15 Chicken Recipes to Savor Anytime


Do you notice the dissatisfaction grunts when you mention that you’re preparing a chicken dinner? This changes today as we explore 15 of the tastiest chicken recipes, bursting with flavors your family will crave daily. 

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

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Tender chicken basking in a luxuriously creamy sauce, bursting with the sweet tang of sun-dried tomatoes and the earthy warmth of Italian herbs, will make everyone swear by your culinary skills. Serve with crusty bread to scoop every last bit of that delectable sauce.

Indian Butter Chicken


This dish features succulent chicken pieces swimming in a silky tomato gravy infused with a warm blend of Indian spices. The unique combination of sweetness from butter and a hint of tang from tomatoes creates a truly unforgettable taste.

Pesto Chicken Mozzarella

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With layers of juicy grilled chicken, a generous dollop of fresh herbaceous pesto, and creamy mozzarella, this light and flavorful appetizer will be ideal for a summer get-together or a refreshing lunch. Turn it into a main course by adding a salad and grilled vegetables.

Creamy Chicken Soup

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This one is a great choice for a light lunch or a satisfying weeknight dinner. The chicken simmers in a rich and flavorful broth, accented with vegetables like carrots, celery, and onions, for the perfect meal. Crusty bread or crackers for dipping will be the ideal side. 

Cajun Chicken Pasta

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Prepare this dish by combining chicken and pasta in a creamy sauce exploding with the bold flavors of Cajun cuisine – paprika, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. It’s fast yet packed with flavors and will make everyone swear by your cooking. 

Southern Fried Chicken

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Southern fried chicken is a typical comfort food for a casual family dinner or a potluck gathering. Pair it with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and mac and cheese for a feast. The key is to season the batter with some cayenne pepper for a kick. 

Peruvian-Style Chicken with Green Sauce

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Also known as Pollo a la Brasa, prepare this dish beforehand, as marinating will infuse the chicken with flavors. The real star is the aji verde sauce, a vibrant green concoction made with cilantro, jalapenos, and mayonnaise that should be served with your rotisserie-style chicken. 

Chicken Tamale Pie


Chicken tamale pie is a hearty and satisfying casserole that combines the best of both worlds – savory chicken and the comforting flavors of tamales. It’s the perfect way to use leftover chicken by seasoning them with cumin, chili powder, and green chiles and serving them with fluffy cornbread and melted cheese.

Chicken Kiev


A chicken breast is pounded thin, wrapped around a luxurious pat of garlic herb butter, then breaded and fried to golden perfection. The savory, garlicky butter that oozes out with every bite makes it a crowd-pleaser. Serve it with mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and a creamy lemon sauce for a flavorful meal.

Chicken Biryani

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This fragrant dish combines chicken pieces with basmati rice, aromatic spices like saffron and cardamom, and an assortment of nuts and vegetables. The complex blend of warm spices, floral notes, and the richness of nuts and dried fruits make the dish burst with aromas and flavors.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

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The chicken tagine is a signature Moroccan dish with slow-cooked chicken swimming in a bed of aromatic ginger, saffron, and cinnamon. The pop comes from the combination of sweet and savory – preserved lemons add a unique tang that balances the warmth of the spices.

Chicken Parm

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Few dishes bring back childhood memories like chicken parm. This Italian-American favorite features a tender chicken breast breaded and pan-fried, smothered in a rich tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Serve it with spaghetti, garlic bread, and a salad for a satisfying meal.

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

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Buffalo chicken meatballs are the best game-day snack or party appetizer. These bite-sized delights combine juicy ground chicken with the signature flavors of buffalo sauce – tangy, spicy, and bursting with umami. Use a milder hot sauce or reduce the amount added to the recipe for a milder version.

Kung Pao Chicken


This Sichuan classic explodes with fiery heat and savory goodness. Tender chicken stir-fried with peanuts, vegetables like red peppers and scallions, and a sauce that packs a punch with Sichuan peppercorns, chili flakes, and doubanjiang will make the perfect weekday dinner. 

Beer Can Chicken


Placing a whole chicken upright over a partially filled beer will infuse the meat with moisture and flavor while it roasts. Beer-can chicken is best for a casual gathering or a summer cookout. Serve it with your favorite barbecue sides like potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans. 


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