Wanting to Move? How to List Your Home and Get Results

There are many good reasons why you may be ready to move on from your current home. For those with a growing family, their current home may be too small. For those who want more privacy, a move from the city to the suburbs may be in order. For those of you who are in such situations, here are some steps that you should take to effectively list your home and get offers as soon as possible.

Partner With a Local Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will be able to work with you to set a budget, determine what you want and need from your next home, and help you find homes that meet your criteria. They should also be able to help you by setting you up with the resources that you need in order to get the job done, including providing you with sites that they recommend you listing your home on.

If you’re interested in buying as well, your agent might also have access to hundreds of listings in your area as well. In some cases, he or she will see those listings before they become available to the public.  If you’re moving out of the area, then they just might be able to help connect you with other real estate professionals who will be more knowledgeable about wherever you are moving to.

Dave Kaercher, owner of Buy Colorado, said it best and simplest when he coined the phrase “No mistakes. No surprises. No missed opportunities.”   That’s exactly how your experience should be.

Don’t Be Afraid to Handle Some of the Marketing

These days, you need to take an active role in marketing your home if you want it to sell quickly. For instance, you could post a listing on your personal Facebook page or post a listing within Facebook groups or other online forums that you may belong to. If you don’t belong to any, though, it is pretty easy to join some. Just go to the search browser and look up “homes in…” and then whatever town or city you’re in. A group should come up related to what you’re looking for and then you just click “join”.

Some real estate groups may even have their own listing area for you to use. These can be very valuable to you. Taking this step increases the visibility of your listing and expands the pool of potential buyers. However you end up going about marketing your home, just make sure to not rely on simply one site or group. Have your home listed on at least three different platforms. When your home sells, though, make sure to take all of the listings down.

Make Sure Your Home Is Listed at a Reasonable Price

Before you create your listing, it may be a good idea to research recent sales in your neighborhood. If you know that a home that is similar to your own sold for $100,000 last week, you don’t want to price your home at $200,000. Most homes, though, sell for somewhere between $250,000 and $400,000. However, if your home is larger than those that have recently sold or has additional features like a finished basement, then it may be worthwhile to ask for more.

Another good way to estimate how much your home may be worth would be to compare it to other homes that are in your neighborhood and the value that they are priced at. Typically, your home will have been built at the same time as their’s and will probably be in the same style. No matter what, though, just remember to not price it too high—even if you think that it is worth more than all the rest of the homes out there. Doing so will make it harder for your house to sell.

Take Photos That Show Your Home in a Positive Light

When listing your home online, you want to take as many photos of your home as possible. This gives a potential buyer a complete look at your home before scheduling a showing. Ideally, you will take pictures of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, every bedroom and the amenities. You may also want to take pictures of the yard or your basement if it is finished.

Completing your move will be much easier if you are able to sell your current home. Working with a real estate agent and creating a compelling listing will create a buzz around your property that will hopefully lead to offers within hours or days of putting it on the market.


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