The Richest Small Town In Every State – Which One Would You Like To Live In?

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This listicle unveils every stae’s most prosperous small towns, from quaint communities boasting historic areas to arresting locales thriving economically. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an armchair explorer, join us as we traverse the nation’s landscape and uncover the opulent treasures awaiting these lesser-known destinations. How many have you visited?

Florida: Parkland (Median Income: $174,295)

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Parkland, Florida, flaunts the state’s highest median income, embodying a blend of serene suburban living and lively engagement. Its diverse residents foster a tight-knit spirit evident in local events. Top-rated schools and abundant parks cater to families, while upscale dining and boutiques reflect refined tastes. Parkland’s charm lies in its small-town warmth, where neighbors know each other by name and lend a helping hand. Despite its affluence, it’s a cherished home for all its residents. 

Indiana: Meridian Hills (Median Income: $172,969)

Small Town Indiana/Facebook

Nestled within the vibrant landscape of Indiana lies Meridian Hills, a beautiful small town. Meridian Hills exudes a welcoming feel, where manicured lawns and elegant homes epitomize suburban tranquility. Residents often enjoy the lush green spaces of Holliday Park or savoring farm-to-table delights at local eateries like The North End Barbecue & Moonshine. Regular gatherings at the Meridian Hills Country Club foster connections among neighbors. The town thrums with cultural vibrancy, hosting events like the annual Meridian Hills Art Fair, where local artisans showcase their talents. 

Maine: Falmouth Foreside (Median Income: $175,248)

Foreside Estates Apartments/Facebook

This coastal enclave boasts more than just financial prosperity. Situated along Casco Bay, Falmouth Foreside’s residents enjoy a lovely blend of natural beauty and affluent living. From historic waterfront homes to modern estates, the architecture mirrors the town’s rich maritime history and contemporary elegance. Locals often gather at the bustling Town Landing Market for artisanal goods and friendly conversation, embodying the town’s laid-back yet sophisticated vibe. Outdoor enthusiasts revel in the abundance of recreational opportunities, whether sailing on the bay, hiking along scenic trails, or simply savoring breathtaking sunsets. 

Wisconsin: River Hills (Median Income: $178,750)

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River Hills stands as a testament to refined living. It proudly holds the title of the wealthiest small town in the state. Here, sprawling estates and lush landscapes paint the backdrop for a community known for its affluence and exclusivity. Residents, often successful professionals and entrepreneurs, find solace in the serenity of this picturesque enclave. From horseback riding along scenic trails to evenings spent enjoying the serenity of the Milwaukee River, life in River Hills is defined by a harmonious blend of luxury and tranquility. 

Arizona: Paradise Valley (Median Income: $203,659)

Town of Paradise Valley/Facebook

Home to affluent residents, this oasis of luxury offers more than just scenic landscapes and lavish estates. With an energetic cultural scene, residents enjoy exclusive shopping boutiques, upscale dining experiences, and world-class golf courses. The town’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty is evident in its stringent zoning regulations, ensuring the stunning desert vistas remain unspoiled. Outdoor enthusiasts revel in the abundance of hiking trails and outdoor recreational activities, while art fans can explore the town’s galleries and exhibitions. Paradise Valley embodies a unique blend of sophistication and tranquility, attracting discerning individuals seeking an unparalleled quality of life amidst the desert’s allure.

Michigan: Orchard Lake Village City (Median Income: $203,750)

City of Orchard Lake Village/Facebook

Orchard Lake Village, Michigan, epitomizes small-town living and affluence, with a median income of $203,750. This idyllic enclave blends modern comforts with rustic allure, offering locals an enviable lifestyle and picturesque surroundings. From boutiques to bustling farmers’ markets, the town buzzes with activity while retaining a tight-knit feel. Cultural diversity flavors its culinary scene and lively arts festivals. Nature lovers find solace in the Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary, and history buffs explore the town’s heritage at the Orchard Lake Museum.

Washington: Medina (Median Income: $208,500)

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Located on Lake Washington’s shores, Medina boasts an extremely high average income, making it Washington’s richest small town. It is home to numerous tech elites and CEOs. Its arts scene and diverse dining reflect its rich culture. Pristine parks offer family fun, while Medina’s blend of luxury and simplicity creates a unique flavor. Whether golfing at Overlake or browsing Bellevue Square, Medina provides a slice of paradise for those seeking luxury with authenticity.

