Twitter Cuts Back On Space At San Francisco Headquarters

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In the midst of Twitter talking about increasing the number of characters allowed in tweets, it looks like they’re downsizing at the San Francisco head quarters. According to the San Francisco Business Times, Twitter has decided not to follow through with a recent real estate deal, and is now subletting space at their San Francisco home office. In recent months, Twitter was making plans to expand its office space to 1455 Market Street in San Francisco which would have given the company another 100,000 square-feet of office space. However, it is unclear why Twitter has chosen not to continue with the expansion. These new downsizing efforts have also resulted in lay-offs, and apparently, Twitter isn’t the only tech company that has decided to make some changes, especially in regards to their physical office space. In November, Drop Box also made headlines when the company decided to sub-let some of its office space.

This news has left has many people in and out of the industry questioning what the future holds for many tech start-ups. Although these companies have seen tremendous growth over the last several years, news of downsizing indicates that things in the industry may be slowing down, and there is no longer as much potential for growth and/or job opportunities. However, as of now, Twitter remains one of the largest employers in San Francisco, and within the next few months the company is planning on expanding in other ways. Although Twitter’s major selling point has always been that users are only allowed to Tweet using 140 character max, the company has plans to abandon that format and allow users up to 10,000 characters per tweet. With big changes underway, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Twitter as well as other tech companies that are in similar situations.

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