20 U.S. Cities Perfect for Hipsters

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When it comes to finding cities that are perfect for hipsters, it’s important to remember that there are hipsters everywhere. No matter where you live, the term ‘hipster’ is one that you’ve probably started to hear more and more frequently over the last several years. This group, which is full of modern-day hippies, has become very well-known for being laid back and simple. With that being said, finding the perfect place to call home can be more complicated than you think. After all, every city isn’t conducive for a bunch of people who like to ride fixes or walk around barefoot.  But still, there are plenty of cities that are the perfect place for hipsters to call home. Although there’s no real way to define a hipster, it’s just one of those things that you’ll know when you see – and these places sure are seeing a lot of them. Here are 20 U.S. cities perfect for hipsters.

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Tradition And Change In The Modern South Carolina

Charleston, SC

Charleston probably isn’t one of the cities that comes to mind when you think of places perfect for hipsters, but this quant southern city has a lot to offer the hipster population. Thanks to the city’s cool history, there are lots of places shop for antiques and vintage items.

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Auburn Oaks Tree Removal

Auburn, AL

The city of Auburn, AL is often considered a college town, and these days, college towns seem to be becoming synonymous with hipsters. But as one local college student say, “I appreciate a good hipster, but I don’t think any hipster would call themselves a hipster.” Well, while the good hipsters of Auburn may not want to admit their affiliation, it seems like they’re everywhere in the city, and fortunately for them, Auburn is full of the typical hipster hangouts like coffee shops, bookstores, and thrift stores.

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Portland, ME

For the last several years, Portland, ME has been considered one of the most perfect cities for hipsters. The city may not be huge, but that hasn’t stopped it from having plenty of great restaurants for foodies, as well as several local breweries. So for those hipsters who like to frequent local hot spots in their thick rimmed glasses and Doc Martins, Portland definitely has a lot to offer.

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Kansas City, MO

Let’s be honest, the midwest doesn’t seem like a place that would have any cities perfect for hipsters – but don’t be fooled. Kansas City may not be your typical hipster hangout, but that’s what makes it so cool. While it doesn’t offer some of variety of other cities, Kansas City has a low-cost of living, and plenty of good food. Plus, the city’s ‘Crossroads District’ has a great art and music scene – two things no self-respecting hipster can live without.

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Hipster Olympics 2012

Ann Arbor, MI

Over the last few years, Ann Arbor has because one of those cities that hipsters just can’t get enough of. Although it may seem like an unlikely candidate, Ann Arbor is actually a pretty trendy place full of coffee shops and cafes were local hipsters can discuss politics and go back and forth about the latest brews.

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Providence, RI

To a lot of people, tis little New England city may not have much going on, but there’s actually a pretty thriving scene for the local hipsters. Providence is full of cafes and bookstores, and there are also plenty of artsy places perfect for the creative type. Plus, as the home of Brown University, and several other colleges, Providence has no shortage of hipster college students.

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New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras

New Orleans

New Orleans is well-known for a lot of things, but in most people’s minds, being perfect for hipsters isn’t one of them. However, you’ll be surprised to know that NOLA is one of the most perfect cities for hipsters. Full of vintage shops, cafes, live music, and thrift stores. New Orleans really lends itself to hipster culture.

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Vh1 Save The Music And NAMM Piano Delivery


With some calling Minnesota the “most hipster state in the U.S.” it should come as no surprise that Minneapolis is one of the cities perfect for hipsters. According to a local Minneapolis publication, “Minnesota’s obsessive bike culture, thriving music scene/legacy, and our love of lumberjack chic are top reasons why we’re the biggest hipster state. However, it’s a little dubious to call out our abundant farmers’ markets (produce is a hipster thing?) and our thriving theater scene (wealthy people at the Guthrie are hipsters?) as examples of our hipster-ness.”

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Austin, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of hipsters. The city motto of “Keep Austin Weird” is just the type of thing a hipster would fall in love with, and the cities creative and open culture definitely a plus. However, Austin’s live music scene is definitely one that isn’t anything to sneeze at. Each year, the city hosts SXSW, and that alone is enough to make any hipster want to go to Austin.

