Top 15 States With the Highest Real Estate Taxes

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High real estate taxes can pinch homeowners’ wallets, which makes owning a home more expensive. It’s not just about higher monthly payments; it can also impact property values and the overall affordability of living in certain areas. Plus, it puts extra pressure on budgeting for other household expenses.

Kansas: Rank – #15

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Known for its vast plains and friendly cities, Kansas takes 1.40% of people’s property value annually. That’s $2,556 annually, which might seem steep, but this rate funds essential services like education and public safety. Despite the tax bill, it’s a great place to live.

Michigan: Rank – #14

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The haven of stunning Great Lakes and buzzing cities, Michigan ranks fourteenth with a 1.45% property tax rate. Homeowners here fork over $2,734 yearly, contributing to the state’s lush parks, quality schools, and well-maintained roads. This tax helps Michigan’s natural and urban environments thrive.

Rhode Island: Rank – #13

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Rhode Island may be tiny, but its property taxes pack a punch at 1.54%, which translates to $4,526 annually. This cost supports the state’s rich historical sites, pristine beaches, and excellent schools – a trade-off allowing Rhode Islanders to enjoy the coastal beauty their tax dollars help preserve.

Pennsylvania: Rank – #12

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In a state as rich in history as its 1.56% tax rate, Pennsylvania’s residents pay $3,352 in property taxes each year. Such significant investment fuels its historic preservation, education excellence, and infrastructure strength. Pennsylvanians take pride in their contribution that maintains the state’s legacy and livability for future generations.

Ohio: Rank – #11

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Ohioans appreciate the balance between reasonable tax rates and the high-quality basic amenities they value. At the heart of the Midwest, their state imposes a 1.57% property tax rate, which costs the homeowners $2,658 yearly. These funds are pivotal in maintaining Ohio’s sprawling parks, public schools, and assistance.

Iowa: Rank – #10

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Iowa, known for its rolling fields and warm societies, charges a 1.59% property tax rate; this means $2,700 annually from each property holder invested back into local schools and colleges, public safety, and core facilities. The locals treasure the sense of community and the tangible benefits these taxes provide.

Nebraska: Rank – #9


In Nebraska, people see their tax contributions as seeking future growth, so they are okay with shelling out $3,184 annually in median real estate tax. The state asks for 1.70% of your property’s worth yearly, which supports the state’s healthcare systems and development projects.

Wisconsin: Rank – #8

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In Wisconsin, residents shell out 1.71% of their property’s value in taxes yearly, totaling around $3,570. This money goes straight into supporting their top-notch educational system and healthcare services. Wisconsinites feel proud of their role in keeping the state a fantastic place to live, work, and enjoy life.

New York: Rank – #7

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New Yorkers, especially those outside the city, find worth in the amenities and quality of life their taxes afford. The state’s property tax rate is 1.73%, costing householders $6,217 annually. This rate helps sustain the state’s world-class infrastructure, academic excellence, and comprehensive systems.

Vermont: Rank – #6

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Vermont charges a 1.89% property tax rate of $4,706 yearly, supporting its environmental conservation efforts and healthcare facilities. Vermonters appreciate their green spaces and community-focused living, recognizing their taxes as an investment in a sustainable and vibrant future for the Green Mountain State.

Texas: Rank – #5

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Texas surprises many with its 1.90% property tax rate, translating to $4,399 yearly. Despite having no state income tax, this rate funds Texas’s extensive support systems, schools, and emergency aid. Texans enjoy a booming economy and diverse cultural experiences and see their property taxes as a fair trade.

New Hampshire: Rank – #4

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New Hampshire, known for its “Live Free or Die” motto, has a 2.09% property tax rate, costing $6,235 annually. The funds lack sales and income taxes, and the residents treasure the trade-offs while cherishing the state’s high quality of life without the burden of other ordinary taxes.

Connecticut: Rank – #3


Connecticut’s residents face a 2.16% property tax rate, costing $6,251 annually. These taxes support the state’s top-tier schools, essential services, and infrastructure, making it a desirable place despite the cost. Connecticut’s blend of coastal charm and cultural wealth justifies its tax rate, with many finding it worth the investment.

Illinois: Rank – #2

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Illinois’s 2.29% property tax rate, which demands $5,213 from residents, represents its vibrant cities and rich cultural heritage. Despite the fiscal challenges, the localities find solace in its public networks and diverse lifestyle options, which makes the tax bite more bearable.

New Jersey: Rank – #1

Topping our list, New Jersey’s proprietors grapple with a 2.46% property tax rate, the highest in the nation, costing them $8,928 yearly. New Jerseyans, while wary of their tax bills, often find the amenities and proximity to major cities unparalleled, making it a costly but coveted place to call home.


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