10 Brooklyn Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

Brooklyn is the most populous of the five boroughs that make up New York City, which in turn, makes it one of the most populated counties in the United States. Combined with the fact that it used to be a distinct city with a distinct culture all its own, it should come as no surprise to learn that it retains an independent character that can be distinguished from that of the rest of the city, so much so that it would not be inaccurate to say that there are actually accurate stereotypes about Brooklyn floating out in the popular consciousness.

Here are 10 Brooklyn stereotypes that happen to be truer than not:

1. Brooklynites Love Egg Cream

Brooklynites have more than a passing fondness for a beverage called egg cream. For people who are unfamiliar with the beverage, it consists of milk, chocolate syrup, and carbonated water that is mixed prior to serving, meaning that it contains neither eggs nor cream. Something that most Brooklynites would know but could cause some surprise in other people from other places.

2. Soviet Jokes Remain Alive and Well in Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is home to Little Odessa, which is home to not just Russian immigrants but also a wide range of businesses catering to the needs and desires of Russian immigrants. As a result, Brooklynites can visit to snack on Russian street food and sip Russian vodka before heading into one of the numerous clubs to listen to some Russian humor. While the Soviet Union has not existed for more than two decades, jokes about the state of politics in the Motherland remain alive and well.

3. Williamsburg Is Filled with Hipsters

Williamsburg is indeed filled with hipsters. As a result, people who love craft brews, house-roasted espressos, and other hipster favorites should not hesitate to seek it out because numerous businesses have sprung up to cater to their needs and desires. In contrast, people who are less than enthused about hipsters might want to seek out a place that is better-suited for their needs and desires, which is sure to exist somewhere in the local region.

4. Dislike the L.A. Dodgers

Once upon a time, Brooklyn was home to a baseball team called the Brooklyn Dodgers, which was called thus because of how street cars often forced Brooklynites to dodge out of the way. In 1955, the baseball team won a much-coveted World Series, but in 1957, it moved out of Brooklyn to the city of Los Angeles where it continues to exist as the L.A. Dodgers. Something that must have come as a rather unpleasant shock to Brooklynites, some of whom still carry a grudge against the baseball team to this day.

5. Dislike the New York Yankees

Technically, the Brooklyn Dodgers were famous for their rivalry with the New York Giants, which is rather amusing because the two teams managed to maintain that relationship when both of them moved out to the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco in the state of California at around the same time. However, it should come as no surprise to learn that Brooklynites were none too fond of the New York Yankees in those times, which must have made their 1957 World Series win both extra-sweet and extra-bitter in retrospect. Even now, most Brooklynites are still not so fond of the New York Yankees, preferring the New York Mets instead, which to be fair, is not particularly uncommon for New Yorkers outside of Manhattan and the Bronx.

6. Likes the Nets

A segment of Brooklynites seem to have embraced the Brooklyn Nets, which used to be the New Jersey Nets until a deal for a new arena fell through. This is not particularly unsurprising, seeing as how it is natural for people to become attached to their local sports teams rather than the sports teams of some other place. However, it remains to be seen whether this attitude will spread more and more in the future, seeing as how it seems to be more of a thing among newer Brooklynites for the time being.

7. Has a Dialect of Its Own

Brooklynites can boast of having a dialect to call their own, which has a fair bit of inspiration from the Irish, Italian, and Yiddish speakers who have called the place home over the course of its existence. Examples range from how convenience stores are called delis and front steps are called stoops to the classic “fuhgeddaboudit.” With that said, it is interesting to note that the dialect is actually pretty understandable, which should come as no surprise considering how much of a presence it boasts in American media.

8. Love Libraries

As it turns out, Brooklynites love their libraries, so much so that their program has the highest attendance rates in the whole of the United States, which is a rather remarkable accomplishment by any standard. In part, this is because libraries in the borough offer a wide range of services that are well-suited for their patrons’ needs and desires. However, it should also be noted that the program has enough libraries that no Brooklynite needs to travel more than a half-mile to get to their local branch, which explains a great deal about their attendance.

9. Don’t Like Chain Businesses

Like people in a lot of places who take pride in their communities, Brooklynites are not that fond of chain businesses. As a result, while such establishments can still be found in the borough, they tend to co-exist with smaller, independently-owned counterparts that are more in tune with local preferences. Something that suits the Brooklynites just fine.

10. Love Old Stuff

Brooklyn is home to Brooklyn Flea, which is one of the biggest and best flea markets in the region. In part, this is because of the vendors selling all sorts of old stuff, ranging from antiques and collectables to furniture and vintage clothing. However, it should also be noted that like most flea markets, it boasts plenty of vendors providing food, beverages, and even entertainment, making it an experience that can appeal to a remarkably wide range of people both from Brooklyn and from the rest of the region.


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