15 Cool And Unique Toilet Sink Combo Designs

sink and toilet combo design

The design world is full of lots of cool and unique things, but it’s also full of some pretty bizarre things as well. One of those things that’s kind of hard to understand is the toilet sink combo. If you’re scrunching your face up in confusion right now, don’t worry I was too. In fact, I’ve actually never seen a toilet sink combo in real life. While this design combination may seem like a cool and convenient option, it’s actually a little on the strange side. I mean, think about how awkward it would be to reach over a toilet every time you wanted to wash your hands after using the bathroom. Or, what about those times you just want to wash your hands even without using the bathroom? As someone who is all about saving space when possible, I do see how a toilet sink combo could be a great option for small spaces. However, there is something a little strange about the way some of these things are built. Fortunately, there are some designs that build the sink a little to the side so that there’s a little more space to maneuver.  Take a look at 15 cool and unique toilet sink combo designs.

modern toilet and sink combo

image via digsdigs.com

weird kitchen and toilet combo design

image via https://www.pinterest.com/victorianplumb/

bathroom combo for small space

image via https://www.pinterest.com/lzcncpcn/

green sink and toilet combo

image via http://homeworlddesign.com

black and white toilet and sink

image via Taps.co.uk

Toilet Sink Combination Unit  bathtub shower combo ideas kitchen renovation ideas

image via http://hoganinc.org

combined sink and toilet design

image via http://areaphotoshop.com

all white sink and toilet combo

image via http://www.betterbathrooms.com

square toilet design

image via https://www.ryansdirect.co.uk

Toilet Sink Combination Unit  wall mount kitchen sink bathroom cabinet lights

image via doitzer.com


image via http://www.plumbworld.co.uk

Toilet Sink Combo Inside Bathroom Furniture Photos

image via https://dyassidesign.info


image via http://ristorantesunterracealassio.com/

square toilet and sink

image via http://www.bathshop321.com

toilet and sink with glossy gray design

image via drench.co.uk
lead image via inhabitat.com


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