15 Beautiful Kitchen Island Designs With Columns

traditional kitchen with island and columns

Kitchen islands are a popular fixture in many homes. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, you may find that an island adds the perfect touch. Not only can kitchen islands provide extra counter space, but they can also provide additional dining space. On top of that, kitchen islands can also have sinks, ovens/stoves, and additional storage space such as drawers and cabinets. While we’ve all probably seen hundreds of kitchen islands over the years, islands with columns are a bit of a more rare occurrence. But just because we tend to see these types of islands less doesn’t mean that they’re not worth taking a look at. As most of us know, there’s just something about adding columns to design that brings in an extra touch of luxury and style. When it comes to islands, some designs feature one column on each side, while others feature just one column. The columns can even feature designs or colors. Sure, islands with columns may not be a good fit for everyone, when they work – they work really well. If you’re interested in an island with a special touch – columns could be the perfect thing. Check out 15 beautiful kitchen island designs with columns.

kitchen with wood floor

image via decorpad.com

small kitchen island with columns

image via http://mikosguesthouse.com

beautiful modern kitchen with wood floor

image via iFloatSpa.net

kitchen island with seating

image via http://kitchenisland.greeley.us/

traditional kitchen island with dark brown columns

image via zillow.com

cool white kitchen island

image via http://www.miserv.net

beautiful kitchen with marble countertop

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kitchen with two chandeliers

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kitchen island with shelf space

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traditional kitchen with breakfast bar

image via http://scholarshiptipsaz.com/

spacious kitchen with white column

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beautiful kitchen with wet bar

image via captainwalt.com

kitchen with white pillars

image via crown-point.com

beautiful kitchen with large wooden island

image via decorpad.com

large wooden island with columns

image via homeandlivingdecor.com
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