The 15 Least Common Birthdays in the United States


Like horoscopes, your birthday might be the real key to your uniqueness! The US Social Security Administration says some are so rare that they’re almost off the calendar. You may be one of the few who celebrate on an uncommon date. While these 15 birthdates can get overshadowed by holidays, those born on them are anything but ordinary. Check if yours made the list!

December 23
Average Number of Births Yearly – 10,338


December 23 falls close to Christmas, and many people may plan labor away from the festive season. Still, those delivered during this period often enjoy the merry spirit with double fun. On this particular day in 1783, George Washington resigned from his military position as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.

April 1
Average Number of Births Yearly – 10,300


The hesitancy to give birth on a day associated with pranks and jokes is real. Hence, sharing a date with April Fools’ Day can make living a gamble. Also, mothers, fathers, and medical personnel may get engulfed in playful chaos. Nevertheless, individuals like Logan Paul, a YouTuber, wrestler, and social media influencer, try to embrace the humor it brings.

November 28
Average Number of Births Yearly – 10,096


Parents mostly avoid scheduling labor on Thanksgiving as they want to avoid having their kids’ parties obscured by the bustle of family gatherings. November 28 falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, known for its upbeat attitude, adventurous nature, and philosophical mindset.

November 26
Average Number of Births Yearly – 10,044


Many hospitals may have reduced staff or fewer scheduled deliveries during the celebratory week. Despite its rarity, those born on the 26th embrace the jubilant and grateful mood. Tina Turner and Natasha Bedingfield are two famous singers who have proved that even the less common days can produce true legends.

November 24
Average Number of Births Yearly – 10,015


November 24 falls on Thanksgiving roughly six times every 50 years, so babies are seldom delivered on this date in America compared to other days. Additionally, that week throws a wrench into birthing plans for many, as family gatherings and travel can lead to occasional childbirths.

October 31
Average Number of Births Yearly – 9,978


Newborns conceived on October 31, commonly known as Halloween, are rare in the United States as many couples avoid laboring on holidays. The festivities can also outshine other celebrations due to costume parties and trick-or-treating.

November 25
Average Number of Births Yearly – 9,954


Since it falls close to Thanksgiving, some mothers schedule labor before or after the anniversary. Overall, this decision results in fewer births on this date than others. Additionally, it is when the weather can be cold and unpredictable in many parts of the US.

November 23
Average Number of Births Yearly – 9,883


Being sandwiched between a traditional fiesta and the weekend often impacts childbearing. As doctors get busy with festive preparations, families also opt for a day that stands out from the frenzy. Miley Cyrus, a prominent American singer, songwriter, and actress famous for playing “Hannah Montana,” is a Sagittarius who defied the status quo for birthdays and careers.

November 27
Average Number of Births Yearly – 9,718


Medical practitioners and expectant parents are likely anticipating the anniversary, and both parties might prefer a birthday that is less likely to get lost in the shuffle. November 27, 1895, is quite memorable because that’s when Alfred Nobel signed the Nobel Prize into his last will.

December 26
Average Number of Births Yearly – 9,543

Vasyl Dolmatov/Getty

The Christmas hiatus extends to deliveries on December 26, when most people are exhausted from preparations and feasts. Many hospital staff and families will prefer rest over welcoming newborns despite being necessary. Nevertheless, for former Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey, the 26th marked the start of his remarkable journey.

January 2
Average Number of Births Yearly – 9,307


Couples believe January 2 can be a less-than-ideal time for childbearing. Doctors might be focused on vacation plans, and parents can prefer a period not dimmed by New Year’s resolutions and celebrations. Despite this, actress Kate Bosworth, known for her roles in films like “Blue Crush” and “Superman Returns,” managed to slip through.

July 4
Average Number of Births Yearly – 8,796


July 4, Independence Day in the United States, is marked by day-long partying, parades, and non-stop activities. Many families may prioritize national festivities over other celebratory events, resulting in fewer childbirths. It’s understandable because most Americans want to enjoy the fireworks and barbecues.

December 24
Average Number of Births Yearly –8,069


American television host and producer Ryan Seacrest, famous for hosting “American Idol,” was born on December 24. It has few births since it falls on Christmas Eve when most people are caught up in last-minute shopping, travel, and festival feasts.

January 1
Average Number of Births Yearly – 7,792

JLco – Julia Amaral/Getty

New Year’s Day is celebrated across the country, with most doctors enjoying a well-deserved break after a long night of celebrating, leading to rarer childbirths. However, it tends to be overshadowed by exciting activities, so individuals struggle to have personal celebrations. J. Edgar Hoover, the first Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director, was conceived on the first day of the year.

December 25
Average Number of Births Yearly – 6,574


Babies delivered on Christmas Day, a widely celebrated holiday, take time to come by. The focus on festivities and minimal hospital staffing make deliveries reach an all-time low. Besides marking the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition, many cultures celebrate the approaching winter solstice with festivals symbolizing the sun’s rebirth and the lengthening of daylight.


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