These Geometric Design Ideas Are Perfect For Your House

wooden coffee table

When it comes to home design ideas, most people prefer to play it safe. After all, sometimes it is better to go with what you know will work than to dive head first into the unknown. However, two well-known Swiss “stairchitects” have decided to venture into home design, and they’re bringing something completely new.  Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Neuron have been working on a new design collection that is unlike anything most people have ever seen. The duo is known for their innovative designs and have even won a Pritzker Prize for their work. By taking a different approach, the architects have created beautiful geometric designs that include things like light fixtures, chairs, and coat hangers. Although these objects may seem simple, these two have worked to bring a little fun  to the typical look. Although consumers may expect that these type of items to be a little on the high-end side when it comes to price, they’re actually relatively affordable – making them perfect for people who are trying to bring a new look to their homes. If you’re trying to come up with some new ideas to spruce up your home, these unique designs are just what you need. Check out these cool geometric design ideas that are perfect for your home.

Large Coat Hanger

wooden coat hanger

Small Rounded Coat Hanger

wooden coat hanger

Rope Hanging Light Fixture

light fixture

Unique Black Stool

unique stool

Black Light Fixture

black ceiling light

Swivel Light Fixture

metal light fixture

Glass Bulb Light Fixture

glass light fixture

Stone Stool

stone stool


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