8 Beautiful Rugs Inspired By Landscape Design Ideas

Alexandra Kehayoglou working on one of her landscape inspired rugs

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never even thought of rugs and landscapes in the same sentence. Even now, you’re probably wondering how these two things could possibly have anything in common. However, thanks to Argentinian rug artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou, all of that is about to change. While rugs and landscape design ideas may seem like a very unlikely match, Kehayoglou has used her skills to bring the two together in a way that no one could have ever imagined. In a serious of handmade rugs designed and made by Kehayoglou, she draws on inspiration from natural landscape design ideas to craft a set of beautiful handmade rugs. Her work is composed of scenes from beautiful beachfront palm trees all the way to a deer making its way through the forest.

Kehayoglou may not be a household name, but with skills and creative visions like this, it’s safe to say that she’s well on her way to making a very good name for herself. Born into a family of rug makers, her passion for creating beautiful rugs is evident in her work, and she’s already been dubbed a “dream weaver” by the New York Times. Thanks to her ability to make something beautiful in a way that most people aren’t expecting, her work can definitely speak for itself. Sure, rugs aren’t usually something to get excited about, but after seeing these awesome creations, you will never look at rugs the same way. Check out these 8 beautiful rugs inspired by landscape design ideas.

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