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2014 Budweiser Made In America Festival - Day 2 - Philadelphia


There’s no doubt that the City of Brotherly Love is one of the most perfect cities for hipsters. Philadelphia has a ton of local bars, cafes, music stores, and thrift stores. On top of that, there’s no shortage of art, live music, and poetry spots. But still, if all of that isn’t enough to make your inner hipster fall in love, Philadelphia is a great place to ride your fix around town.

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Country Music Festival - Day 1 in Nashville


Nashville has consistently been ranked as one of the cities perfect for hipsters. While it is definitely more well-known for its country music scene, the hipsters are certainly making their way into the city’s reputation. Nashville has plenty of local coffee houses, and as you can imagine, the city has a pretty incredible live music scene.

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View Of The Chicago Skyline


Sure, it can get pretty cold in Chicago, but that hasn’t stopped the hipsters from running around the city. Chicago has a very interesting history which means there are plenty of old facts and artifacts just waiting to be obscured by a local hipster. But if that isn’t enough, Chicago also has a great live music scene, and some very cute hipster friendly neighborhoods.

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Boston's Boylston Street Fully Reopens To Public


Boston might as well be New England’s hipster hub. Out of all the cities in the northeastern corner of the state, this is the most perfect for hipsters. If you’ve ever been to the city it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s actually crawling with hipsters. Boston is full of great breweries, and cool local shops where you can find all sorts of cool vintage items.

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Distant view of downtown Denver


Bet you never thought you’d see Denver on a list of perfect cities for hipsters. In fact, if you’re not familiar with Denver, you probably didn’t even know that there are a lot of hipsters there. Well, you’re in for a treat. According to many, Denver is similar to Austin, and the city has a “DIY attitude and outdoor spirit.” Denver also has a great foodie scene for all of the hungry hipsters.

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Los Angeles March Heat Wave Shatters Records

Los Angeles

Los Angeles may be known as a hot spot for the biggest names in the entertainment industry, but these days, the city is also crawling with hipsters. L.A. has all of the things that hipsters love most, including plenty of prissy people to complain about.

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Woman holding sign at hipster olympics

Berkeley, CA

Even before being a hipster was actually a real thing, Berkeley was one of the most perfect cities for hipsters. Home to Berkeley University, the city was also a hot spot for the original hippies during the 60s and 70s. While today’s hipsters don’t stand for much — other than being hip — they’ve found some pretty solid ground to stand on in the city of Berkeley.

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Seattle is proof that cities perfect for hipsters don’t have to have great weather.  The city is flowing with young professionals (the group most likely to be hipsters), but even if it weren’t it would be on the list simply because it is the birth place of Starbucks – and although hipsters will tell you that Starbucks has nothing on small local coffee shops, if you’ve ever been to Starbucks there’s a good chance you’ve run into a hipster in there.

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Taxi traffic near Broadway theater

New York

It should go without saying that New York is one of the cities perfect for hipsters. Let’s face it, the Big Apple is full of people who are busy pretending that they aren’t trying to be cool (hipsters). The city’s diverse population lends itself well to hipster culture. Although New York is very big and very busy city, it’s still pretty easy to find small intimate things to do and there’s a great food and live music scene.

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View of downtown Portland

Portland, OR

Just like Portland, ME, Portland, OR is easily one of the most perfect cities for hipsters. Portland almost seems to specifically cater to hipsters, and it offers a few things that hipsters just can’t turn down. Portland definitely has a tone of two of the things that hipsters love the most –bikes and beer.

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San Francisco 

San Francisco isn’t just one of the most perfect cities for hipsters, it’s a hipsters paradise. The city has always been known as a hot spot for counter-culture, and is the birth place of the original hippies. Now a popular spot for young tech minded people looking to strike out on their own, San Francisco offers everything a little hipster’s heart can desire. There’s plenty of cool hangouts, great places to drink, and lots of places to ride a bike.

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