10 Things Only People From Memphis, TN Understand

Those of us who are from Memphis, Tennessee believe that we live in the greatest place in America. We have our own customs, traditions, and even our own language. When most people hear the name, Memphis, Tennessee, they think about blues and rock ‘n roll. If you live here, you would know that there is much more to this amazing city. There are also many things that we need to explain to out of towners because they just wouldn’t get it on their own.

The Secret to Beating the Humidity

Unless you live in Memphis, you won’t know the true secret to beating the Memphis humidity. It is not taking a swim or relaxing in an air conditioned room. It is the Rainbow Supreme at Jerry’s Sno Cones. This amazing dessert is a combination of a snow cone and soft serve ice cream. If you are from Memphis, you know all about Jerry’s and you know that you should expect to wait in a long line to enjoy this frosty goodness.

You Don’t Really Know Barbecue Unless You Are From Memphis

People from different places around the country think that they know what good barbecue is. Unless you are from Memphis, you don’t know the meaning of true barbecue. Everyone who lives here has eaten at Rendezvous or the Central BBQ at least once. Even the little hole in the wall barbecue joints are amazing. Until you eat barbecue in Memphis, you won’t know how great a Memphis style rack of ribs really is.

You Can’t Find a Better Breakfast Anywhere in Tennessee

You don’t know what a good breakfast is unless you are from Memphis. If you are craving donuts in the morning, Gibson’s makes the best ones. Gibson’s understands that people eat donuts at all hours of the day, therefore, they have a selection that rotates all day long. If they don’t have your favorite donut in the morning, chances are they will have it in the afternoon. If you are looking for a sit-down breakfast, nothing beats The Pancake Shop. Yes it is a hole in the wall restaurant, but their menu is so big, it would take you a few weeks to try everything on it. Some people don’t like this place because they are a cash only establishment, however, the prices are so good, you can buy a complete breakfast with the spare change that you have in your cup holder. The best part is that The Pancake Shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ghost Hunting in Voodoo Village

If you grew up in Memphis, you have heard the stories about Voodoo Village being haunted. Most of us who grew up here went out at least once in high school to sneak on the property to search for ghosts. Regardless of the stories, most people who go ghost hunting find buildings that are in bad shape, plenty of sculptures, and in some cases, owners who will come out and chase you off their property.

Panic at the Thought of Snow

As soon as, meteorologist, Dave Brown mentions that there the chance of a light flurry in the forecast, those of us from Memphis panic. We aren’t used to snow and we don’t know how to react when we actually get some. If we hear snow in the forecast, we rush out to the nearest grocery store and clean the place out. By the time the day comes where it is supposed to snow, the grocery store and convenience store shelves are empty.

It Will Always Be Called Memphis State

When Memphis State changed its name to The University of Memphis, people around the country started using its new name. If you are from Memphis, however, you will always call it Memphis State. Even if you didn’t attend the school, you will still use its former name. If you are visiting Memphis and ask someone for directions, don’t be surprised if they tell you to take a right at Memphis State rather than to take a right at The University of Memphis.

Pancho’s Go On Everything

Most people around the country use cheese dip on their chips. If you are from Memphis, you know that there is only one true cheese dip and it is called Pancho’s Cheese Dip. If you are from Memphis, you will understand that Pancho’s is for much more than chips. We put it on our hot dogs, hamburgers, in our chili, and on just about every other dish that you can think of.

Huey’s Restaurant is a Landmark

Everyone who lives in Memphis understands that Huey’s restaurant is more than a burger and beer restaurant. Everyone has eaten there at least once, and for most people who live in Memphis, it is their go-to burger joint. As soon as we see the red and white checkered tablecloths, we know that we are about to get the best burger in Memphis.

Spaghetti isn’t served as a Main Dish

Most people around America will sit down to a nice spaghetti dinner. If you are from Memphis, you would understand that spaghetti is not a main dish, it is a side dish. We often eat it with fried fish as the main course. If you sit down at the table and your host is serving just spaghetti, they are clearly not a Memphis native.

You Will Get Lost Downtown Unless You Live in Memphis

In Memphis, the street names change quite frequently. People who don’t live here wouldn’t understand this. Between the street names changing so often and all of the one-way streets downtown, it can be very difficult for tourists to get to their destination. Those of us who live here have no problem getting where we need to go. You should also beware of our speeds when we are on these roads. Most people from Memphis drive either 15 miles too fast or 15 miles too slow. It is very rare that you will see a Memphis native driving the speed limit.

Memphis is a wonderful place to live. If you are just visiting, you might want to do your research on your fine city first. You want to be sure that you understand our customs and you don’t miss out on the greatest things in our city that only Memphis natives understand.


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