10 Cities that Were Built for the Pub Crawl


The Pub Crawl is a brilliant invention that features a series of good bars, pubs and other drinking establishments all within close proximity to one another. It gives all participants the opportunity to honor the art of beer drinking and to sample a good variety of brews and variants that are offered by pubs and breweries. Not all cities and towns are set up for this activity because there would be driving required in between bar hops. The goal is to keep bar hoppers from driving a vehicle when they are under the influence.

This keeps the fun in the event and the potentially disastrous results of drunk driving out of the equation. The best scenario is one that keeps participants safely away from the steering wheel of a vehicle and ideally, within close range of a public transportation service to get them safely back home when the excursion has completed. We have identified ten cities that were indeed built for the Pub Crawl.

1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle makes the ideal city for a hill inspired pub crawl. Depending on how much you’ve had to drink you may literally be crawling up the hills or rolling down them. The Pub Crawl starts at Pyramid Brewing at 1201 First Avenue South. It’s just a few blocks until you reach Elysian Fields on the same street for another round. Travel a few more blocks North to reach the White Horse Trading Company for your third round. You should still be in good condition for moving four blocks up to Tap House Grill on Sixth Avenue. Just six blocks south will land you at Collins’ Pub on second avenue where you can wrap up your evening.

2. Miles City, Montana

Miles City even offers a city guide the all of the local bars, pubs and saloons, complete with addresses and telephone numbers. They also sponsor an annual Pub Crawl and this makes them an ideal city for hosting the event. You have a great selection of sports bars, beer taverns and old western themed saloons. The drinking establishments are located as you get off of interstate 94 and they run throughout teh main street. Start with the Golden Spur Sports Bar then continue on to the Miles City bar which also features a casino. The next stop on the tour is The Miles City country club if you’re a golf enthusiast. There is also the Texas Club, the next lock down is the Montana Bar, the Trails Inn Bar and Comedy Cluband Cattle AC. They also offer a taxi service for carrying you home or to your evening destination when you’re done for the evening.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city that is filled with Irish pubs and bars, some with recent immigrants from Ireland who proudly offer pints of Guinness and other fine beers. History buffs who want to learn as they enjoy a little drink can participate in their Historical Pub Crawl. The city is a perfect location and the event is touted as a massive success.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

Music city also sponsors a Pub Crawl. This is an amazing place for music enthusiasts to participate. You have the advantage of enjoying good music while you sample beverages from each of the many drinking establishments located within the city.

5. Anchorage, Alaska

The barkeeps in Anchorage are no slouches and when it comes to Pub Crawl, they offer a unique approach. Anyone who loves a pirate theme will be able to really get into the spirit of the event. That is while the spirits are also getting into them.

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis knows how to celebrate zombie style. You can participate in their Pub Crawl so long as you follow the rules. This means that you must dress up as your favorite zombie to join in the festivities. It happens once a year and if you’re a zombie fan and also enjoy the drink, this is the perfect opportunity to combine the two.

7. Greenwich Village, NY

Greenwich Village sponsors a literary Pub Crawl. If you’re really into literature, poetry and reading, this is a great chance to meet people with like interests over a pint of beer. The only rules that apply are a love of literature and of beer. Meet the criteria and you are in. It happens annually in April because this is poetry month and what better way to celebrate?

8. Reno, Nevada

Reno has one of the most interesting Pub Crawls if you truly enjoy dressing as your favorite superhero. The Reno Superhero Pub Crawl is tons of fun for DC and Marvel fans who want to get out, loosen up and strut their stuff.

9. Charlotte, North Carolina

Taking a leaf out of Austin’s book Charlotte sponsors an “evil” clown pub crawl. In order to fit in with the rest of the crowd you must dress up and wear the paint but you need to look truly evil. The scarier the better. Add several round of your favorite brews and it becomes a howling good time for some and a truly scary one for others. Regardless, it’s tons of fun and comes highly recommended by veteran pub crawlers.

10. Arlington, Virginia

If you are patriotic about your country and your beer, the Arlington Patriotic Pub Crawl is the scene for you. Everything about this event is wrapped in the theme of America. This gives you plenty of room to be creative. As long as you enjoy having a good time, drinking beer and love your country, you’ll fit right in with the locals.

Final thoughts

These are ten cities in the United States that were built for pub crawl. Each is different and offers their own unique twist on the even. You can’t go wrong by showing up to any of them actually. You may have the most fun if you pick a them that you’re fond of, but you’ll be treated like one of the group if you get into the theme of the pub crawl, let go and have fun with everyone else.


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