15 Things Broke People Always Manage to Afford


Some people simply cannot seem to prioritize their finances. They always find money for items, even though they might appear needless or frivolous, despite their struggles to make ends meet. These people may justify their desires as necessities and view them as essential, but that isn’t always the case. Here are 15 things broke people continue to overspend money on.



Despite the high cost, cigarettes often remain a priority. Smoking becomes a non-negotiable habit that takes precedence over other essentials. The expense adds up quickly, but smokers find ways to sustain it, irrespective of their financial state. 

Lottery Tickets


Hoping for a financial miracle, they spend their last dollars on lottery tickets. The dream of hitting the jackpot overshadows the improbability of winning. It’s a small price for a shot at life-changing wealth. Unsurprisingly, lottery and scratch tickets are only available in bargain stores, not high-end supermarkets.

Fast Food


Convenience often trumps cost when it comes to meals. Fast food offers an easy and unhealthy solution for those with tight schedules and tighter budgets. Even if eating poorly has significant long-term consequences, it seems to be worth it in the short run.

Cell Phones and Data Plans


Internet connectivity is indispensable, even for individuals facing financial challenges. Despite limited resources, many prioritize acquiring smartphones and data plans, emphasizing the importance of staying connected and accessing online resources.

Brand Name Clothes


Appearance matters, and some broke people prioritize looking good over financial prudence. Discount outlets and sales make it possible to own a few high-end items. Individuals frequently deceive themselves into believing they are putting money into their sense of style when, in reality, they are only fueling their addiction to fast fashion.

Subscription Services


Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify often find their way into limited budgets. The cost is justified as an affordable escape and source of entertainment—a small indulgence that brings joy and relaxation. The issue is that subscribing to many services can be expensive, worsening financial difficulties.

Hair and Beauty Treatments

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It can be costly to maintain a particular image, and broke people are no exception. Though they might not seem like much initially, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and acrylic nails pile up over time. Even those living paycheck to paycheck are drawn to the appeal of these beauty treatments despite their financial difficulties.



During difficult times, pets offer unconditional, priceless love and company. However, there are costs associated with pet ownership, such as food, medical care, and grooming. Sometimes, those who are broke get pets without fully appreciating the recurring costs. Because of this, their animal friends could experience neglect, which is terrible for both the owners and the pets.



People who are struggling financially and have numerous tattoos all over their bodies are a typical sight. The cost of elaborate or extensive tattoos can be significant. Despite financial difficulties, acquiring more ink is prioritized.



Socializing and unwinding with a drink remains a common practice. Many of these needy people find room in their budget for alcohol, whether it’s a night out or a few drinks at home. It’s a coping mechanism and a way to maintain social connections. The problem is that buying the “treat” regularly can lead to additional expenses.

Vacation on Borrowed Money


Keeping up appearances can be the motivation behind bad financial choices. Some will do whatever it takes, including borrowing money or taking out loans, to pay for their luxurious getaways or vacations. These vacations could make you happy for a while but also put you under financial strain over time.

Luxury Weddings and Events


Even when facing financial constraints, some people may choose to allocate a large portion of their funds towards hosting extravagant weddings and events. This can include luxurious receptions, couture wedding gowns, and lavish honeymoon experiences.

Dining Out


Even with limited funds, dining out occasionally can feel like a necessary treat. Whether grabbing a coffee or enjoying a meal, the experience provides a break from routine and a chance to socialize. And it’s always a quick way to go broke, with money leaving the pocket faster than planned.

Designer Handbags


Designer handbags are frequently used as a status symbol and can boost confidence. Many save diligently to afford these luxury items, valuing the brand’s prestige. It’s a way to feel successful and stylish despite financial limitations.

Gaming Consoles


Gaming provides hours of enjoyment and a sense of community. The initial investment can be high, but the entertainment value justifies the cost. Video games offer an immersive escape from reality; many find the money for consoles and games.


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