The 15 Weirdest Shark Species In The World


Sharks have long held the fascination and fear of humans with their remarkable diversity and formidable presence in the world’s oceans. While many are familiar with iconic species such as the great white, there is a captivating array of shark genera boasting a surreal, almost alien-like appearance. The following list showcases 15 of the most peculiar and little-known shark species that lurk beneath the waves.

Goblin Shark


The enigmatic Goblin Shark is often referred to as a living fossil due to its distinct, protruding snout and pinkish skin. This deep-sea dweller’s elongated jaws contain nail-like teeth, making it a genuinely atypical sight among the shark family.

Frilled Shark


With its eel-like body and head resembling that of a mythical dragon, the Frilled Shark is an aquatic creature straight out of a fantasy tale. Found in deep, dark waters, it possesses a unique set of frilly gill slits and a mouth full of needle-like teeth, adding to its mystique.

Cookiecutter Shark


Aptly named for its habit of leaving a cookie-cutter-shaped wound on its prey, this diminutive shark has an eerie appeal. Its bioluminescent underside and suction cup-like lips make it a fascinating addition to the list of unusual sharks.

Wobbegong Shark


Hailing from the waters of Australia, the Wobbegong Sharks’ camouflage abilities have earned them the title of “master of disguise.” Their intricate patterns and frilly appendages allow them to seamlessly blend into their surroundings, rendering them a true marvel of nature.

Port Jackson Shark

Craig Lambert/Getty

This weird-looking shark sports a striking, harness-like pattern on its body, making it instantly recognizable. Its strange appearance and gentle demeanor have made it a favorite among divers and aquarium enthusiasts.

Hammerhead Shark

Nicolas Sanchez-Biezma/Getty

With its unmistakable T-shaped head, the Hammerhead Shark exudes a captivating and unconventional charm. Its unique head shape enhances sensory perception, making it a marvel of evolutionary adaptation.



Resembling a prehistoric relic, the Sawshark possesses a distinctive elongated snout lined with sharp tooth-like denticles. This bizarre adaptation is used for hunting and defense, adding to its allure as one of the ocean’s most peculiar creatures.

Megamouth Shark

Sergei Boka/Wikipedia

Rarity and mystery shroud the Megamouth Shark, a deep-sea dweller with an otherworldly presence. Its massive mouth, bioluminescent skin, and sheer size make it a charismatic addition to our weird and wonderful sharks list.

Greenland Shark


As one of the slowest-moving and longest-living shark species, the Greenland Shark is a living anomaly in the animal kingdom. Its ghostly look and ability to thrive in frigid Arctic waters make it a phenomenon of the natural world.

Spined Pygmy Shark

SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory/Wikipedia

The tiny Spined Pygmy Shark may be small, but its bioluminescent properties and unique spine structure set it apart as a remarkable and rare shark breed. Its ability to emit light from its body adds a touch of magic to its already fascinating presence.

Angel Shark


Resembling a flattened ray more than a traditional shark, the Angel Shark boasts a peculiar body shape and a knack for camouflaging within sandy seafloors. Its gentle nature and distinct bearing are a charming oddity in the shark family.

Nurse Shark

Gary Rose/Getty

Moving along, we meet the nurse shark, a sluggish bottom-dweller often found resting in caves or under ledges. It undeniably exudes an aura of tranquil oddity.

Thresher Shark

Thomas Alexander/Wikipedia

With its elongated tail fin accounting for half its total length, the thresher shark cuts a striking figure as it gracefully maneuvers through the ocean. These aquatic creatures embody elegance in their queer form.

Zebra Shark


The Zebra Shark is a visually charming creature that stands out among its shark counterparts. It ventures into tropical seas, adorned with striking stripes in its youth that gradually fade into adulthood. Its gentle disposition and distinct appearance make it a fascinating inclusion in this list.

Sixgill Shark

NOAA Ocean Explorer/Wikipedia

Diving into the ocean’s depths, we encounter the elusive sixgill shark. It boasts not one but six-gill slits on each side of its head, a testament to its ancient lineage.


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