20 Things People from Los Angeles Hate Being Accused Of

No matter where in the world you live, there are stereotypes and ideas about the people who live there.  Even if it’s something small, this is something that most people have had to deal with at some point or another. Unfortunately, in some places, those ideas have become so popular that they’re the first thing that comes to mind when people think of those places. Unfortunately for people who live in Los Angeles, the beautiful sunny city is one of those places.  There are lots of stereotypes that surround people from Los Angeles, and as a result, people in the city often spend a lot of time fighting off accusations and assumptions about who they are and what they like.  Here are 20 things people from Los Angeles hate being accused of.

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Being beach bums

Sure, there’s plenty of people in Los Angeles, but not everybody in the city is a beach bum.  Unfortunately, there’s this stereotype that insists that people from Los Angeles have an unhealthy obsession with the beach, and spend most of their time hanging; playing beach volleyball in the sand with sun screen on their noses.

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Being superficial

Okay admit it, you’ve thought this about people from Los Angeles. The city has a reputation for being a breeding ground for beautiful people, and as a result, everyone assumes that people in Los Angeles are obsessed with looks and looks only. All those pretty girls and fit guys that hang out on the beach all day? Yeah, they definitely won’t be hanging out with you unless you’re beautiful too.  Sike! Of course there are superficial people in L.A. ; there are people like that everywhere.  But people in Los Angeles aren’t just superficial by nature.

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Being rich

Sure Los Angeles is an expensive city, but everyone who lives there isn’t rich.  Although some people might find it flattering for others to accuse them of being rich, it’s actually kind of annoying when you know that you’re just barely making it. Just like everywhere else, there are plenty people who are working ridiculous hours and cramming into an apartment with  a bunch of roommates just to make ends meet.

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Being addicted to coffee

There’s nothing wrong with loving coffee, but the idea that people in L.A. can’t live without it is a little ridiculous.  This accusation; however, probably stems from the fact that there are lots of great coffee shops in Los Angeles.

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Having connections

Being accused of having connections is really annoying, especially when you don’t have any – and all of the people who you actually do know are nowhere near famous.  Still, people think everyone in L.A. knows somebody that knows somebody.  Most people also think that if you live in Los Angeles, you run into famous people on a daily basis. It’s almost like as soon as someone moves to L.A., they’re friends from back home are already anxious to hear who they’ve rubbed elbows with.

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Lacking culture

On top of being beach bums who only care about people’s looks and connections, people in Los Angeles often get flack for lacking culture too.  In fact, it’s not just the people who have been accused of this, but the city as well.  Although Los Angeles does have a lot to offer in the culture department, it’s often goes overlooked. L.A. is home to people of many different backgrounds, and is also home to several museums and music venues.

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Being a hippie

If you live in Los Angeles, you must be a hippie, right? Wrong.  For some reason, this idea has stuck with people in L.A. for decades, and no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to shake identity.  Unfortunately, to most people, everyone in Los Angeles is just a free loving – free living hippie who avoids responsibility.

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Being super tech savvy

Los Angeles may not be silicon valley, but there’s still the stereotype that people in L.A. are super tech savvy.  After all, how could you be rich, superficial, and self-absorbed without the latest smart phone and tablet.  Those things are essential to taking the perfect selfie.  However, this accusation is a little unfair – and even more unfounded, not everyone in L.A. is running around with the latest iPhone or Macbook, and those that aren’t especially hate being accused of knowing how to work everything.

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Being extremely health conscious

Everyone running (yes, because they run everywhere) is a fitness obsessed gym rat who wouldn’t even dream of consuming a carb.  This is one of the accusations that simply ties into others.  If you’re going to be superficial and self absorbed, there’s an assumption that you have to have a great body, and spend all of your time making sure it stays that way. Yeah, that can be a really tough one to carry, especially for people in Los Angeles who don’t spend all of their time working out and eating healthy. Unfortunately; however, the accusations that people from L.A. think they’re too good to let certain things enter their bodies don’t seem like they’ll be slowing down any time soon.

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Being flaky

People in Los Angeles are always getting accused of being flaky.  Many people are under the impression that people from the city have serious commitment issues and can’t  even commit to something as simple as making plans and actually showing up. Of course, no one wants to be accused of this, not even a person who actually is flaky.

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Having plastic surgery

Nobody wants to be accused of having undergone plastic surgery, but unfortunately for people in Los Angeles, they get it all the time.  With all of the beautiful people running around, there can be intense pressure to look good, and sometimes this crazy thing called aging creeps in and throws everything off track.  Even if you have had a plastic surgery procedure or two, it’s still annoying to have people bringing it up all the time.

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Being party animals

Los Angeles may not be the city that never sleeps, but it’s still got a pretty good nightlife, and people in Los Angeles are accused of taking full advantage of it.  You’ve probably seen the scenes from movies or reality TV where people flock to L.A. clubs and spend the whole night drinking and dancing. Not that there’s anything wrong with going out and having a good time, but when people think that’s all you do, it can be a little difficult for them to take you seriously.

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Looking the same

Nobody likes being stripped of their individuality, but unfortunately for people in Los Angeles, this is a common occurrence.  In most people’s eyes, there aren’t too many ways to do beach and blonde, and as a result, they tend to see everyone in L.A. as the same. The accusation that people in L.A. are all on a mission to look the same can seriously cramp someone’s style, especially when they do take pride in being and looking different.

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Loving Juice

If you live in Los Angeles, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been asked about juice. Okay, so fresh juice is popular in Los Angeles, and there’s plenty of juice bars spread throughout the city, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in Los Angeles is just dying to have a cup of ice-cold juice.

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Since people in Los Angeles are often associated with the hippie movement, they also get accused of smoking pretty often.  No, not cigarettes or cigars, but marijuana – which is legal for medical purposes in the state.  However, with the negative stereotypes associated with people who smoke, no one likes being accused of lighting up.

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Being obsessed with shopping

Shopping can be fun, shopping can be therapeutic, but for a lot of people – shopping all the time just isn’t a sensible thing to do. However, because people in L.A. often get accused of having a lot of extra money, and having a desire to keep up with the latest trends, they’re often also accused of loving to shop.

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Loving to tan

People in Los Angeles have built a reputation for really loving to tan.  Whether it be by spending a day out in the sun, or laying down in a tanning bed, people in L.A. must really love to tan.  After all, with its good weather and beautiful beaches – there is plenty of tanning opportunity in the city.  However, if you’re a person that has little interest in baking your skin, this accusation can be especially annoying.

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Hating all other cities in California

In general, people in Los Angeles are always getting accused of being haters – which no one would like for obvious reasons.  More specifically; however, they often get accused of hating people from other city’s in California.  There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your home, and even having a little friendly competition, but the world is a much better place when people put some effort in trying to get along with one another.

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Not actually being from Los Angeles

If you’re from Los Angeles, you’ve probably been accused of lying about where you’re from.  For some reason, nobody thinks that people who say they’re from Los Angeles are actually from Los Angeles.  Sure, there are plenty of people living in the city who moved there from other places, but just like any other place, there are plenty of people who were legitimately born and raised in Los Angeles.

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Being Dumb

This is probably the worst accusation of them all. Nobody wants to be accused of being dumb; it’s downright offensive.  Having your intelligence insulted has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Unfortunately, this is something that people in Los Angeles have to go through a lot.  There are some people who will assume that just because a person is from Los Angeles, they’re dumb and clueless to everything that’s going on around them.

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