The Most Impolite City in Each State

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With a healthy dose of humor and a sprinkle of sarcasm, let’s explore the quirks of each city’s unique brand of impoliteness, navigating our way through the land of short tempers and sharp tongues. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to laugh until your sides ache.

Alabama – Mobile

City of Mobile – Government/Facebook

Folks in Mobile are always on the go and never slowing down for pleasantries. It may be because they’re busy tending to their bustling port. But truth be told, they’re too preoccupied to bother with polite chitchat.

Alaska – Anchorage

Visit Anchorage/Facebook

Here, the chill in the air matches the frostiness of their greetings. With winter temperatures plunging lower than walrus diving, it’s no wonder Alaskans are as frosty as their surroundings. They’ve got layers to contend with, both in clothing and attitude.

Arizona – Phoenix

City of Phoenix, AZ USA/Facebook

Phoenix is a place that’s as fiery in temperament as in temperature. With a relentless pursuit of growth, Phoenicians are likelier to give you a quick nod than a warm smile. After all, when you’re busy building skyscrapers, who has time for small talk?

Arkansas – Little Rock

City of Little Rock, AR – Government/Facebook

Despite its quaint name, Little Rock packs a punch regarding rudeness, making you wonder if the region’s size or their egos leads to such. They may be little, but they certainly rock—just not in courtesies.

California – Los Angeles


Beneath the glamorous facade of Los Angeles lies an area where manners are about as common as spotting a unicorn on Rodeo Drive. In a place where fame is the ultimate currency, courtesies often take a backseat to self-promotion.

Colorado – Denver

University of Colorado Denver/Facebook

Denver’s thin air might leave you feeling light-headed, but it can also leave you short-tempered. It could be the lack of oxygen to the brain or the constant struggle to catch your breath. Whatever the cause, Denverites are known for their quick tempers and even quicker comebacks.

Connecticut – Bridgeport


Locals in Bridgeport are known for their unique approach to community relations—they’d rather burn bridges than build them! Also, their blunt honesty might catch some off guard, but it’s all part of the city’s charm—or lack thereof, depending on who you ask.

Delaware – Wilmington


Wilmington is the Diamond State’s gem of a town, where politeness takes a backseat to victory. Whether it’s in the boardroom or on the basketball court, winning is the name of the game. But etiquette sometimes falls by the wayside in their relentless pursuit of victory.

Florida – Miami


With temperatures soaring higher than a flamingo on stilts, it’s no wonder Miami locals are known for their hot-headedness. When you’re already sweating through your shirt before breakfast, patience will evaporate faster than a puddle after a summer storm.

Georgia – Atlanta

City of Atlanta Government/Facebook

Atlantans are as familiar with brake lights as they are with sweet tea, spending what feels like half their lives stuck in bumper-to-bumper gridlock. With honking horns and frustrated sighs echoing through the city, it’s obvious why they’re too stressed to bother with niceties.

Hawaii – Honolulu


In Hawaii’s capital city of Honolulu, the waves aren’t the only thing catching attention—so is their laid-back attitude towards courtesy. Honoluluites prefer the constant shout of “aloha” (hello and goodbye) to traditional small talk.

Idaho – Boise


Ah, Boise, the busy capital of Idaho, where the potatoes reign supreme, and manners are inferior to farming frenzy! Potato fields stretch as far as the eye can see, and in the process, courtesy can get buried beneath the soil.

Illinois – Chicago


Chicago’s nickname, “Windy City,” doesn’t refer only to the gusty breezes off the lake. Life in Chicago is fast-paced, like the chilly winds, and as locals navigate the urban jungle, they’ve developed a no-nonsense attitude that can be as biting as the icy air.

Indiana – Indianapolis


In Indianapolis, the hustle and bustle of life feels like being on the racetrack. The iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway is just a rev away, which may be why Hoosiers here are always in a hurry like they’re chasing the checkered flag.

Iowa: Des Moines

Iowa Road Trip/Facebook

In the heartland of America lies Des Moines, Iowa, a metropolis known for its cornfields, friendly folks, and, perhaps, a dash of corny humor. Like the vast stretches of farmland surrounding the region, Des Moines residents have cultivated a unique sense of humor that’s as corny as the crops they grow.

