A Sunny Terrace Perfect For Pampering Guests in Summer


Although the heat of the summer can sometimes be unbearable, it’s still nice to get out and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. If you live in a place where the winters can be harsh, you know just how important it is to hang on to every bit of summer heat. With that being said, lots of people love to make the best out of their outdoor space during the summer months.  Instead of having every gathering take place indoors, people can now venture out to the yard to entertain family and friends. This beautiful and comfortable terrace designed by Bender Arquitetura studio, is the perfect space for just that. Allowing just the right amount of sunlight, this terrace features ample space for seating as well as great views of the house, yard, and pool. As the description states, the terrace “represents a proper outdoor living space where you can spend most of the day during summers. Half covered, the terrace is invaded by sun light plentifully, creating a space for therapy and relaxation. As for the decor, the designer opted for a mix of rustic and Mediterranean styles, keeping a contemporary, fresh touch. Rattan chairs with sky blue cushions and an amazing coffee table with wooden countertops make up the decor for this sunny terrace.”

With the right amount of space and luxury, this beautiful outdoor space is a dream come true for those who love spending time outdoors with loved ones. Take a look at these photos of this lovely terrace, and perhaps get some ideas for an outdoor space of your own.

AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-11 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-1 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-2 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-3 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-5 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-4 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-7 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-8  AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-10 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-13 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-14 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-15 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-16 AI-Sunny-Terrace-To-Pamper-17


(images via http://www.interiordesiign.com)


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