Tennessee: Forest Hills (Median Income: $211,250)

Doster Construction Company/Facebook

Forest Hills earned its reputation as the place where the super-rich live in the state. Despite its opulent facade, this small town of just over 5,000 residents retains a down-to-earth mentality. Surrounded by lush greenery, the town offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its residents are a mix of professionals, artists, and retirees. Forest Hills attracts nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, offering an array of hiking trails and scenic parks. The town boasts a rich cultural tapestry, evidenced by its trendy arts scene and eclectic culinary offerings. 

South Carolina: Kiawah Island (Median Income: $216,750)

The Kiawah Seabrook Group of Dunes Properties/Facebook

Kiawah Island boasts a rich tapestry of Southern charm and natural beauty. Residents here revel in a laid-back lifestyle, where strolls along sandy beaches and rounds of golf on world-class courses are the norm. The island’s culture is steeped in Lowcountry traditions, which is evident in its mouthwatering cuisine and warm hospitality. From indulgent seafood feasts to lively Gullah Geechee performances, every corner of Kiawah Island tells a story of heritage and community. Visitors flock to witness the stunning sunsets painting the marshlands and explore its maritime forests’ intricate ecosystems. 

Minnesota: North Oaks (Median Income: $220,861)

North Oaks Company/Facbook

With that soaring median income, North Oaks proudly claims the title of the most affluent small town in the state. Residents of North Oaks are not merely neighbors; they’re a closely-knit family united by a shared appreciation for the town’s natural beauty and rich heritage. North Oaks exudes a vibrant culture shaped by its diverse inhabitants. The annual summer festivals unite everyone, and the local farmers’ markets are renowned. While the pace of life may be slower here, the sense of camaraderie is palpable, making North Oaks not just a destination but a place to call home.

North Carolina: Marvin (Median Income: $221,350)

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Marvin exudes an air of sophistication with its well-manicured lawns and upscale residences.. The town prides itself on its top-rated schools, attracting families seeking an exceptional education for their children. Beyond academics, Marvin fosters a rich cultural scene, with local art galleries and community events showcasing talent from within its borders. Residents often gather at the town center, exchanging stories over artisanal coffee or exploring the pleasing parks scattered throughout the area. With its proximity to Charlotte, opportunities for employment and entertainment abound, yet Marvin maintains its peaceful ambiance.

Illinois: Kildeer (Median Income: $226,375)

Village of Kildeer – Official Site/Facebook

Despite its opulence, Kildeer maintains a tight-knit spirit, where neighbors greet each other by name and lend a helping hand without hesitation. Kildeer boasts an array of recreational opportunities, from tranquil nature trails to lively events celebrating its heritage. Residents here value material wealth and the intangible treasures of friendship, solidarity, and a shared love for their hometown. In Kildeer, prosperity isn’t just measured in dollars and the warmth of bonds that endure through generations.

Massachusetts: Boxford (Median Income: $232,326)


Boxford impresses with its picturesque landscapes and rich history. With a population shy of 8,000 residents, the town maintains a small-town feel while offering modern amenities. The city has many parks and conservation areas, perfect for hiking, birdwatching, and peaceful picnics. History buffs find intrigue in Boxford’s well-preserved colonial architecture and landmarks, each telling a story of the town’s storied past. Boxford retains a humble spirit, with residents fostering a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers and visitors alike. Boxford invites all to experience the harmony of wealth and warmth that defines this quintessential New England gem.

Virginia: South Run (Median Income: $238,456)

South Riding Proprietary/Facebook

Welcome to Virginia’s gem, South Run! South Run is the epitome of luxury and comfort. The idyllic town offers bustling local businesses and welcoming neighborhoods. Residents enjoy a high quality of life, with top-notch schools, well-maintained parks, and many recreational activities. Strolling along the streets lined with historic architecture is a great experience. South Run exudes an irresistible pull that captivates visitors and locals alike. Experience the allure of South Run, where prosperity meets warmth, and every day feels like a celebration of the good life.

