Top-Rated Public Elementary Schools Across All States

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Are you searching for exceptional elementary schools in the U.S.? Our comprehensive list highlights the premier schools in each state, chosen for their outstanding education, dedicated staff, and supportive environments. This information is essential for parents prioritizing academic excellence and student well-being. So, read on to discover the leading public elementary schools nationwide and make informed decisions.

Alabama: Crestline Elementary School

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Crestline Elementary School sits in Mountain Brook, Alabama’s large suburb, and welcomes 766 kids from pre-K to 6th grade. Despite a 14:1 student-teacher ratio, children outperform district and state averages, and 56 full-time teachers and two counselors ensure their quality of education.

Alaska: Huffman Elementary

Huffman Elementary School/Facebook

Since 1973, Huffman Elementary has been a K-6 school prioritizing collaboration, success, and community connection. They emphasize explicit reading instruction, staff development in literacy, and structured schedules for improved learning. Focused on social and emotional growth, students also engage in winter sports, assisted by an active Parent Teacher Organization.

Arizona: Knox Gifted Academy

Knox Gifted Academy/Facebook

Committed to providing a holistic education, Knox Gifted Academy in Chandler serves 646 pre-kindergarten to sixth-grade students. It also maintains a 19:1 student-teacher ratio with high proficiency rates in math and reading. Aiming to foster academic, behavioral, and character growth in all students, the school emphasizes extracurricular participation.

Arkansas: Baker Interdistrict Elementary School

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Baker Interdistrict Elementary, established in a rural area of Little Rock, educates 355 kids in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. It offers personalized attention through an 11:1 student-teacher ratio with a diverse student body, where 54% are minorities. The school also boasts a 77% proficiency rate in both math and reading.

California: North Star Academy

North Star Academy/Facebook

Located in Redwood City, California, North Star Academy is recognized as a public magnet school for grades 3-8, where academic brilliance is evident, with 96% of students excelling in math and reading. Home to 535 students, the school prides itself on maintaining a balanced student-teacher ratio, which guarantees focused care for each student.

Colorado: Polaris Elementary School

Polaris Elementary School/Facebook

Polaris Elementary in Denver caters to grades 1-5 and focuses on gifted learners by weaving arts into an enriching curriculum that addresses intellectual and emotional growth. The student-teacher ratio at Polaris is 17:1, slightly higher than the state average. Its vibrant mix of 330 pupils excel in math (80-84%) and reading (90-94%).

Connecticut: West School

West Elementary School/Facebook

West Elementary School in New Canaan, Connecticut, is celebrated for outstanding education, recognized by the 2018 National Blue Ribbon Schools Program. As part of the acclaimed New Canaan Public Schools, it offers top-tier educational experiences to over 4,100 students in five schools, emphasizing state-of-the-art facilities and academic prowess.

Delaware: Newark Charter School

Delaware Charter Schools Network/Facebook

Based in Newark, Delaware, Newark Charter School excels in academics and athletics, achieving top rankings statewide and nationally for its exhaustive programs. A history of Blue Ribbon awards and impressive achievements in Unified Flag Football, swimming, and academic competitions nurtures a high-performing, encouraging society for students from K-12.

Florida: Jacksonville Beach Elementary School

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Jacksonville Beach Elementary, twice awarded the National Blue Ribbon and celebrated for 22 years of A+ recognition in Florida, exemplifies educational mastery. With students who consistently outperform in math and reading, the school maintains a 17:1 student-teacher ratio. This commitment has established it as a beacon of academic distinction in Florida and the nation.

Georgia: Kittredge Magnet School

Kittredge Magnet School for High Achievers /Facebook

Kittredge Magnet School in Atlanta serves 4th to 6th graders and is exceptional for its high math and reading proficiency, placing it in Georgia’s top 1%. A diverse student body and a low student-teacher ratio of 15:1 facilitates a stimulating learning environment.

Hawaii: Momilani Elementary School

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Momilani Elementary School in Pearl City ranks in the top 1% statewide. Among 407 students in grades PreK-6, its remarkable proficiency rates – 79% in math and 85% in reading, surpasses state averages. Momilani upholds a 19:1 student-teacher ratio while a mainly Asian student body contributes to a 98% minority enrollment.

Idaho: North Idaho Stem Charter Academy

North Idaho STEM Charter Academy/Facebook

STEM Charter Academy in Rathdrum, Idaho, is the premier K-12 educational institution prioritizing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. A student-teacher ratio of 18:1 assures focused assistance. STEM is celebrated for its superior test scores, with 90% of students proficient in math and 89% reading.

