20 Trendy Wine Holder Designs For Your Favorite Bottles

floating wooden wine shelf

If you’re a wine lover, you know just how important having the right wine rack can be. While this seemingly simple accessory may not seem to matter to some people, if you’ve got a few favorite bottles that you like to show off, a wine rack is essential. But while you may be on the hunt for a wine rack, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. After all, wine racks aren’t something that most people know a lot about, and some people may fail to realize that there are lots of cool options out there. With that being said, there are lots of amazing wine racks out there that can be the perfect addition to your home.

Whether you’re looking for something big and spacious or small and simple, there is a wine rack that will be ideal for your needs. Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your home, there are still plenty of options. If you’re ready to give your favorite bottles of wine the perfect place to call home, these racks will give you some very cool ideas. Here are 20 trendy wine holder designs for your favorite bottle.


pipes and paint wine holder

image via www.topinspired.com

modern minimalist wine holder

image via cellarsofwine.com

DIY wooden wine holder

image via second-sun.co

wine bottle shaped wine holder

image via 8dl.co

pipe style bottle holder

image via etsy.com

contemporary wine holder

image via houzz.com

trendy upside down wine holder

image via www.paleoup.co

wall mounted wine holder

image via www.allmodern.com

novelty stainless steel wine holder

image via www.aliexpress.com

DIY wine holder

image via www.brit.co

industrial wall wine holder

image via second-sun.co

barrel wine bottle holder

image via www.wayfair.com

pallet wine holder

image via homeinteriorhelp.com

multicolored wine holder

image via www.casadetails.com

hanging wine holder with chains

image via home.tostbistro.com

box style wine holders

image via www.digsdigs.com

wine holder made of ski chair

image via sears.com

red wine holder with holes

image via www.paleoup.co

classical wooden wine holder

image via picclick.fr

wine holder hanging from wall

image via popscreen.com

lead image via www.trendy-products.co.uk


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