New Jersey: Lyons (Median Income: $245,226)

Medina Aleman/Facebook

Despite its size, Lyons pulses with a sparkling culture and a rich tapestry of history. Initially known for its agricultural roots, the town has evolved into a hub of affluence, attracting discerning residents drawn to its tranquil ambiance and proximity to urban amenities. Lyons preserves its small-town feel, with quaint streets lined with historic homes and lush green spaces offering sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life. Residents enjoy a high quality of life, with top-rated schools, pristine parks, and a thriving local economy. Lyons caters to the refined tastes of its elite inhabitants. Yet, beneath its polished exterior lie shared values and a commitment to prosperity. 

Vermont: Shelburne – Median Income: $96,976

Shelburne Museum/Facebook

This friendly, clean town is surrounded by green mountains. Despite its wealth, the town celebrates its roots with preserved covered bridges and the Shelburne Museum, where one of the largest collections of Impressionist art in North America exists. It’s a haven for foodies, with farm-to-table restaurants and a chocolate factory!

West Virginia: Cassville – Median Income: $105,440

Sharosh Rajasekher/Unsplash

Situated near the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border, it’s a nature lover’s paradise, with mesmerizing views of the Allegheny Mountains and easy access to whitewater rafting, hiking, and skiing. Fun fact: Cassville boasts the highest concentration of covered bridges in any West Virginia county!

Louisiana: Inniswold – Median Income: $106,759

Andrew S/Unsplash

A slice of French Quarter charm with modern influence, Inniswold is located outside Baton Rouge. It’s a representation of Southern charm with oak-lined streets and proximity to the Mississippi River. The town retains a laid-back vibe, where history fans explore the nearby mansions while foodies indulge in Cajun cuisine.

Nebraska: Hickman – Median Income: $107,604

John Dame/Unsplash

Hickman has more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the state, defying expectations. Its wealth stems from the success of local agribusinesses, but Hickman remains rooted in its rural charm, hosting annual events like the Hickman Rodeo and the National Polka Festival.

Montana: Helena Valley Northeast – Median Income: $115,833

City of Helena, Local Government/Facebook

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Helena Valley Northeast is a peaceful escape with access to outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and skiing. It’s a scenic haven where breathtaking views meet quiet wealth. You can also visit the Archie Bray Foundation, a renowned ceramics center attracting artists from around the world.

Rhode Island: Kingston – Median Income: $116,250

URI Alumni/Facebook

Kingston has a proud history dating back to the 1600s. The University of Rhode Island, a major research institution, fuels the town’s intellectual and economic vibrancy, while history addicts will love exploring the Kingston Village District and indulge in fresh seafood and locally sourced fare.

Alaska: Steele Creek – Median Income: $118, 934


Steele Creek is known for being a bedroom community for Fairbanks, as many residents commute to Fairbanks for work, which contributes to its suburban character. The area boasts stunning scenery, including forests, mountains, and the Chena River.

Mississippi: Madison – Median Income: $119,662

Madison the City/Facebook

This picturesque town near Jackson oozes Southern hospitality. Madison has experienced rapid growth in recent years, driven by its proximity to the state capital and a thriving business community. Yet, this place retains its small-town charm with its tree-lined streets, old downtown, and annual Madison Summerfest.

South Dakota: Dakota Dunes – Median Income: $126,181


Dakota Dunes’s natural beauty adds to its appeal as a resort community and for retirees. Golf enthusiasts flock to the Dakota Dunes Country Club, while nature lovers enjoy exploring the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge. It’s also where people can find the world’s largest indoor water park, Water Dome.

Nevada: Mogul – Median Income: $133,343

Quintin Gellar/Pexels

This community near Reno is the heart of a successful casino industry, attracting visitors from across the globe. Residents of Mogul enjoy desert views and access to outdoor activities like camping. Fun fact: The world’s only museum dedicated to vintage Las Vegas slot machines is located in this little town.

New Hampshire: Hanover – Median Income: $136,992

Jim Mitchell/Facebook

Hanover is the home of Dartmouth College, one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. Beyond academics, the town is full of charming shops, historical landmarks, and stunning natural beauty. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy exploring the nearby Appalachian Trail, while art lovers can visit the Hood Museum of Art.