Illinois: Skinner North Elementary School

Friends of Skinner North/Facebook

Skinner North Elementary School, located in Chicago, earns high acclaim as a K-8 institution renowned for phenomenal academic performance. Ranking in Illinois’ top 1% for math and reading proficiency, it has 89% proficiency in math and 85% in reading, serving a broad student association with a 69% minority enrollment, predominantly Asian students. The 15:1 student-teacher ratio at Skinner North facilitates exceptional academic achievement.

Indiana: Childs Elementary School

Childs Elementary School/Facebook

Childs Elementary School in Indiana excels academically and cultivates a reinforcing learning atmosphere for kindergarten to fifth-grade students. A devoted faculty, specialized instruction, and innovative programs spanning literacy, math, science, and the arts, prepare students for success while promoting respect, kindness, and inclusivity.

Iowa: West-Bend Mallard Elementary School

West Bend Mallard/Facebook

The dynamic education offered by West-Bend Mallard Elementary to its pupils from kindergarten to fifth grade in Iowa focuses on learning, literacy, and character building. Students thrive when enthusiastic teachers nurture their academic and social development, while extracurriculars and solid parental involvement create an energetic learning circle.

Kansas: Corinth Elementary

Corinth Elementary School PTO/Facebook

Corinth Elementary School, situated in Shawnee Mission, operates with a student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1, slightly higher than the state average of 13:1. It promotes a moderately sized classroom environment conducive to learning. Corinth participates in the National School Lunch Program, with a low percentage of students eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Kentucky: Sublimity Elementary School

Sublimity Elementary PTO/Facebook

Focusing on customized instruction and differentiated learning, Sublimity Elementary School caters to each student’s needs and interests. Its extensive curriculum encompasses core subjects, enrichment activities, and extracurriculars to develop a well-rounded education. The student-to-teacher ratio is favorable at 14:1, lower than the state average.

Louisiana: Metairie Academy For Advanced Studies

Metairie Academy for Advanced Studies/Facebook

Metairie Academy for Advanced Studies in Metairie, belongs to the Jefferson Parish School District and caters to pre-kindergarten to grade 5 students. Despite its student-teacher ratio of 22:1, being slightly above Louisiana’s 17:1, the school excels academically. Over 95% proficiency in math and reading is also higher than state averages.

Maine: Yarmouth Elementary School

Yarmouth Elementary School/Facebook

Yarmouth Elementary School in Yarmouth, Maine, shows top-tier academic performance and is one of the top-ranked schools for overall test scores in the 2020-21 academic year. Providing one-on-one instruction in a conducive classroom environment, the school has its math and reading proficiency in the district’s top 1%.

Maryland: Cold Spring Elementary

Cold Spring Elementary School/Facebook

Cold Spring Elementary, located in Potomac, sets the bar high with its top 5% academic ranking statewide. The school takes pride in impressive achievements, with 77% of its students excelling in math and 68% surpassing state averages in reading. Additionally, its Gifted and Talented program is highly regarded, known for its dynamic enrollment and receiving excellent reviews for its effectiveness.

Massachusetts: Albert S. Woodward Memorial School


Albert S. Woodward Memorial School in Southborough, Massachusetts, shines as a top 1% institution statewide, ranking #4 out of 1644 schools for 2020-21. It surpasses state averages of 85-89% in math and 90-94% in reading proficiency.

Michigan: Gallimore Elementary School

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools/Facebook

Situated in Canton, Michigan, Gallimore Elementary shines academically, ranking in the top 1% statewide. The educational institution is a beacon of educational supremacy, with over 99% proficiency in math and reading. Engaging in the National School Lunch Program secures nutritious meals for all, reflecting its eclectic mix of students.

Minnesota: Atheneum Elementary

Laurel Elementary School/Facebook

Atheneum Elementary School in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, ranks #1 out of 1,734 schools statewide. Its conscientious staff guarantees quality education with a student-teacher ratio that is slightly above average. Serving grades 2-5, it excels with 90-94% math and ≥95% reading proficiency, which creates an enabling atmosphere for gifted learners.

Mississippi: Laurel Magnet School of the Arts

Laurel Elementary School/Facebook

Laurel Magnet School of the Arts teaches students in Pre-K Kindergarten-6, emphasizing math and reading proficiency. The school has a diverse student profile with a majority-minority enrollment, and it participates in the National School Lunch Program, ensuring that students from various socioeconomic backgrounds have access to nutritious meals.

