Ontario Woman Goes Insane After Being Caught Parking In a Handicap Spot


As far as we know, parking in handicapped spots is still considered illegal in Ontario, CA.  However, this woman obviously didn’t think so.   But someone was there to catch her red handed and it doesn’t seem she was too happy about it.   According to the Youtuber who filmed it all:

This morning I approached a woman outside of a Tim Hortons in Toronto to ask her why she was illegally parked in a designated handicapped space. As soon as she realized I was filming her she flipped out and threatened me, assaulted me twice by throwing hot coffee at me and finally tries to intimidate me by running her car at me to run me over.

Check out the video below for yourselves.

Wow. Someone’s got some serious potty mouth eh? And yes I said “eh” because this video was shot in Canada. But seriously, if you’re thinking about moving to Ontario you might want to stay away from this neighborhood not to mention this woman. Looks like someone didn’t have her coffee this morning. Actually she could have if she wasn’t too busy throwing it on someone who obviously infuriated her by making her look like an idiot.

My hope is that this video goes viral enough that police get wind of this thing. I mean her plates are right there in plain view. Let’s get this woman a ticket. And let’s get her to make a public apology to law enforcement officials everywhere.

To Ryan Favro, the good Samaritan who took this video, we salute you.

Written by Housely

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