10 Shades of Grey Bedroom Ideas

If you’re looking to decorate with a neutral that looks great, can easily go with anything, and is more fashion forward than tan, white, or black, turn to grey. It’s been the trendy neutral color for home decor for several years, and you can expect to keep seeing it at the forefront. When it comes to outfitting the bedroom, grey is ideal to use for everything from wall paint to bedding, window treatments, art, and even furniture.

You can mix it with vibrant shades for drama or create a more subtle design that only contains shades of grey. There’s so much variety with this one color that you can find the perfect hue to match your decor style and the mood you want to set in the bedroom. Dark steel grey with a hint of blue can create a sultry vibe, while soft shades with an earthy base are great for creating a soothing and relaxing room. For design inspiration, here are ten stunning grey bedroom design ideas.

1. Warm shades of grey

Many think of grey as being a cool color, but it can definitely lean warm. The color featured in this bedroom is what some call greige — a combo of grey and beige — and in this space it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Mixing it with cream and bright white makes for a gorgeous neutral palette, and the patterns seen throughout the room add visual interest. The chevron bench, floral curtains, and quatrefoil lamp are all distinctive and different, but they work well together with the design’s transitional style.

2. Relaxed and chic

This bedroom has the cool tones of grey that so many love about the color, and going with shades on this side of the spectrum gives the design a casual and laid back feel. Pairing the hue with a black nailhead trim bed, contemporary metallic silver and black lamps, and matte black nightstands provides just enough contrast. If you like this design and want to recreate it with a more subtle dark neutral, navy blue would work well in place of black.

3. Grey colorblocked walls

Grey is a wonderful hue to use for colorblocking, as it can create contrast without looking too dramatic. A mix of slate and light grey wall paint isn’t the only stylish element in this bedroom, as it also contains stunning finishes and furniture. Chrome mirrors, nightstands, a room divider, and a chrome chandelier add luxurious style to the space, while soft white bedding and a cream area rug help balance all of the colors in the room.

4. Soft and contemporary

Bedrooms of all sizes can look stunning covered in shades of grey, and this modestly sized one is big on style. The mix of patterns and textures provides visual interest, which is important in a room that predominately features one color. It’s easier to mix and match patterns when you choose fabric that has the same hues, and in this design the fabrics are all deep gray, white, and cream. It was a good move to paint the walls a much lighter shade of gray to keep the room from feeling closed in, and crisp white bedding is another element that helps brighten things up.

5. Upscale glamour

Grey can definitely go glam, and in this opulent room a shade was chosen that contains purple undertones. The highlight of a the room is a large upholstered bed frame with a gray and white art print above it. Elsewhere in this modern space are chrome-look nightstands, a pair of towering mirrors framed in silver, and a light gray area rug with an abundance of texture.

6. An elegant touch

Here is a room with a beautiful design that combines classic traditional elements with contemporary accents. Much of the grey used in the design leans towards being warm, especially the shade of paint on the walls and the hues seen in the large area rug and window treatments. Interestingly there are also some cool shades of grey included, such as the silver nightstands, bedding and upholstered headboard, tall decorative candlesticks, and gorgeous chandelier. Put together, each side of the palette plays well with the other and creates a stylish and sophisticated space.

7. Lovely traditional style

One of the best things about using grey to decorate a bedroom is the color can be very relaxing. This bedroom features grey in a range of shades, which helps the space look like a private, rejuvenating retreat full of comfort and style. Few decor was needed to give the bedroom a beautiful look, and the handful of decorative accents included in the design have a big enough impact to stand on their own.

8. Sleek and modern

If you’re looking to create a bedroom with a masculine edge, here’s a good example of how to go about it using grey. Because of its clean lines, upscale aesthetic, and sleek finishes it would be ideal for a couple looking to combine spaces or a bachelor who likes cool and soothing colors. The pendant lights hanging near the bed are a unique alternative to table lamps, and grey toned panels behind the bed infuse even more modern style into the design.

9. A fashionable combination

To create a grey bedroom with a sultry and intimate feel, go with darker shades. This design has a beautiful mix of fabrics and hues including charcoal grey and dark silver. To add some visual interest and a pop of bold color, a plush fuchsia chaise was placed in front of a set of windows. Other accent colors that would look great in a design such as this one include violet, cobalt, emerald, deep red, or chartreuse.

10. A sophisticated retreat

Transitional designs work quite well with a grey color palette, and this one is dripping with style. The furniture, bedding, fabrics, and decor look very upscale and trendy, but the room doesn’t look too formal because of its colors. Soft white and a smaller amount of black balance out all of the grey and silver and help the room’s architectural elements stand out.

Written by Housely

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