Georgia: Berkeley Lake – Median Income: $138,182

Rosemont Berkeley Lake/Facebook

Located outside Atlanta, Berkeley Lake is a peaceful escape around Lake Lanier, providing residents with opportunities for boating and fishing. Foodies can savor delicious cuisine at lakeside eateries while families enjoy outdoor recreation at nearby parks. The only public observatory in Gwinnett County is located in this city.

North Dakota: Horace – Median Income: $138,636

Intricate Explorer/Unsplash

This dynamic town near Fargo thrives on its robust agricultural industry. Beyond its fertile fields, Horace embraces innovation with its growing technology sector and proximity to the University of North Dakota. Horace is the world’s largest producer of Honeycrisp apples, bringing sweet success to the region.

Idaho: Hidden Springs – Median Income: $138,895

Attorney Sluice/Unsplash

Situated near Boise, Hidden Springs is a blend of affluence and natural beauty. Skiers flock to the nearby Bogus Basin Mountain Resort, while nature admirers enjoy exploring the surrounding mountains and forests. Hidden Springs features an award-winning golf course designed by Tom Fazio, attracting avid golfers from around the world.

Wyoming: Rafter J Ranch – Median Income: $140,523

Hill City Area Chamber of Commerce/Facebook

Rafter J Ranch is a popular ranching spot, attracting wealthy retirees and second homeowners seeking a luxurious mountain retreat. Beyond the stunning scenery, residents enjoy horseback riding, fishing, and skiing in the nearby Grand Teton National Park.

Iowa: Polk City – Median Income: $141,548

Austin Goode/Unsplash

Polk City is a growing community that retains the small-town charm with its friendly atmosphere and annual events like the Polk City Sweet Corn Festival. The townspeople enjoy the amenities of Des Moines while maintaining a close-knit community spirit. Several galleries and studios showcase local talent, appealing to art lovers.

Arkansas: Goshen – Median Income: $141,563

Shiloh Museum of Ozark History/Facebook

Goshen is where the annual Mountaingrass Craft Fair takes place, showcasing the work of local artisans and attracting visitors from across the region. It has a growing economy driven by manufacturing and tourism, where visitors explore the ancient downtown area and the Shiloh Museum.

Alabama: Mountain Brook – Median Income: $150,268

Randall Woodfin/Facebook

Families enjoy the community spirit and numerous parks and recreation facilities in Mountain Brook. It’s near Birmingham and full of vibrant shops, art galleries, and a distinguished public school system. You can also visit the Birmingham Zoo, which has more than 850 animals from around the world.

Delaware: Hockessin – Median Income: $158,036

Hockessin Historical Society/Facebook

With a blend of historic preservation and modern amenities, Hockessin is like a bedroom community for the professionals working in Wilmington. Locals can take a walk to enjoy the preserved colonial homes and museums, while nature lovers will indulge in the Brandywine Creek State Park.

Kansas: Leawood – Median Income: $159,540

Ronald Carter/Unsplash

With more billionaires than anywhere else in the Midwest, Leawood isn’t your average prairie town. This Kansas City suburb buzzes with upscale shopping, vibrant arts, and an acclaimed farmers market. But did you know it’s the filming location for the iconic Hallmark movie “Christmas in Evergreen”?

Hawaii: Maunawili – Median Income: $159,583

Maunawili Falls Trail/Facebook

Maunawili is a town with spectacular ocean views and a close-knit community that prides itself on sustainability, boasting numerous organic farms. But its most intriguing fact might be its celebrity residents: former President Barack Obama, a frequent the local farmers market who’s often seen blending in with the locals.

Oregon: Stafford – Median Income: $161,489

Dan Meyers/Unsplash

This tiny town of just 1,600 residents is a famous name in the world of Pinot Noir. Stafford sits at the heart of Oregon’s well-known Willamette Valley wine region, where you can explore award-winning vineyards and world-class wineries.

Utah: East Basin – Median Income: $170,677

Utah Tiny Home Community/Facebook

Enjoy an unparalleled ski experience at East Basin, with pristine slopes and jaw-dropping vistas. But beyond the winter wonderland, this community fosters a growing arts scene, with numerous galleries, studios, and a music festival that appeals to artists and visitors.