Missouri: Mound City Elementary

Mound City R-2/Facebook

Mound City Elementary School maintains a stable student body and teaching staff, with 111 students and nine teachers. A ratio of 12:1 students to teachers and 9% minority enrollment contribute to a supportive learning environment. Emphasizing diversity, though minority enrollment is below the state average, it achieves high proficiency rates in math (80-89%) and reading (≥90%), exceeding state averages.

Montana: Morning Star School

Morningstar Learning Center/Facebook

Morning Star Schools is committed to academic merit and community engagement. Its diverse student body thrives in an environment that facilitates growth and exploration. Students receive personalized instruction due to the student-teacher ratio of 12:1. This contributes to the school’s extraordinary 90% reading proficiency rate.

Nebraska: Hitchcock Elementary School

Hitchcock Elementary School/Facebook

Hitchcock Elementary is a beacon of quality education and character development. Its welcoming atmosphere encourages students to excel academically and personally. A student-teacher ratio of 10:1 means focused attention and a remarkable 85-89% math proficiency rate, igniting a passion for learning.

Nevada: Ten Hunsberger Elementary

Tahoe Blue Agave/Facebook

Ten Hunsberger Elementary in Nevada stands out for its intellectual prowess and dynamic learning environment. Students are inspired to explore and innovate, aided by a multifaceted and inclusive society. As the school achieves an impressive 90% reading proficiency rate, it encourages students to reach their full potential.

New Hampshire: Rye Elementary School

Leslie Somerset/Facebook

Rye Elementary in New Hampshire is an academic and social growth hub. A student-teacher ratio of 14:1 enables the school to achieve an astonishing 90% proficiency rate in reading, equipping students with the skills they will need for life. Rye’s individualized learning approach encourages collaboration and respect among students.

New Jersey: Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School

Summit Public Schools/Facebook

Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary in New Jersey is dedicated to educational pursuits and leadership development. Its rigorous curriculum and enriching activities prepare students to become future leaders. The institution maintains a student-teacher ratio of 13:1, which fosters a culture of respect and responsibility.

New Mexico: Mountain Elementary

White Mountain Elementary School/Facebook

New Mexico’s Mountain Elementary has a renowned outdoor education program. The school’s broad student populace achieves outstanding math proficiency rates, exceeding state averages. Students engage in environmental stewardship, participating in recycling programs and outdoor conservation projects, helped by a low student-teacher ratio 12:1.

New York: Ps 77 Lower Lab School


PS 77 Lower Lab School in New York City is acclaimed for its inquiry-based learning approach. Specializing in STEM education, the school boasts a remarkable 95% reading proficiency rate. Partnerships with local institutions offer unique learning opportunities. PS 77’s rigorous curriculum and varied student profiles ensure academic brilliance and cultural enrichment.

North Carolina: Lincoln Academy

Friends of Academy at Lincoln PTA/Facebook

Lincoln Academy in North Carolina emphasizes character education, integrity, and responsibility. The school maintains a high math proficiency rate of 85-89%, with a student body that reflects the state’s diversity. Solid societal assistance and diligent faculty ensure a protective setting for academic prosperity.

North Dakota: Longfellow Elementary School

Sharon Mayne/Facebook

Longfellow Elementary in North Dakota honors its legacy as a cornerstone of education. Students excel academically, reflecting the school’s commitment to learning with a 90% reading proficiency rate. Enrichment programs in music, art, and physical education provide students with a well-rounded education supported by an active parent-teacher union.

Ohio: Miller City Elementary School

Miller Elementary School/Facebook

Miller City Elementary in Ohio offers a comprehensive music education program. Rooted in a strong community, it has a 95% parent satisfaction rate. Early literacy development is a priority, ensuring students become proficient readers. Devoted teachers create a nurturing environment, while partnerships with local businesses enrich students’ learning experiences.

Oklahoma: Clegern Elementary School

Clegern Elementary School/Facebook

Clegern Elementary School in Oklahoma champions diversity, fostering a rich cultural heritage within its student body. Academic prowess is a hallmark, with an impressive 85% proficiency rate in math and reading. The school’s varied extracurricular offerings cater to students’ interests, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Oregon: Findley Elementary

Findley Elementary School/Facebook

Findley Elementary in Oregon shines academically, boasting a stellar 90% proficiency rate in both math and reading. Its detailed arts education program instills creativity and self-expression. Findley brings about environmental awareness through sustainability initiatives and outdoor education, enriching students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Pennsylvania: Bower Hill Elementary School

BH PTA/Facebook

Bower Hill Elementary School in Pennsylvania stands out with its outstanding academic performance, achieving over 90% proficiency in state assessments. It offers multiple enrichment programs, emphasizing character development and inclusive education. A low student-teacher ratio and dedicated assistance certifies every student’s meritorious victory and well-being.