Kansas – Wichita


In Kansas, where tornadoes can seemingly pop up out of nowhere, there’s a place where the weather isn’t the only force to be reckoned with. Welcome to Wichita, a town where the locals are as unpredictable as the Kansas weather, and their politeness is about as steady.

Kentucky: Louisville


Louisville is a city where the bourbon flows like a river, and the horses gallop like they’re late for the Kentucky Derby. In this lively metropolis, good conduct comes second place after the thrill of the racetrack and the clinking of mint julep glasses.

Louisiana – New Orleans


In the heart of Louisiana, the land of gumbo and jazz lies New Orleans, where the party never stops, and riverling replaces courtesy. After all, when there’s so much music and food, who has time for civility?

Maine: Portland


Portland has more breweries per capita than any other city in the United States. Yet, with so many breweries, Portlanders need more time to distill their behavior. They’d always choose a cold pint over a polite conversation, but who can blame them?

Maryland: Baltimore

Only In Baltimore/Facebook

Baltimoreans are renowned for their love of crabs and their equally notorious crabby demeanor. Maybe it’s the Old Bay seasoning coursing through their veins or the constant traffic jams, but Baltimoreans are as likely to scowl you as they are to smile.

Massachusetts – Boston


Bostonians will always choose one thing over politeness: baseball. Their devotion to their beloved team, the Red Sox, is as legendary as their baked beans, and when it comes to etiquette, let’s say they sometimes strike out.

Michigan – Detroit


In the Motor City, where the roar of engines is practically the soundtrack of daily life, kindness occasionally gets lost in the revving. Detroit has a rich automotive history, but they are more accustomed to the sound of engines than polite greetings.

Minnesota – Minneapolis


Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and just as many passive-aggressive remarks. Minneapolis’ citizens are as chill as the ice they fish on in winter. With temperatures dropping lower than a Minnesotan’s accent, they’ve mastered the art of ice fishing, but manners? Not so much.

Mississippi – Jackson


In matters of good conduct, the folks in Jackson are in a perpetual state of confusion; bless their hearts. “Is it ‘yes, ma’am’ or ‘no, sir’?” they might ponder as they scratch their heads in bewilderment.

Missouri – St. Louis


Known for its iconic Gateway Arch, the townsfolk of St Louis have a penchant for arching their eyebrows at rude behavior. And with taste buds so finely tuned to deliciousness, any gastronomic faux pas is met with a raised eyebrow and a muttered “bless your heart.”

Montana – Billings

Billings Events/Facebook

As the cowboys and cowgirls in Billings hustle to ensure the success of their ranches, decorum might get lost in the shuffle of branding irons and bales of hay. Yet, beneath their gruff exterior lies a shared love for their land and livestock.

Nebraska – Omaha


Omaha inhabitants are more concerned with sinking their teeth into a juicy steak than exchanging pleasantries. And forget about holding doors open—they are too focused on their next carnivorous conquest to worry about courtesy.

Nevada: Las Vegas


Las Vegas is known for endless entertainment and less-than-stellar attitudes. It could be the constant influx of egoistic tourists or the pressure to keep up with the unbridled extravagance. One thing’s for sure: etiquette is as rare as a winning streak at the slots in Vegas.

New Hampshire – Manchester

William McCue/Unsplash

Despite its picturesque surroundings, the natives of Manchester seem to be preoccupied with one thing: hiking. These folks are more likely to be found scaling the peaks of Mount Washington than stopping to say something nice to others.

New Jersey – Newark


Newark is where the sound of car horns is the unofficial soundtrack of the town, playing on repeat from sunrise to sunset. In this town, honking is the universal language that says, “Hey, I’m here, and I need to get somewhere, pronto!”

New Mexico – Albuquerque

Andreas Rasmussen/Unsplash

Amidst Albuquerque’s cultural richness, civility seems lost in the dust kicked up by Jesse Pinkman’s RV. Life here is often like navigating a maze of adobe walls and red chili peppers—spicy and occasionally feeling slightly burnt.

New York: New York City

New York City./Facebook

With a constant stream of yellow cabs zipping through the streets, New Yorkers know how to hail taxis with a swift hand and a determined gaze. But in the process, they may inadvertently overlook courteous remarks and polite words.

North Carolina: Charlotte


In the heart of North Carolina lies Charlotte, a vibrant metropolis where appropriate behavior sometimes seems as scarce as parking spots during rush hour. It’s not that the folks of Charlotte are inherently impolite; instead, they’re too preoccupied with their banking industry to worry about formalities.