New Mexico: Las Campanas – Median Income: $190,144

Melissa Sombrerero/Pexels

Luxury meets stunning deserts in Las Campanas, a gated community near Santa Fe. Fantastic golf courses, world-class spas, and outstanding mountain views attract celebrities and retirees seeking an opulent escape. Las Campanas has a vibrant art community, with galleries and studios showcasing the work of local artists.

Kentucky: Anchorage – Median Income: $199,261

Michael Bowman/Unsplash

This historic town along the Ohio River is filled with antique shops and art galleries. But its main claim to fame is its bourbon heritage. Home to several renowned distilleries, Anchorage attracts whiskey enthusiasts from around the world for tours, tastings, and a glimpse into Kentucky’s rich bourbon-making tradition.

Ohio: New Albany – Median Income: $206,130

Hudson 29 New Albany/Facebook

New Albany is known for its award-winning schools, vibrant arts scene, and thriving business community. Take a stroll through downtown, visit the Wexner Center for the Arts, or catch a concert at the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for Performing Arts. New Albany proves small towns can provide big-city experiences.

Missouri: Town and Country – Median Income: $211,429


Elegance meets convenience in Town and Country, a St. Louis suburb known for its upscale neighborhoods and luxurious amenities. Beyond the luxury, Town and Country has numerous parks, recreation facilities, and annual events like the Taste of Town and Country.

Oklahoma: Nichols Hills – Median Income: $218,500

Nichols Hills, Oklahoma/Facebook

Step back into the roaring twenties in Nichols Hills, an Oklahoma City suburb offering locals and tourists a luxurious rural feel. It’s an excellent place to find 5-star restaurants, high-end boutiques, and luxurious day spas.

Maryland: Travilah – Median Income: $238,194

Austinhenry real estate property/Facebook

Hike or bike on scenic trails, explore the grandeur of Great Falls Park, or unwind at the Travilah Country Club. Travilah is a haven for nature fans with an ancient 280-year-old white oak. Families seeking a peaceful community for their kids shouldn’t think twice.

Colorado: Columbine Valley – Median Income: $248,984


Trade cityscapes for breathtaking Rocky Mountain vistas in Columbine Valley. Visit this Denver suburb to ski down the powdery slopes at the Copper Mountain Resort or soak in the astonishing mountain scenery. Columbine Valley is a haven for nature enthusiasts and families seeking an active lifestyle in a picturesque setting.

New York: Flower Hill – Median Income: $246,53

Village of Flower Hill/Facebook

Between manicured lawns and stately homes, there’s a lot to like about Flower Hill. Explore the Nassau County Museum of Art or lose yourself in the annual Fall Festival of the Arts. Foodies are in for a treat, exploring Michelin-starred restaurants, while families cherish the community spirit and top-rated schools.

Texas: University Park – Median Income: $247,045

City of University Park, TX – Government/Facebook

Knowledge reigns supreme in this Dallas suburb. Home to Southern Methodist University, University Park buzzes with intellectual energy. Catch a performance at the Meadows Museum’s intimate concert hall or soak in the impressive collections. Beyond academia, enjoy peaceful strolls through manicured parks or unwind at the nearby Dallas Arboretum.

Pennsylvania: Fox Chapel – Median Income: $247,930

Fox Chapel Publishing/Facebook

Fox Chapel offers a slice of tranquility mixed with history, especially at the Frick Art & Historical Center. In this wealthy rural community, most owners own their homes. Fox Chapel offers a quiet escape with cultural enrichment.

Connecticut: Noroton – Median Income: $248,125

Only In Connecticut/Facebook

Step back in time in this idyllic coastal town. Noroton is a spot for charming colonial homes, a historic harbor, and breathtaking views of Long Island Sound. Explore the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, a testament to the area’s rich history, or indulge in fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants.

California: Orinda – Median Income: $248,984

Tom Briskey/Unsplash

Orinda offers mind-blowing natural beauty and a vibrant community spirit. Savor farm-to-table delights at farmers’ markets or catch a performance at the renowned Orinda Theatre Company. This affluent community boasts top-rated schools and a relaxed pace of life, enchanting those seeking a slice of Californian paradise.


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