The Top Five Real Estate Conferences to Attend in 2017


Real estate brokers who are building their businesses generally take advantage of all of the help that is available in this high stress and fast paced industry. If things aren’t moving at a good pace, then it’s time to look into some of the reasons why and the solutions that will help you to shift gears into a higher speed. Attending real estate conferences is one activity that some brokers tend to bypass because of the time and travel involved. In reality, it could be one of the best things that you can do to help revitalize your business. For certain, there are some that don’t deliver, but there are many that offer a good venue for getting new ideas on how to make improvements that will boost your firm’s productivity and overall success.

Keynote speakers who know their business are there to share strategies and anecdotes that could stir something good inside. They share experiences that most professional in the industry can readily relate to and how they approached situations to find the best solutions. We’ve compiled a listing of the top five real estate conferences to attend in 2017. You’ll find information about what each has to offer to aid in selecting those that could be of the greatest benefit for you.

1. RECon 2017

This conference takes place from May 22nd through the 24th, 2017. The location will be the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a global event that focuses upon the shopping center industry for the provision of education, making deals and professional networking. Real estate professionals from around the world are invited. It offers brokers the opportunity to meet retailers and discuss opportunities for leasing as well as viewing the latest services and products in the industry that can enhance your business. Participants will be given the opportunity to attend educational seminars and network with other professionals in the real estate industry. Online registration dates are pending and will be announced in the near future.

2. I.con: The Industrial Conference 2017

The conference is slated for June 8th through the 9th, 2017 in Long Beach, California. I.con is among the best conferences for real estate professionals to attend who are interested in making connections to network and share strategies with industry leaders from throughout North America. The two days are packed with informational sessions and breakaways allowing for smaller group meetings at the discretion of attendees. Special speakers provide information about issues that are relevant to the current trends happening in the real estate industry with insights into how some of the latest technologies and management strategies can help to build the business. Registration details are pending and will be available at a later date.

3. Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Revolution

This gathering is scheduled for March 12th through the fourteenth, 2017 in Phoenix Arizona. The conference is a must attend with multiple informational sessions on topics which include new sales techniques, team-building, support systems for the back office and inspiration. Brokers and agents will benefit from educational sessions, networking and information about the digital revolution and how the use of some of the new modern technology can be applied to bring in greater success. Registration details are still pending.

4. 2017 NAA Education Conference & Exposition – National Apartment Association

This event is scheduled to take place June 21st through the 24th, 2017. It will be held in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference will comprise over fifty five hundred multi housing real estate professionals for administration of the educational sessions. The training is aimed at enhancing various aspects of professional development in the real estate industry. Attendees will have ample opportunity to network and form connections with colleagues attending from across the country. More than three hundred and twenty five suppliers and vendors will be present to provide demonstrations and information about the latest trends in technology within the real estate industry. Online registration for this conference is pending.

5. 2017 BOMA International Annual Conference & Expo

This must attend event is scheduled for June 24th through the 27th, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. With all of the changes that are taking place in the real estate industry, this timely conference and expo offers educational sessions and guest speakers who will discuss the multidimensional expansion which s currently taking place within the industry. The most recent services and products which are contributing to the further development and expansion of the industry will be highlighted and discussed with demonstrations and professional advisors available to discuss their applications and potential benefits. The conference also provides opportunities for networking with other professionals in the industry as well as sharing of experiences and solutions for common problems. At the conference there will be professional building owners, property managers, facility managers, building engineers and developers and real estate brokers. Online registration for this event is now open.

Final thoughts

Regardless of the size of your business or the firm that you are associated with, attending a quality real estate conference can help you to sharpen your skills and gain new insights into the industry. There are currently developing trends affecting the real estate market with more yet to come. The real estate industry has come a long way in the past few decades and although some aspects of business are still conducted in the same way, many of the traditional approaches have given way to modern strategies which are largely driven by advances in technology.

As society is in a state of continual change, so must the approaches taken by real estate firms in the way that they work with clients and in the technology that is used. In order to get your fair share of the business, it’s important to offer customers service that are compatible with their current lifestyles. The new technology is moving quickly towards digital services and new features that enhance the convenience and speed by which services are rendered. For the latest updates on real estate management and what’s currently trending, attending one of these conferences s the best possible option.

Written by Housely

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