10 Cost Efficient Ways To Make Your Fireplace Look New


If you are like most homeowners who have a fireplace, the fireplace is the focal point of your home. If your fireplace is old and starting to look worn or if the style is dated, it can have a negative effect on the appearance of the room. You want the focal point to look its best. If you think that your fireplace needs some sprucing up, there are a few things that you can do, regardless of how small your budget is.

Add a Pop of Color

Bright colors are in these days. You can paint the fireplace a bright color, and leave the mantel, the hearth and the brickwork around the fireplace’s opening white. It is a great way to draw the eye to the fireplace and give it a more modern look. Bright colors are the best to help you achieve the most modern look possible. Just be sure that the color that you choose will go with the furniture that you have in the room. It won’t be much of a cost efficient solution if you need to buy brand new furniture to tie in with the room. Go off of what you already have.

Marble Adhesive Paper

If you look at your fireplace every day and wish that it was constructed out of modern marble rather than bricks, you can change it very easily without spending much money. All you need is marble adhesive paper. You can cut it into squares and use it to cover the existing brick or tile. The paper looks real and it is safe to put on a working fireplace. If you change your mind one day, you would just need to remove the adhesive paper to reveal the original tile or brickwork. This is a great option if you are renting your home and the landlord did not give you permission to make any permanent changes.

Whitewash Your Brick

If you are tired of looking at the dark red and brown brickwork that is on many older fireplaces today, you can instantly brighten it for very little money. Using a white paint with an eggshell finish, you should brush it on small sections of the brick. Next, using rags, wiped down most of the paint. After doing two coats of this, your fireplace should look brighter and the color will be washed out. As a finishing touch, you can sand the bricks down with a medium grit sanding sponge. It will give you a nice, rich texture that you can lose when you whitewash.

Accentuate With Art

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your fireplace but don’t have much money or know-how to do much to the fireplace, you can add art. When you hang some of your best pieces over the fireplace, it will still make it the focal point of your room, but for different reasons. The art will be the focal point, taking a bit of the attention from the fireplace that you don’t like. This can be a temporary fix. Eventually, you can save the money to do a major project and renovate your fireplace.

Create a Dramatic Contrast

If you have white stone on your fireplace and it is against a beige wall, it can make the colors blend and look washed out. A dramatic contrast is exactly what you need to bring your old fireplace back to life. If you go with a gray for the fireplace and a black for the wall, the contrast will make the fireplace pop without washing out the room.

Use Tiny Tiles

Tiny tiles are a great way to breathe new life into an otherwise dated fireplace. You can buy small mosaic tiles to cover your existing material. This can be a very tedious job, therefore, you will need to need patience. Since the fireplace will have so much detail, it is a good idea to keep the mantle simple and free of knick-knacks.

Dimensional Profiles

If you have no problem removing the mantle on your fireplace, you can create a very modern looking fireplace using a three-dimensional wall treatment. There are many styles and colors, which you can purchase at a very low cost. Not only can you change the entire appearance of your fireplace, you will create a whole new look in the room. If you are interested in a major change, this could be the right solution for you.

Bring the Fireplace to Life

If your fireplace isn’t dated but it doesn’t have the wow factor that you are looking for, you should consider putting a flat screen television above the mantel. If the television is large enough, it will give you the wow factor that you have been hoping to get from your television. Also, with the television up on the wall and off of a stand, you will have more space in the living room for seating. It is a win-win.

Exotic Woven Wood Will Make the Fireplace Pop

If you want your fireplace to be the focal point of the room but you don’t want to do anything to the existing brickwork or tile, you can work with what is above the mantle. Teak wood squares can be applied in a basket-weave pattern to give the fireplace a unique look. Since the wood is what draws the eye, you won’t need to worry about doing much work to the fireplace itself.

Make the Fireplace a Work of Art

If your fireplace is non-functioning, you turn it into a work of art. If you know someone who is a great artist, it will help. You can close off the opening to the fireplace with a piece of plywood. Next, your artist friend can paint logs and a fire on the wood. It will look like you always have a fire going, and it is a great way to make your fireplace an original.

Just because your fireplace looks dated, dull, or if you just don’t like its appearance anymore, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. You can make your fireplace look great. There are several ways that you can breathe new life into your fireplace with breaking the bank. It just takes a bit of creativity and know-how, and you can have a fireplace to be proud of.


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