Stylish Modern Residence in Brazil by Raffo Arquitetura


With such a long and incredible history, it should come as no surprise that Brazil is home to some pretty amazing places.  However, aside from historical monuments and sights, Brazil also has lots of beautiful architecture.  Brazilian architectural firm Raffo Arquitetura is among those working to continue the Brazilian tradition of incredible designs and creativity.  In 2012, Raffo Arquitetura completed a lovely modern residence that is unlike anything else you’ve seen. Working to help the owners create the home of their dreams, with the goal of  housing “a tree in a building that integrates environmental energies and creates a clear dialog between the natural elements and the building,” Raffo Arquiteura definitely delivered with their final product. According to the home’s description, “The building develops in the surrounds of a jabuticaba tree that has an emotional value to the owners. The three belonged to the house where the owner lived her childhood, and the architectural project became a childhood dream realization; to create a conceptual house in the surroundings of that beloved tree.”

The home’s construction had a minimal impact on the environment and the design was conducive to allowing the house to sustain itself. The home features a unique drainage system that harvests rain water from the roof, plenty of natural lighting, a pool, and a linear garden. Combining the best of positive energy and incredible design, this place is definitely seems to have everything.  Check out these photos of this stylish modern residence in Brazil by Raffo Arquitetura.

Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-14-810x540 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-13-810x540 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-12-810x467 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-11-810x1215 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-10-810x530 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-09-810x486 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-08-810x998 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-07-810x547 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-06-810x952 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-05-810x507 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-04-810x498 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-03-810x1006 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-02-810x540 Stylish-Residence-in-Brazil-by-Raffo-Arquitetura-01-810x540

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