15 Unusual Items That Last Longer in Your Fridge

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Forget the milk and leftovers, but what if we told you some surprising non-food items that benefit from a cold, crisp environment? It’s true! Here are 15 unexpected things people recommend keeping in the fridge to maximize their lifespan and performance.

Nail Polish 

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Refrigerating nail polish can prevent it from thickening and becoming clumpy. The cool temperature delays the oxidation process of the ingredients, preserving the smooth consistency and vibrant color of your favorite shades for longer durations. 

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Store batteries in places with lower temperatures to extend their shelf life and slow chemical reactions inside them. Know this is mainly done for rechargeable batteries and backups used sparingly. Cold temperatures help maintain their charge capacity and overall effectiveness, such as ensuring they function correctly.

Source: Home Hacks

Sticky Envelopes

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If you receive a beautiful envelope that’s glued shut, and you want it to remain intact, there’s a simple trick. Instead of tearing it open, place the envelope in the freezer. The cold will harden the glue, making it easier to open without causing any damage.

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Store-bought aloe vera gel usually has a long shelf life, but refrigerating it makes it even more soothing for sunburns and other burns. On the contrary, fresh aloe from a plant spoils quickly, so to extend its life, it’s preferable to put it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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Have you ever wondered how to prevent your candles from burning unevenly? Here’s the solution: Place them in the chiller. Chilling candles hardens the wax, allowing them to burn more slowly and evenly. Additionally, this will improve their decorative appeal, making them a more economical and aesthetic choice.

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Shooting with old-school film can be pricey, so preserving it is essential. How do you do it? Keep the film flat in the fridge at a constant temperature between 41 – 65°F. Avoid colder temperatures, and let the film reach room temperature before using it.

Source: Polaroid

Certain Medications


Some medicines, especially those in gel form or sensitive to temperature changes, benefit from refrigeration. Therefore, to maintain their potency and effectiveness, follow the storage instructions provided with your medications to guarantee they remain safe and efficient for use.

Source: Medline Plus


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It can spoil over time due to oxidation of the oils it contains. So, if you have a treasured shade you rarely use but can’t bear to part with, here’s a clever trick to protect it: store it in the fridge! Just be sure to protect it from condensation, which can cause droplets to form on the lipstick. 

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Face Masks


Sheet masks and certain skincare products get spoiled easily, especially during hot weather. It is better to store them in cold storage, which increases their cooling effect on the skin, reduces puffiness, and increases their soothing properties. 

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We all know that having clean bed sheets is essential since you sleep on them every night. Cold temperatures can help eliminate dust mites. Pack your pillowcases and sheets in a plastic bag before freezing them overnight. However, this will not remove the allergen.

Source: Mayo Clinic


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Gardeners take note that quick-freezing seeds can extend their viability. At low temperatures, the natural aging process of seeds slows down, keeping them dormant until you’re ready to plant them. This method can significantly increase your gardening efforts’ germination rate and overall success.

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Listen-up artists and people with children, freezing crayons can be a game-changer. Crayons stored in a cool place are less likely to soften or break during use, providing a smoother coloring experience. Chilled crayons make for less messy hands and easier cleanup after creative sessions.



Shocked? Believe us, refrigeration is an excellent idea to maintain the vibrancy of your fresh-cut flowers. However, keep them away from fruit, which emits ethylene and accelerates wilting. Also, remove any foliage below the water line to prevent contamination and extend the flowers’ life.

Source: BestLife

Homemade and Organic Cosmetics


Few natural skincare products like eye creams and serums formulated with probiotics or botanical extracts can last longer and feel more refreshing when cooled. Since these products do not contain preservatives, they are susceptible to being spoiled by bacteria. 

Source: Fashion Magazine

Ink Cartridges

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As many know, inkjet cartridges can sometimes dry out in hot or humid environments. So, if you have spare ones, we suggest you store the unopened ones in the fridge. Placing them in an airtight container to protect them from moisture would be best. 

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