Top 15 Washer/Dryer Sets In the Country


Washing garments doesn’t have to be a hassle, so if you’re looking for a new washer and dryer set, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best 15 sets that perfectly balance performance and energy efficiency.

Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry

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With its innovative dual system, Samsung’s FlexWash and FlexDry set allows you to tackle multiple batches simultaneously, saving time and energy. The FlexWash features a central front loader and a smaller top loader, while the FlexDry offers a traditional dryer and a delicate zone for sensitive fabrics.

LG WM9000HVA and DLEX9000V

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LG’s WM9000HVA washer and DLEX9000V dryer duo boast impressive capacity and advanced features. TurboWash technology reduces wash time, as the SteamFresh technology eliminates wrinkles and odors from fabrics in minutes.


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GE’s washer and dryer set offers modern conveniences. The SmartDispense feature of the washer dispenses detergent based on load size, while the dryer’s HE Sensor Dry protects clothes from over-drying and damage.

Maytag MVWB965HC and MEDB955FC


Maytag’s powerful washer and dryer set is designed to deliver commercial-grade performance in your home. The advanced PowerWash option effectively tackles tough stains, as the Extra Power button allows you to boost power on demand, ensuring even the largest batches are dried efficiently.

Bosch WAW285H2UC and WTG865H2UC

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Bosch’s competent set prioritizes water and energy efficiency without sacrificing load cleanliness. The SpeedPerfect selection reduces cycle time by 40%, while the EcoSilence motor operates quietly, which is ideal for noise-sensitive households.

Electrolux EFLS627UTT and EFME627UTT

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Here, we find the perfect combination of form and function, as Electrolux didn’t skimp on either. The LuxCare Wash System thoroughly cleans and protects fabrics, and the Perfect Steam option removes wrinkles and refreshes garments.

Whirlpool WFW9620HC and WED9620HC

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This model’s set features intuitive controls and smart technology designed for hassle-free cleaning days. With the Load & Go dispenser, you can clean up to 20 loads, and the Wrinkle Shield Plus option prevents wrinkles after the session ends.

Kenmore Elite 41073 and 81073

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Kenmore’s Elite 41073 washer and 81073 dryer set offer high efficiency and customizable settings for personalized garment care. The Accela Wash cycle cleans clothes quickly without sacrificing competence, as the Steam Refresh selection freshens garments in 10 minutes.

Amana NTW4516FW and NED4655EW

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Amana’s set should fit the bill if you’re looking for a reliable companion without breaking the bank. The washer’s Deep Water Wash selection thoroughly cleans bulky items, as the dryer’s Automatic Dryness Control prevents overdrying.

Haier HLC1700AXW

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Regarding compact designs, Haier hit the homerun here. The all-in-one device can be installed virtually anywhere thanks to its ventless design, making it suitable for apartments or tight spaces.

Frigidaire FFLE3800UW

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Frigidaire’s combo device FFLE3900UW saves space without compromising services. The Super Capacity Washer handles large loads, and the Quick Dry cycle ensures efficient drying for your laundry needs.

Speed Queen TR5000WN and DR5000WE

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Speed Queen’s TR5000WN washer and DR5000WE dryer set are built to last! As the stainless steel tub and 210-degree agitation provide a thorough cleaning, the four preset cycles provide adjustable drying options.

Miele WWF060WCS and TWI180WP

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We have Miele’s products from Germany, which offer that famous performance and elegance. Form and function coexist as the TwinDos system automatically dispenses the optimal amount of detergent, while the Heat Pump provides energy efficiency and gentle care for clothes.


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LG’s combo gadget is popular because of its compact design and versatile functionality. This all-in-one unit enables remote monitoring and control of loads via LG’s ThinQ technology, making laundry day more convenient than ever.

Splendide WD2100XC

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Splendide’s WD2100XC washer/dryer combo unit is designed specifically for RVs and small living spaces. This compact unit offers travelers and outdoor enthusiasts convenient laundry facilities on the go, thanks to its quiet operation and ventless system.


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