What’s Open and Closed on Presidents Day 2024

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Presidents Day, observed on the third Monday of February, honors the legacy of past presidents of the United States. This year, the federal holiday falls on February 19th.

On Presidents Day, Americans will find that federal offices, including the post office and banks, are closed. Most schools, as well as the stock market, also suspend their operations for the day.  Retail stores, grocery stores, and many other commercial businesses typically remain open, offering sales and promotions. Essential services, such as hospitals and transport, continue to operate.

Overview of Presidents Day

This federal holiday honors the birthdays and legacies of American presidents, with a particular focus on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Initially established to celebrate the birthday of George Washington, the day has come to recognize the contributions of all U.S. presidents.

Presidents Day is also known for being a time when many American workers receive a day off. Government offices and schools commonly close in observance.  While nonessential federal agencies are closed, essential services such as law enforcement and emergency services remain operational.

Retail businesses often take advantage of the holiday to promote sales and deals, which means many stores are open.  The financial sector, including banks and the stock market, traditionally pauses operations on Presidents Day.  Transportation services may operate on a reduced schedule, and it is advisable to check local transit agency schedules if planning to travel.

Government Services

On Presidents Day, several government services across different levels—federal, state, and local—are generally not operational. Below is the breakdown of what to expect on Presidents Day 2024.

Federal Government

  • Post Offices: Closed
  • Banks: Closed
  • Stock Market: Closed
  • Federal Employees: Most have the day off

State Government

  • State Offices: The majority are closed
  • Courts: Generally not in session
  • Employees: Many have a state holiday

Local Government

  • City Halls: Closed in most municipalities
  • Public Libraries: Typically closed
  • Services like trash pickup may vary by locality; residents should check with their local providers for specific schedules

Financial Institutions

Presidents Day is a federal holiday when many financial institutions are closed. This affects banks and the stock market, typically resulting in closures and a pause in financial activities.


  • Most banks are closed
  • Customers may still use ATMs and online banking services.

Stock Markets

  • The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ are closed on Presidents Day.
  • No trading occurs on this day, and all transactions are processed the following business day.

Retail and Grocery Stores

Many retail and grocery stores tend to remain open on Presidents Day with regular or modified hours of operation.

Shopping Malls

  • Most shopping malls are open on Presidents Day.
  • Shoppers should expect normal operating hours with potential special promotions.


  • Supermarkets generally maintain regular hours on Presidents Day.
  • It’s advisable for consumers to check specific store hours as there may be exceptions.

Education Institutions

On Presidents Day, educational institutions typically observe the federal holiday, resulting in closures across different types of schools.

Public Schools

  • Most public schools are closed, giving students and staff a day off.

Private Schools

  • Private schools often follow suit with public schools, closing their doors for Presidents Day.

Colleges and Universities

  • A majority of colleges and universities do not hold classes, although campus services such as libraries or student centers might be open with limited hours.

Transportation Services

On Presidents Day, transportation services may operate on limited schedules, with some services closed entirely.

Public Transit

  • Subway systems might run on a weekend or holiday schedule.
  • Buses could follow a reduced timetable, aligning with Sunday service patterns in many cities.

Airports and Flights

  • Airports remain open as they operate every day of the year.
  • Flights are generally unaffected, but travelers should check with airlines for any specific holiday schedules or restrictions.

Leisure and Entertainment

Presidents Day offers varied options for leisure and entertainment, depending on an individual’s interests. While some sites may observe the holiday with closures, many private sector entertainment venues remain open, providing opportunities for enjoyment and cultural enrichment.


  • Most restaurants are expected to remain open, offering regular or special holiday hours.
  • Patrons are encouraged to check with their local dining establishments for any special events or bookings.

Movie Theaters

  • Movie theaters generally operate on regular hours during Presidents Day.
  • Viewers could take advantage of holiday promotions or special screenings that are sometimes offered on federal holidays.

Museums and Zoos

  • Many museums and zoos may attract visitors with special exhibits or discounted rates on this day.
  • However, visitors should verify the operating hours directly as some institutions may decide to close or alter their schedule on federal holidays.

National Parks

  • National parks often remain open on Presidents Day and frequently waive entrance fees in celebration of the holiday.
  • They provide an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts and families to explore natural beauty without the cost barrier.

Emergency Services

During Presidents Day, essential services such as hospitals and emergency responders remain operational to ensure public safety and health.


  • Hospitals operate 24/7, regardless of federal holidays.
  • Emergency rooms are open to address urgent and life-threatening conditions.

Police and Fire Departments

  • Police departments maintain regular patrols and are ready to respond to emergencies.
  • Fire departments also remain fully operational with firefighters and EMTs on duty.


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