luxury car garage with TV

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contemporary garage with plenty of space

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bat cave style car garage

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beautiful garage with black tile

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luxury car garage with vaulted ceiling

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beautiful garage with wood flooring

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extra large luxury car garage

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chestnut car garage

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luxury car garage and showroom

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cool car garage in australia

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