The 10 Biggest U.S. Cities with the Lowest Rental Prices


Over the last couple of months, the internet has been obsessed with the ridiculously high cost of rent in several major cities, especially San Francisco and NYC, yet they rarely, if ever, compile a list of the biggest cities with the lowest rental prices. Now that you know what cities to avoid living in, at least if you prefer to eat and drink anything other than ramen noodles and tap water, it’s time to look at the biggest cities with the cheapest rents. Here’s a quick look at 10 major US cities with the lowest average monthly rent.

Wichita, KS

As the most populated city in Kansas, Wichita has a lot to offer residents, including a ton of dining, shopping, entertainment, and outdoor recreation options. Thanks to all of these things and an average monthly rent of $555 for a one bedroom apartment and $621 for a two bedroom apartment, it’s easy to see why more and more young professionals are choosing to move here. As an added bonus, many apartment complexes include plenty of amenities, such as pools, hot tubs, and free Wi-fi. The average rent has decreased by 11.2% in the last six months.

Tucson, AZ

As the home of the University of Arizona Wildcats, you’d think Tucson rents would be high, thanks to all the college students looking to rent. However, you’d be wrong. The average monthly rent of a one bedroom apartment is $599, while a two bedroom will cost you around $685 a month. In an attempt to one-up the competition, Tucson apartment complexes usually have a lot to offer, such as pools, grills, picnic areas, and covered parking.

Oklahoma City, OK

Despite being in the midst of a significant revitalization period, Oklahoma City rents have remained low. Currently, the average monthly rent is $543, which is impressive in a city that has a ton to offer residents. For example, it’s the home of the only amusement park in OK, has a 25 acre water park, has a zoo that is ranked one of the top in the country, a bevy of museums, and a casino.

El Paso, TX

Not only does El Paso have low monthly rental rates ($631 for one bedroom and $784 for two bedrooms), but it has also been named the safest big city in the US for four straight years and has ranked in the top 3 since 1997. As an added bonus, El Paso is consistently ranked one the most walkable cities in the US, which means there is really no reason for a car (That’ll save a ton of money.) Essentially, El Paso offers cheap rents, a safe place to live, and gives residents the opportunity to walk almost everywhere.

Cleveland, OH

When sports enthusiasts are looking for a city with low rent, Cleveland is an excellent option. There’s baseball, basketball, and football, but that’s not all. Cleveland is also home to the Cleveland Orchestra (considered one of the top 5 best in the world) and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has the second largest theater district in the world (behind Broadway), and has over 70 young professional organizations, with 28 institutions of Higher Education. All of this with an average monthly rent of $730 for one bedroom and $918 for two bedrooms.

St. Louis, MO

In St. Louis, the average monthly rent for a one bedroom is $730, while a two bedroom is $855. If you’re thinking that low rent equals low quality, you are completely wrong, especially when you’re talking about St. Louis. Downtown St. Louis apartments may be slightly older than you would find in other cities, but they are known for having cool tin tiles, gorgeous hardwood floors, and original moldings. On a side note, St. Louis has 1,293 acres of gorgeous parks, which makes it perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Las Vegas, NV

While people love to visit Sin City, they don’t necessarily want to live there, which is likely a reason the average monthly rent is an affordable $737. Sure, it can be hot and crowded there, but anyone who wants to live in a place where there is always something to do and a crazy nightlife, just may want to call Las Vegas home.

Indianapolis, IN

Considered by residents to be a big city with a small town feel, Indianapolis has also been rankest the 3rd best downtown in the U.S., according to There are plenty of restaurants shops, museums, performing art centers, parks, sports, and entertainment option. And, for the most part, everything is within walking distance. However, the best part about Indianapolis is the average monthly rent prices ($648 for one bedroom and $771 for two bedrooms).

Richmond, VA

Known for having plenty of historical charm and gorgeous architecture, as well as an amazing underground music scene, awesome dive restaurants, a great art scene, and a laid back environment, Richmond is a fun city to live and work in. Of course, the low monthly rents ($875 for one bedroom and $966 for two bedrooms) only add to its appeal.

Raleigh, NC

Despite being consistently rated one of the best places to live in America and one of the greatest cities for families, the average monthly rent in Raleigh is $813. With all the money they’re saving on their rent, Raleigh residents can head to the beach or mountains. After all, it’s only two hours from Wilmington’s pristine shorelines and four hours from the beautiful mountains of Sugar Mountain.


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