10 Gorgeous Living Rooms Featuring Bench Seating


Bench seating is a wonderful addition to a living room. Benches are available in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary with fabrics and finishes to suit any design. What makes them so stylish is that they are decorative and functional. Some exist to provide extra seating only, while others have hidden storage. They are easy to move from place to place and fit in many more space than their larger relatives, the sofa, loveseat and chairs. Some are long for lounging, while others are short to fit easily into a conversational area.

Many are built into walls for comfort or to serve as window seats. Some are upholstered with fabrics, some are plain or highly polished wood, and others are fully functional carpentry creations with shelves for books, shoes or even space to contain floor-located heating elements. They are no longer simply functional these days, as many decorators have created models from fine hardwoods or with high-end leather upholstery.

These stylish accessories are now appearing in some of the most luxurious living rooms. Their varied heights, lengths and widths make them perfect candidates for adding just a touch of reasonable seating with a dash of gorgeous thrown in for good measure. A peek at these ten is an exploration in versatile luxury.

Purple Tufts


There is a feeling of calm in this sleek modern living area. The minimalist furnishings in deep purple, deep lavender, black and white offer a composed and serene space with a pop of color. The bench seat in this room is an attractive spot for watching the television or sharing a conversation. With its soft and simple fabric in a shade of purple slightly lighter than the larger sofa and sectionals, this versatile bench also offers a padded headrest. The surrounding walls feature a soft leaf print in warm tans and the pattern softens the modern architecture of the room and its contents. Combining elements of nature with brightly colored abstract art provides a sense of sophisticated retreat.

Window View


Some of the prettiest bench seats frame lovely picture window views. This purple gray upholstered bench seat echoes the lovely colors of the ocean horizon in the distance. The accompanying pieces in the room are a pleasing mix of transitional chairs, lamps and art pieces symmetrically paired. With the balanced placement of the chairs, the focus on the exterior views is maintained, and the chairs and accompanying pieces frame the entire room as it figuratively faces toward the large window area. The bench seating allows guests to gaze out on the wonderful outdoors from the best vantage point in the room.

Tastefully Tailored


While many bench seats are built specifically to maximize seating, and often storage space, in a small room, this bench seat fills a generous space with its tasteful tailoring. It is an extraordinarily open and inviting place to view the gardens outside. Due to its angular form, solo gazing might easily become group visiting as people come to rest on its custom cushions and lean into the warm-toned pillows. There are several fabrics and textures used in the pillows and these harmonized with the gorgeous fabric valances hung above the windows. The mocha and cream colored walls and ceilings are perfectly coordinated with the warm wood tones of the flooring.

Old World


The long bench seat in this old world styled living room is a sturdy piece with the look of aged, hand tufted leather. It pairs well with the oversized coffee table, providing comfortable yet flexible seating as part of this eclectic traditional seating area. The white fireplace and beautifully framed art pieces add to the rich feeling this room conveys. The oversized seating invites guests to relax and spread out in the generous dimensions.

Casual Perch


Cleverly concealing a flooring heat source, yet designed to provide half of the seating in this airy room, this clean lined window bench offers prime viewing of the forest beyond. Either perched facing the window wall, or snuggled with one of the casual texture pillows facing the sofa, this bench is a perfect place for long chats. The beauty of this space is that the well-designed furnishings allow for focusing on the forest views while enjoying the luxurious comfort of the textured, upholstery.

Eclectic Artistry


Shimmers of bright colors and reflective glass define the artistry of this eclectic, yet highly tasteful room. The deep teal bench seat is an excellent way to provide flexible seating while leaving room for the beautiful geometric area rug and art pieces in the room to shine. This room contains what is necessary for relaxing amidst artistic creations. The bench is upholstered in microfiber, which provides a soft and comfortable spot to sit. The windows are wide open to maximize the sunshine, and the additional light streaming in brings warmth and shows off the colorful interior. It is a very lovely combination of eclectic pieces and compositional artistry. 

White Palette


With the luxurious textures in this living space, the sumptuous tufted upholstered bench in this seating group is a perfect accompaniment to the design. The overall color palette is a range of whites, with tans, muted greens and black accents. Though the fireplace is one focal point, the black grand piano is also available for social gatherings, and the bench seat is perfectly placed to accommodate enjoying activities centered around either focal point.

Sculpted Futuristic


This bench seating is decidedly different in this living space. The contemporary design is reminiscent of flowing waves, though the seating options are fixed. Concentric layers are closely aligned and designed to provide a seamless flow and view. The taupe colored benches float over the highly- polished marble flooring, and appear to have soft surfaces when compared to the building materials surrounding. This is a decidedly artistic choice for seating.

Elegant Modern


The genius of the luxurious bench seating in this modern living area is that there are two variations available. The deep chocolate brown corner grouping is nestled against the wall for cozy lounging, with plenty of warm terracotta and brown print pillows available. Opposite this curved lounging area is a low, elegant white upholstered bench seat which provides seating in two directions. Guests may choose to face the living and bar area, or they may choose to sit to face the view of the landscape outside the floor to ceiling windows.

Spectacular Geometric


This modern living room is a composed study of rich browns and creamy whites. The bench seating is two upholstered squares flanking the square coffee table. They have a low profile which anchors them within the seating arrangement, and with the pair the opportunity to rearrange them as needed is simple. The cream colored square benches are a stylish addition to the primarily geometric patterns and designs which fill this contemporary space.


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