Neighborhood to Watch: Ukrainian Village, Chicago


Ukrainian Village in Chicago, Illinois is one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the United States. It’s catching the attention of people in the Chicago area as one of the most preferred neighborhoods in the region because of its high livability ratings. People who are on the lookout for special communities with a little something extra will want to pay attention to this on fire location. Here are some of the reasons why Ukrainian Village is the place to watch.

Local community is thriving

The main street that runs through the center of Ukrainian Village is Chicago Avenue. The number of restaurants, apartment and new retail businesses has been on the rise in the last few years and the community is seeing a trend of economic success. This is the type of environment that fosters the conditions for creating more local jobs in the area and increasing the median family income. All of this means that the unemployment rates are likely to be lower with a greater percentage of the population active in the work force. This is good news for anyone who is looking for a new location with good prospects for work.

Landmark district status

Another benefit that Ukrainian Village enjoys is the designation as a landmark district. This means that a decent number of the historical buildings and sites have been preserved. This makes the area not only more quaint and interesting, it also increases its potential for drawing curious visitors and tourists into the area. This is always good for business.


The central location of this neighborhood is also a benefit. It’s out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the main part of Chicago, which makes it a pleasant and quieter place to live. The lifestyle in the area seems to be a little more laid back and relaxing. It is located between Western Avenue and Damen Avenue.


Ukrainian Village was first inhabited by immigrants from Germany. An influx of other immigrants including Slavs and Ukrainians started close to the turn of the century. A long standing farming community, The neighborhood eventually began to become modernized as the Chicago area grew and expanded as a major metropolis. This neighborhood maintained its’ peaceful ambiance and although progress continued the expansion of the area with a large population increase, particularly of Ukrainian settlers. It is to this day as it as always been, largely populated with working class residents and is now classified as a middle class community.


Ukrainian Village is close enough the downtown Chicago for bicycling into some of the major metro areas. It also offers public transportation options including a bus system that accesses all neighborhoods in the area as well as the greater Chicago downtown area.

Public safety

Ukrainian Village has been ranked with a ninety three percent walk score and ninety for bicyclists. This means that it is well laid out and is considered to be a safe place for both activities. It has one of the lowest crime rates of the surrounding neighborhoods. Out of the seventy seven communities, Ukrainian Village ranks number thirty four in violent crimes and twenty one in property crimes. For being this close to a major metropolitan area, these figures are fairly remarkable.


Chicago Avenue, which is the main street for the community is lined with an impressive array of restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores and entertainment venues. Everything that a family could possibly need in terms of entertainment or necessities can be found in close proximity.


There are a number of top rated public schools in Ukrainian Village. Younger children may attend Columbus Elementary and older, Roberto Clemente High School. The high school is ranked an international baccalaureate World School. There are also two Catholic elementary schools in the neighborhood.

Cost of Living

The average rent in the area is approximately two thousand a month for a house. Apartment and duplex living is less expensive and there are many options available for this. The average apartment cost is between twelve and thirteen hundred per month. Although there are some mansions in the area that are well over a million dollars, there are many reasonably priced condominiums available. The housing in the area is diverse and there are quite a few different options available with costs across the board from very expensive to very reasonable.

Final thoughts

Ukrainian Village is trending towards tremendous growth and stability from an economic standpoint. The addition of new businesses shows that there is a level of affluence and success in business ventures that is currently taking place. This opens up a whole new vista for increasing jobs in the community and allows residents to live, work and contribute to the community, without the need to commute to other areas. It is one of the safer places in the Chicago area to live. The schools are top rated and there are plenty of amenities both locally and in close proximity to the village.

From all indications, it appears that Ukrainian Village is doing very well and the prospects for the future are bright and promising. The landmark district rating will continue to help with keeping the property values at a higher than average price for those which are registered. New home construction and the development of new businesses will keep the living options and economies strong so families can afford to work and live well in the area. The low crime rate and good schools will continue to be a drawing card for newcomers who are looking for a more relaxed area to live.

Ukrainian Village is one of the most up and coming communities in the United States today. It offers a calmer environment which is a refreshing break from the high pace of the inner city. It offers an excellent opportunity for anyone who values a little slower pace in lifestyle. The high livability rating makes Ukrainian Village a top pick for relocation. This is definitely the neighborhood to watch.


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