10 Beautiful Master Bedrooms with Brown Walls


There are so many different things that you can do with the color brown for a master bedroom. Because of the natural warmth that the color emits, it lends itself to feelings of comfort and relaxation. We’ve chosen ten luxury master bedroom designs which feature at least one brown wall. You’ll be amazed at the versatility of the color brown when it is used with different contrasting and complimentary colors along with texture and highlights. We present for you our collection of ten luxury master bedrooms with brown walls.

1. Luxury bedroom with curtain wall gold trim crystal chandelier


This upscale bedroom features a dark brown velour curtain wall for a deeply textured effect of softness and warmth. The elegant gold sculpturing on the furniture is a brilliant contrast that lightens the room considerably. Delicate filigree patterns on the furnishings add the theme of embellished charm. The room is completed with a blonde oak flooring which ties the golds and dark browns together for a magnificent effect of warmth, depth and sheer luxury.

2. Warm light brown walled luxury bedroom


The Master bedroom features light brown walls in exceptionally warm tones offset with grey stone tile flooring. A storage bench is used as accent in this amazing bedroom that offers large windows with white arch design to provide a view of the nature outside. This allows natural light to flow through the room and varying natural lighting effects make the room come to life.

3. Modern Master in Brown


This modern master bedroom features light brown walls with a darker brown accent wall at the head of the bed. A darker colored bedspread with contrasting light and dark decorator pillows provides the perfect touch that adds character and variety in a warm symmetry to the room. The bed is Hollywood style and lacks a headboard however, the pillows fill in the gap and provide plenty of amazing background decor beneath the classic modern artwork that hangs overhead. Lamps are used to redirect light throughout the room.

4. Minimalist Master bedroom with brown walls and white accent


Dark chocolate brown walls with a deep yet warm hue accent the wall behind the head of the bed with modern style wall accent lamps on either side. The lamps are distanced to maximize the illusion of open space and and placed directly above white night stand tables in bright white with clean and thin lines of dark brown accent paint. The Style of the night stands is basic and adds to the overall sense of space and freedom. A bright white ceiling features a dark brown light fixture. White tile floors lighten the room. A matching ottoman sits at the foot of the bed and a simple style chair is adjacent. Sparse decor with two small pictures hung low on the opposing wall creates the sense of minimalist charm and class.

5. Shades of Brown Master bedroom


The decor of this room takes the use of brown hues and earth colors to new levels. It features medium dark brown walls, bright white ceiling trim and a more muted cream color for the ceiling itself for an amazing contrast. The low pile carpet on the floor matches the color of the ceiling. Artwork holds within the brown and cream color scheme as does the simplistic lamp on the night stand. The dark ottoman at the foot of the bed is a great contrast for the white with brown trimmed bedspread. Two darker brown chairs sit adjacent to the bed and add a sense of depth.

6. Warm Nuance and Charm in Brown


This bedroom features wallpaper in very light brown shades with a vertical pattern. An accent lamp sits on either side of the bed on darker nightstands. The ottoman at the foot of the bed is cream upholstery with a vinyl look and the white comforter on the bed has the appearance of upholstery as well as the two designer throw pillows in contrasting burgundy. The overall effect is simple and classic with clean lines and a reliance upon plays on light and a variety of hue values. It works to create warm nuances of earth tones with a deep character.

7. Modern Style Brown with Earth tones and texture


The use of medium brown walls with tones on the warm side is lightened by two accent lamps placed on night stands on either side of the bed to lighten the room. Earthy pictures are arranged above the headboard with an offset pattern. The night stands match the dark cherry wood headboard and footboard and are contrasted with a waffle textured bedspread in white that helps to infuse an element of light. Light beige carpeting adds the final touch for a variety of colors and textures that give this luxury bedroom outstanding character and charm.

8. Cream, brown and rust earth toned luxury bedroom


This elegant master bedroom is a good example of how to effectively use a tri-tone color scheme and patterns to add modern elegance and character. Warm medium dark brown walls are accented through the use of table lamps to allow more light reflection. The bedspread is solid white, but the accent pillows and blanket throw placed at the bottom of the bed feature a variety of patterns and shapes which complement the tri toned ottoman at the foot of the bed. The light cream carpeting and ultra modern chair adjacent to the bed gives the room a sense of spacious elegance without being overstated. Large white bordered windows and an accompanying art piece placed strategically in the center wall add additional lighting effects that brighten the room adding the right balance between light and dark.

9. White luxury bedroom with brown accent wall


The charm of this bedroom is the use of light and dark to create a cohesive pattern of light play and elegance with a white bedroom that features a dark brown accent wall at the headboard. The bed features a silver headboard and foot board which is complemented by silver mirrors placed above the head of the bed for even more light reflectivity. Large open curtained windows allow the sun to shine in and irradiate the room. They kept the accents on the light side with a few well placed items for contrast.

10. Ultra modern contemporary minimalist


This bedroom features a textured approach with light and dark hues in the brick wall facades with yellow overtones for the flooring. Contemporary furnishings and a sparse use of accessories and simple, clean lines give this bedroom a somewhat futuristic appearance.


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