Rhode Island: Community School

The Community School /Facebook

Community School in Rhode Island prioritizes service learning and instilling in students a sense of civic responsibility. Its focus on social-emotional learning champions students’ mental health and well-being. The school’s many extracurricular activities cater to varied interests, fostering a bright and inclusive association.

South Carolina: Buist Academy

Lauren Meyer Ruthven/Facebook

Buist Academy in South Carolina showcases an incredible 95% proficiency rate in state assessments. Its rigorous curriculum, including advanced placement courses, challenges and inspires students. Buist promotes a leadership and civic responsibility culture, preparing students for breakthrough performances in college and beyond.

South Dakota: Challenge Center – 51

Robert Frost / Challenge Center Elementary School/Facebook

Challenge Center – 51 in South Dakota caters to students with unique learning needs. The school achieves remarkable progress with specialized plans, evidenced by its 85% graduation rate. Resolute faculty, trained in multiple learning challenges, underscores a helpful atmosphere where anyone can succeed.

Tennessee: McFadden School of Excellence

Rutherford County Schools/Facebook

McFadden School in Tennessee boasts a 90% proficiency rate in state assessments that reflects its high academic standards. With enriching programs, including STEM and arts education, students excel academically and creatively. Strong partnerships contribute to the school’s success, supporting a 95% graduation rate.

Texas: William B Travis VanGuard Academy of Academically Tag

Travis TAG PTA/Facebook

William B Travis Vanguard Academy of Academically Tag in Texas serves gifted students with a 98% college acceptance rate. The school’s advanced curriculum and honors programs contribute to its 95% graduation rate. Extracurricular activities enrich the educational experience, shaping well-rounded individuals ready for higher education and beyond.

Utah: Sunrise School

Sunrise School/Facebook

Sunrise School in Utah maintains a 95% attendance rate, indicative of its supportive and engaging learning environment. With a 20:1 student-teacher ratio, individualized care ensures academic accomplishments for all students. The school’s commitment to inclusivity and societal involvement contributes to its 90% parent satisfaction rate.

Vermont: Marion W Cross School

Marion Cross PTO/Facebook

Marion Cross School values a broad curriculum beyond just math and reading. Fourth and fifth graders excel in science and writing, which shows that several subjects are taken seriously. Through lessons in French to environmental education and a strong emphasis on art and outdoor learning through the LEEEP Program, students creatively explore and appreciate the world.

Virginia: Kingston Elementary

Kingston Elementary School PTA/Facebook

At Kingston Elementary in Virginia, academic distinction is a hallmark, with over 80% proficiency in math and reading. It’s not just about academics; the school nurtures a radiant community spirit involving parents, teachers, and local businesses. With multi-fold extracurricular offerings, every student finds their niche for growth and exploration.

Washington: Cascadia Elementary

Cascadia Elementary PTO/Facebook

Washington’s Cascadia Elementary immerses students in environmental education, leveraging its natural surroundings. Beyond academics, the school champions inclusivity and well-being, offering counseling services and promoting cultural diversity. Students who focus on arts education unleash their creativity, aided by a passionate learning environment.

West Virginia: Greenmont Elementary School

Greenmont PTA/Facebook

Greenmont Elementary in West Virginia shines in STEM education, igniting students’ curiosity with hands-on learning experiences. Amidst academic rigor, the school cultivates a culture of kindness and respect and enables students to become compassionate leaders. Through partnerships and recognition programs, Greenmont facilitates a vibrant society where every achievement is celebrated.

Wisconsin: Mill Valley Elementary

Mill Valley Elementary/Facebook

Mill Valley Elementary is Wisconsin’s literary and artistic expression hub, nurturing students’ talents through in-depth programs. With a solid parent-teacher partnership, the school thrives on group support, enhancing educational opportunities for all. Technology integration readies students for the digital age, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Wyoming: Poder Academy

Poder Academy – Cheyenne/Facebook

Poder Academy in Wyoming is a beacon of bilingual education, fostering language proficiency and cultural awareness. Leadership development is paramount, which assists students to shape their futures and contribute meaningfully to society. Poder Academy provides every student with a supportive and enriching learning environment.


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