18 Signs Someone Is A Classless Adult


There are 18 signs someone is a classless adult when in a social setting. Class is hard to attain, but the lack is easy to see. People who lack class show it not only with their words, but their actions and body language.

Making mountains out of molehills

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Seriously, why do people do this? One reason is that it gets them the attention they want, even if it’s for a negative reason. If you want attention it’s best to earn it instead of forcing people to look your way.

Rudeness toward service workers 

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The average classless adult isn’t the person who is having a bad day and snipes or grumbles at people. Instead, this individual will treat service workers, people who help them, like garbage regularly.


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A lot of us talk a certain way around friends or others, but the average classless adult will use this type of language with everyone. The problem with this is that if you’re in the type of company where this language is not acceptable or necessary, or both, then it shows that profanity is more of a crutch than a preference.

Mocking people 

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The act of openly mocking someone or making fun of them is, admittedly, not cool. However, there is a difference between those who mock others to feel powerful and those who mock others when it is deserved.

Can’t handle different opinions

Opinions are like…you finish that one if you like. But the point is that getting an attitude or showing disdain for opposing attitudes is something a classless adult would do. It pays to stay open-minded.

Punctuality is important 


The inability to show up on time to, well, anything, is a sign that someone has no respect for anyone else or their time. The typical classless adult will often show up late and expect the world to accommodate them.

Even kids practice table manners

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Once you know how to use your utensils, table manners widen into such things as chewing with your mouth closed, leaving a mess, or even talking while eating. If you can figure out how to eat and be polite, then you’re fine. The average classless adult still has to learn these niceties.

Disrespecting public property 


This includes littering and acting like a jackass in public places. It sounds a little strict, but learning how to compose yourself and act properly in public is still important, and it’s something that too many people have yet to learn.

Intolerance and prejudice aren’t always easy to spot

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If you have class then you know how to respect everyone. If you don’t, well, you don’t understand or comprehend what it means to show respect and dignity to everyone, even people you don’t agree with.

Taking credit that’s not earned

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A real lack of class is ignoring the contributions of others to society. Sure, it might make a lot of us a little envious, but it should be taken as an inspiration as well to do better, not steal something that’s not ours.

Personal space is important

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Have you ever had someone stand way too close for comfort? It’s uncomfortable, it’s too personal, and it’s kind of presumptuous of anyone who attempts this.

Spreading rumors is something that should end by high school


Gossip and rumor-trading have been prevalent in society for a long time. It doesn’t excuse the classlessness of it, but people who engage in this typically don’t stop on their own.

Braggadocio is not appealing 


Arrogant behavior is as off-putting as it sounds. People who feel the need to make themselves feel big in front of others are classless by default.

Classless people are not reliable 

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People who flake on one commitment or another after stating that they’ll be there are plentiful. It’s one thing if you get sick after planning an event, but using this excuse over and over to get out of things is just sad.

Talking over other people


Many of us have likely engaged in a conversation where many people are trying to get their point across at the same time. It’s not always extremely rude, but if one makes a habit out of this then yes, that person is a classless adult.

Dressing Inappropriately


There’s a time and a place for everything, including certain styles of clothes.



Not only is it classless, but littering is down right disrespectful to the community.

Poor Financial Etiquette

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If someone doesn’t tip appropriately or split bills fairly they’re going to have a hard time keeping friends around.


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