15 Very Cool Inflatable Furniture Ideas

huge inflatable white couch

If you were growing up during the late 90/early 2000s, you probably went inflatable furniture was all the rage. Remember bubble chairs and bubble couches? Lots of us begged our parents for these ‘cool’ pieces of blow up furniture. Unfortunately, most of the inflatable furniture we bought back in the day was cheap – and kind of ugly. So ugly in fact, that most of our parents didn’t even want to waste their money, and if you were lucky enough to get a blow up chair – you had to make sure it never left your room. Looking back it’s actually kind of hard to believe that we were all so obsessed with these strange pieces of furniture. Although the craze is over, inflatable furniture is still around and it’s a lot more stylish than it used to be. In fact, some pieces of inflatable furniture are so stylish they might actually be able to mesh with your adults taste. Ready to see for yourself? Check out these 15 very cool inflatable furniture ideas.

cool modern blow up couch

This is a far cry from that old inflatable couch you used to have in 2002 isn’t it? This one actually looks comfortable.

image via modernurbanliving.com

big beautiful black couches

Inflatable furniture can actually be the perfect choice for outdoors. Since it’s plastic, it’s automatically water proof.

image via decoist.com

inflatable chair with wooden flame

This piece of modern inflatable furniture isn’t just all plastic. A wooden base helps ensure that it will be sturdy.

image via brit.co

inflatable orange sofa

Can you say blast from the past? This orange ‘blow up’ couch looks like it just appeared from some of our childhood bedrooms.

image via improvisedlife.com

cool inflatable furniture with table

If you’re really into inflatable furniture, you’ll be happy to know that you can actually get an entire furniture set.

image via tentcraft.com

inflatable pink sofa

Do you love pink? Well, this inflatable couch is the perfect bubble gum color and even features a nice stylish design.

image via decoist.com

led lit blow up furniture

Since inflatable furniture is generally see-through, it can be given a cool design that includes interior LED lights.

image via tweez.be

inflatable round chair

Why have a traditional bean bag when you can have a cool inflatable one like this?

image via http://home.ccacademy.net

bedroom full of inflatable furniture

Most of us are only familiar with inflatable couches and chairs. However, this furniture can come in a variety of pieces.

image via lonny.com

portable inflatable sleeping camper

Do you love camping or sitting outside? This inflatable canoe like seat is perfect for sleeping and relaxing outside.

image via aliexpress.com

cool inflatable furniture with lights

Who says you have to sacrifice style if you want some inflatable furniture? This modern couch and ottoman are proof that you can have both.

image via treehugger.com

inflatable white couch with cup holders

This large couch can also double as a bed – making it the perfect piece of furniture for a guest room or den.

image via bmstores.co.uk

sucked chair with inflatable design

Comfortable and colorful, these chairs are the perfect place to take a load off and sit down after a long day.

image via amazon.in

instable orange sofa with foot rest

There’s nothing better than furniture that can serve multiple purposes. This oversized couch and foot rest combo can also double as a bed.

image via alibaba.com

cool floating pool furniture

Naturally, of course, inflatable furniture makes for the perfect pool accessory thanks to its floating plastic design.

image via design-milk.com
lead image via coolthings.com


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