North Dakota: Fargo

Visit Fargo-Moorhead/Facebook

Fargo winters are long and brutal, but it’s not just the icy winds that make Fargoans a bit frosty in demeanor. When your car doesn’t start in subzero temperatures, and your boots are filled with snow, propriety tends to freeze over, too.

Ohio – Cleveland

City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio – City Hall/Facebook

Known as the birthplace of rock and roll, Cleveland boasts a rich musical heritage that echoes through its streets. Yet, civility often gets drowned out amidst the electric atmosphere of guitars shredding and drums pounding.

Oklahoma – Oklahoma City

Justin Prine/Unsplash

Oklahomans are more likely to be found twirling lassos than polishing their etiquette. After all, when you’re busy perfecting your rodeo skills or taming the open plains, remembering to say something nice in appreciation can seem like an unnecessary detour on the trail of life.

Oregon – Portland

Justin Shen/Unsplash

Portland has more coffee shops per capita than any other town in the United States, and Portlanders have a caffeine addiction rivaled only by their dedication to keeping it weird. So, in between sips of artisanal brews, its residents often forget the civilities of a polite society.

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia


Philadelphia inhabitants are more likely to be found arguing over the best cheesesteak joint than practicing their courtesy. With iconic spots like Pat’s and Geno’s serving mouth-watering sandwiches dripping with cheese and onions, who has time to worry about amenities?

Rhode Island – Providence


Rhode Island’s capital, Providence, is always on the move to get things done. But the many deals to strike and ventures to pursue often mean that they’ll need more time to deal with their demeanor.

South Carolina: Charleston


The charming city of Charleston is known for its rich history and vibrant culture. They’re also good dancers. However, when it comes to attitude, they might have danced right out the window!

South Dakota – Sioux Falls


In Sioux Falls, the waterfalls aren’t the only thing cascading – politeness seems to tumble away, too. While visitors may find themselves captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the falls, they might also notice a few folks stumbling over their words and behavior.

Tennessee – Memphis

What’s Happening Memphis/Facebook

Memphis is a place known for its soulful tunes and finger-licking barbecue. Memphians submerge themselves in the rhythm of the blues, periodically forgetting their pleases and thank-yous. They pour their hearts out into the music, leaving little room for formalities.

Texas: Houston


In the Lone Star State, where everything’s more prominent, including the egos, Houston stands tall as a beacon of bustling industry and Southern hospitality—or lack thereof. Nestled in the heart of Texas, Houstonians are as famous for their Texan pride as they are for their lack of manners.

Utah – Salt Lake City

Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District/Facebook

Salt Lake City comes to mind as a haven for snow enthusiasts. With pristine powder slopes just a stone’s throw away, it’s no wonder the natives are often found shredding the gnar instead of exchanging pleasantries.

Vermont – Burlington


While other cities may prioritize politeness, Burlingtonians feel that the quality of their maple syrup best measures success. After all, in Burlington, maple syrup flows thicker than the Vermont accent and sweeter than a pancake breakfast on a crisp autumn morning.

Virginia – Richmond


In Virginia Beach, catching waves and soaking up the sun sometimes takes priority over expressing good conduct. Miles of sandy beaches and consistent waves rolling in ensure that the townsfolks are more focused on perfecting their surf skills than their polishing etiquette.

Washington – Seattle


Seattle is a unique place where caffeine flows like water from the sky. It has more coffee shops per capita than anywhere else in the nation and takes its beloved java seriously, almost as seriously as its lack of civility.

West Virginia – Charleston


West Virginia’s capital, Charleston, may be known for its rich coal mining history, but when it comes to politeness, they’re as elusive as a shiny lump of coal in a miner’s pocket. With coal mines dotting the terrain and the sound of pickaxes echoing through the hills, there needs to be more time for formalities.

Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Milwaukeeans are more preoccupied with mastering their malt than minding their manners. To them, the art of brewing isn’t just a hobby – it’s practically a religion. It’s, therefore, no surprise that Milwaukeeans are often a bit terse in their interactions.

Wyoming – Cheyenne


The spirit of the Wild West still runs rampant in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Residents are so accustomed to the rhythmic sound of hooves clattering on dusty trails that saying “excuse me” is often replaced with a simple nod or a quick maneuver around a passerby.


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