15 States With the Lowest Real Estate Taxes

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Homeownership comes with the added perk of lower real estate taxes in these states. Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of the mountains or the excitement of urban life, there’s a place for every preference and budget. Let’s count down to a place where living is easy and taxes are low.

North Carolina: Rank – #15

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In the Tar Heel State, residents pay a modest effective property tax rate of 0.80%. North Carolina offers a blend of urban innovation and rural charm without the heavy tax burden and a median real estate tax payment of $1,765. It’s perfect for new businesses and families looking for a place to call home.

Arkansas: Rank – #14

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The Natural State hosts more than breathtaking landscapes; it boasts an attractive real estate tax rate of 0.66%. With an average tax bill of $1,031, Arkansas stands out as a haven for those searching for affordability without sacrificing the beauty of nature or the warmth of community life.

Tennessee: Rank – #13

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Tennessee tunes into the heartstrings and plays a pleasant note with its 0.65% effective real estate tax rate, rich musical heritage, and thriving cities. Whether exploring the Smoky Mountains or indulging in Nashville’s vibrant scene, homeowners save more by paying a median of $1,376 annually.

Idaho: Rank – #12

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The Gem State shines for its stunning natural beauty and low real estate taxes, pegged at an effective rate of 0.63%. A median tax payment of only $1,741 makes Idaho a treasure trove for those looking for adventure outdoors without getting weighed down by heavy taxes.

Louisiana: Rank – #11 (Tie)

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Louisiana’s culture is as rich as its low real estate tax rate. Tying with Delaware at an effective rate of 0.62% and a median tax payment of $1,223, the Pelican State is a flavorful mix of history, entertainment, and affordability that’s hard to beat.

Delaware: Rank – #11 (Tie)

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In Delaware, the spotlight shines on savings with an effective real estate tax rate of 0.62%. House owners here delight in a median tax bill of $1,695. Known as the First State, Delaware offers historic charm and modern convenience, all with a tax rate that makes living and saving easier.

Wyoming: Rank – #9

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Wyoming knows how to show off its endless, untouched landscapes, all while keeping your wallet pretty happy with a super low real estate tax rate of just 0.61%. The median tax payment here is $1,501, which symbolizes the spirit of the West with its open spaces, freedom, and fiscal friendliness.

Arizona: Rank – #8

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Arizona’s effective tax rate of 0.60% provides a sunny outlook for property owners. The median real estate tax paid is $1,717, which makes the Grand Canyon State a grand choice for those seeking the warmth of the desert sun and a hot real estate market cooled by low taxes.

West Virginia: Rank – #7

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In West Virginia, the mountains are not the only thing that’s almost heaven; the real estate taxes are heavenly, too. An effective rate of 0.59% and a median payment of $916 transforms the state into a sanctuary for those looking to stretch their dollars in the rugged beauty of Appalachia.

South Carolina: Rank – #6

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As a beautiful state with a rich history and beautiful coastlines, South Carolina boasts an effective property tax rate of 0.58%. This rate translates into a median annual property tax payment of $1,213, positioning the Palmetto State as a financially attractive option for prospective and current property holders.

Utah: Rank – #5

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Utah’s effective real estate tax rate of 0.57% makes it a promised land for house owners seeking sanctuary from high taxes. The Beehive State combines natural wonders with fiscal prudence while ensuring everyone a high quality of life with a median payment of $1,972.

Nevada: Rank – #4

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Nevada rolls the dice in your favor with an effective real estate tax rate of 0.55%. In the Silver State, the median tax bill of $1,793 merits it the perfect destination for those seeking an active lifestyle and low taxes.

Colorado: Rank – #3

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Colorado’s effective real estate tax rate of 0.52% paints a picture as appealing as its landscapes. With a median tax of $2,125, it’s a high-altitude haven that balances the thrill of the Rockies with the comfort of affordable living.

Alabama: Rank – #2

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Alabama serenades householders with a harmonious and one of the most friendly effective tax rates of 0.43%, where the median real estate tax payment is a mere $742. The Heart of Dixie beats strong with southern hospitality, cultural richness, and an easy-going tax rate that’s hard to beat.

Hawaii: Rank #1

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Hawaii’s real estate might have high price tags, but the property tax rates tell a different story. Homeowners in the Aloha State enjoy the lowest effective real estate tax rate in the U.S. at 0.29% and a median tax payment of $1,915.


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