Sophisticated Modern High Rise in Taiwan by Awork


If you’ve ever tried to design or resign your own home, you know that it’s definitely more work than some people bargain for.  Sometimes it’s nice to have an experienced mind and set of hands to help work through ideas. As a result, design firms work with people to help their visions come to life. Taiwanese design studio, Awork, is well-known for its versatile work in the design industry.  Founded in 2011, Awork “has extensive experiences in the industry of interior design, planning and construction and has built a trusted brand from our dedication to quality and details.” The Zhao House, a ‘modern high rise’ located in Taiwan, lives up to the company’s standards and is a very impressive contemporary home design. According to the description, Zhao House “was designed for an animal lover with an eye toward high-end craftsmanship and quality.” The house features a is beautiful both inside and out and features some of the most impressive design choices.  Featuring an open floor plan, the home is inviting and spacious, tying all of the rooms together in a seamless effort. With materials like “thin stone slabs” and “oak bark”, the home is both natural and modern.

Although this home differs greatly from the traditional Taiwanese style home, Awork has done a great job at crafting a masterpiece that is still able to blend in with its surroundings. If the description wasn’t enough to intrigue you, take a look at these beautiful photos of the Zhao House designed by Awork.

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