The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Tennessee

Tennessee is a magnificent southern state that is filled with tourist attractions and cities well known for attracting some of the best musicians in the nation. Southern charm and comfort food that cannot be rivaled in other regions are among the attraction to this American jewel. As with any state in the union, there are areas which pose a risk of danger because of high violent crime rates. While each city has elements which make the residents proud to live there, we must also acknowledge that the more dangerous areas do require a knowledge of risk so residents can take the appropriate measures to protect their physical well being as well as their property. Based upon crime statistics reported, we’ve compiled a listing of the ten most dangerous neighborhoods in Tennessee.

A closer look at crime defined

There are different types of crime reported in statistical form. When we speak of violent crimes, these include murder, rape, aggravated assault and robberies. These are actions that place the victims at significant risk of physical harm. Property crimes include vandalism, car prowl, breaking an entering and theft. Below are the ten most dangerous places with his violent crime and property crime ratings

1. Crossville, Tennessee

The population in this town is 11,199 residents. It is placed as the number one dangerous town because of its high property crime ranking with violent crimes coming in as seventh in the state. Residents face a one in nine risk of becoming the victim of a property crime in any given year. Arson is a crime that is also included in the statistics. There is a one in seventy nine chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime.

2. Dyersburg, Tennessee

This town of 17,103 residents has seen an increase in violent crimes in the past few years of forty three percent. Residents have a one in sixty four chance of becoming the victim or assault, murder or rape. Property crimes have increased by seven percent as well. It is ranked as the second most dangerous place in the state of Tennessee.

3. Athens, Tennessee

The town has a population of 13,504 people. It places third and although it is known as “the friendly city” another element co-exists with the remarkably friendly residents who take pride in their town. Thankfully, the violent crime rate has declined by ten percent, property crime is up by about the same percentage points. People living in Athens have a one in twelve risk of becoming the victim of property crime and the odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime are one in eighty four. Property is easier to replace than a life or health so this is one bonus to the alarming crime rates.

4. Memphis, Tennessee

The population of Memphis is 657,691 people. Although it is ranked as number one in the state for violent crime, the rank of thirteen in property crime has helped to bring it into the fourth position with regard to the overall crime rate. People living in Memphis have one chance in sixty for becoming the victim of a violent crime with murder, rape and assault being the most commonly reported. These states saw a rise of five percent in a two year period. The crime rate, however has come down by six percent, moving it off of the top ten list for this type of crime.

5. Newport, Tennessee

Newport has a population of 6,912 residents. it is a smaller city that is currently experiencing a reduction in reported crimes. It is ranked as fifteenth in violent crime and third in property crime for a number five position on our list. People in Newport have a one in eleven risk of becoming the victim of the most commonly reported crimes of theft and arson.

6. Covington, Tennessee

The population of Covington is 9,076 people. Covington saw a rise in violent crimes that was an unsettling ninety three percent between 2011 and 2013. An increase in property crime was observed in the amount of twenty si percent for this period also. As it currently stands, people who reside in Covington have a one in eighty risk of becoming the victim of a violent crime.

7. Chattanooga, Tennessee

The population of Chattanooga is 172,286. It is the fourth largest city in the state. Statistics show that along with its population growth, crime statistics have also risen with a sixteen percent rise in violent crimes and an eight percent rise in property crimes. People living in Chattanooga have a one in fifteen chance of becoming the victim of the two most commonly reported violent crimes of being burned or robbed. there is a one percent chance of being killed or attacked.

8. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge has a population of 6,023 people. It has a property crime ranking of two and a violent crime ranking of twenty two. This is the smallest town on our list. Pigeon Forge consists of the mountain resort portion of Dollywood. Although they made the top ten list for dangerous places in the state, much of the crime is believed to be committed by tourists rather than its residents. They’ve seen a twenty four percent drop in property crime recently. People who live in Pigeon Forge have a one in eleven chance of being robbed annually.

9. Knoxville, Tennessee

The population of Knoxville is 183,249 people. It is the states’ third largest city and has recently enjoyed drops in both violent crime by ten percent and property crime of thirteen percent which leaves it as the ninth most dangerous place in Tennessee. People who live in Knoxville have a one in sixteen risk of becoming the victim of a property crime and a one in one hundred and nineteen risk of becoming the victim of a violent crime.

10. LaFollette, Tennessee

LaFollette has a population of 7,256 people. It ranks fourth in property crimes and twenty first in violent crimes. There has been a seventeen percent drop in violent crimes and a twenty se percent drop in property crimes which means that they are heading in the right direction. It is believed that this area is making such great improvements that it will soon be off of the list.


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