This Smart Mattress Alerts You When It Detects Infidelity


If trust issues have left your relationship tense and strained, the Smarttress can provide you with the information you need to decide if the relationship is truly over or worth working on. Created by Durmet, a Spanish mattress company, this high-tech mattress is capable of detecting infidelity. Intrigued? The following takes an in-depth look at this cutting edge product, including the idea behind the invention, how it works, pros and cons, and how you purchase your own Smarttress.

The Inspiration

The Smarttress was created in response to the high rate of infidelity in Spain, specifically Madrid which has the highest number of cheating spouses in Europe. The company’s goal is to provide peace and mind to men and women while they are away from home.

During the concept development phase, the company did extensive research on sexual motions to determine what movements the mattress should alert to. In a press release the company stated, “You can’t imagine the tests we have done to make sure the system works correctly.”

How it Works

While the Smarttress may look and feel like your typical, yet comfortable mattress, it is far from it. 24 ultrasonic sensors have been embedded within the mattress’s springs. Known as the “Lover Detection System”, the sensors are able to create a 3D diagram of the mattress to depict which areas of the mattress are getting the most pressure, as well as what specific movements are taking place. Anytime the mattress senses what it believes to be “suspicious activity”, it alerts the owner via an app that someone is using the mattress, as well as how many people are in the bed. The 3D map of the bed appears on the app in real-time with the areas experiencing the most pressure highlighted. All movements are detected and recorded within the app. The app also allows the user to trace motion statistics, including impact, intensity, and speed. Durmet has created a video detailing the unique technology incorporated within the mattress, which can be seen here.

Pros Associated with the Smarttress

  • The Smarttress has plenty to offer anyone who is a bit suspicious of their partner’s activities when they are away from home. Benefits include:
  • Finally, there is a way to know once and for all what your partner is doing when you are away from home.
  • The app is designed to be easy to use and gives you a complete look at what is going on in your bed when you aren’t in it. The statistics it provides are an added bonus.
  • The Smarttress is comfortable, so you can be sure you (and your partner) will get a good night’s sleep.
  • The appearance of the mattress is no different than any of the thousands of other mattresses on the market. In other words, the only person who knows the mattress is equipped with 24 sensors is the one who purchased it. That being said, the word Smarttress is on the side of the mattress, so if your partner is familiar with this product, they may quickly figure out what you are up to.
  • It provides you with peace of mind. At the end of the day, you will know one way or the other if your partner is cheating.

Cons Associated with the Smarttress

  •  While they are few and far between, the Smarttress does have a few negatives.
  • Finally, you will know what your partner is doing when you are away from home. Yes, this is a pro and con. While you may want to know if your partner is cheating, it can be devastating to actually confirm an affair.
  • This is not a product you can order today and have in your home tomorrow. Currently, you have to send an inquiry to Durmet and wait for the company to get back to you. Then, your order will be processed and shipped from Spain to your address. This process can take weeks, possibly even months.

How to Buy Your Own Smarttress

Although Durmet does not reveal the sale price for the Smarttress on the company website, a number of sites are reporting that it will retail for around £1,200 or $1704. If you are interested in purchasing a Smarttress, today is the perfect day to take the first step. Simply provide this little bit of information and you’ll hear back from the company as soon as possible. Let’s end with the slogan for this unique mattress. “If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is.”

How faithful is your partner?

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