10 Of The Most Beautiful Wine Decanters

Lots of people like to enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day, but when it comes to wine the presentation and the experience are just as important as the taste. This is where wine decanters come into play. Not only are wine decanters cool containers for your wine, but they can also improve the taste. According to Wine Folly, “Decanting may not look like much, but the increased oxygen exposure to wine greatly improves the taste by softening astringent tannins and letting fruit and floral aromas come out.” There are several types of decanters to choose from, each with its own benefits for certain types of wines. If you’re looking for the perfect decanter for your favorite wine, these options are a great place to start. Here are 10 of the most beautiful wine decanters.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

This standard shaped wine decanter puts a spin on the classic design with a beautiful gold base.

Wine Decanter,WBSEos 1.5L U Shape Classic Wine Carafe

When it comes to wine decanters, each style has different benefits for different types of wines. This style of wine decanter is great for light bodied red and white wines.

Godinger Dublin Wine Decanter

Wine decanters are also available in unique designs, and this cool round decanter is the perfect way to serve wine while also serving some cool style at the same time.

Culinaire 1800 ml ( 60.8 oz ) Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

Thinking outside of the box is always great. Designed in the shape of a human heart, this wine decanter is incredibly cool and creative.

Houdini Wine Decanter with Wine Shower Funnel and Sediment Strainer

If you love cool accessories as much as you love delicious wine, you’ll definitely love this trendy wine decanter.

The Wine Savant 1000ML World Globe Decanter

Duck shaped wine decanters are also popular among seasoned wine drinkers and those who just enjoy a casual glass with friends and family.

JoyJolt Lancia Wine Decanter Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass Red Wine Carafe

With a simple yet elegant design, this wine decanter is attractive and practical.

Bormioli Rocco Loto Wine Decanter

Although pouring from this decanter may be a little on the difficult side, there’s no denying that it’s still pretty cool to look at.

Sagaform Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper

If you’re looking for something on the lavish side, this lovely round decanter is the perfect container for your wine.

Final Touch 12.7-Oz. Conundrum Aerator Decanter

Although it might not be practical for every day use, this beautiful decanter is perfect for special occasions.

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