10 Very Cool Kids’ Poufs With Lots Of Style

When it comes to furniture, poufs certainly aren’t one of the most popular items. In fact, if you don’t know what a pouf is – don’t worry; you’re not alone. However, there’s a good chance you’ve seen plenty of poufs in your lifetime, and simply mistaken them for ottomans. However, there is a slight difference between ottomans and poufs. A pouf is basically a large square cushion meant to be used as a seat. According to Addvantage USA “Poufs have great utility. As chairs, they can be easily moved around a room to add an extra seat wherever needed.” Poufs can be especially fitting for children’s playrooms and bedrooms thanks to their soft and flexible design. Here are 10 very cool kids’ poufs with lots of style.

Bean Bag Cube Ottoman Footstool

Kids love bright colors, and this nice green pouf can be a great item for your child’s space.

KidKraft Square Pouf

One of the best things about poufs is the fact that they can be so mobile. With a lightweight design, this little seat can follow your child wherever he/she chooses to go.

Majestic Home Goods Links Indoor / Outdoor Bean Bag Ottoman Pouf Cube

Poufs allow comfort and style to come together, especially in a way that children can enjoy. This adorable little pouf can be an excellent choice for your child’s bedroom or playroom.

Disney My Little Pony Square Pouf

There’s nothing kids love more than Disney. This ‘My Little Pony’ inspired item is sure to be a big hit with your kid(s).

Marvel Spider-Man Square Pouf

Although poufs are meant to be used as seats, they can also be used as foot rests which allows for some flexibility.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Square Pouf

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been entertaining kids for more than 30 years. In fact, you may have grown up as a fan of these crime fighting turtles. Thanks to this item, your kids can now also enjoy the legendary TMNT.

Cotton Cube Ottoman Foot Rest Stool Pouf Floor Cushion

Kids don’t stay kids forever, and what they like can change in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, this pouf has a design that your child can enjoy for years to come.

Urban Shop Arrow Printed Pouf

Just because something is for kids doesn’t mean that it needs to be colorful or cartoonish. This item is the perfect example of that.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Geometric Pouf

Do you have a child that has a more mature sense of style? If so, this pouf can be an excellent fit for his/her space.

Marvel Avengers Square Pouf

Who doesn’t love super heroes? With that being said, this Avengers themed pouf will definitely be a big hit in your child’s room.

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