Seven Valentine’s Day Decor Tips for Your Home

You can deck your home out in bright, colorful tones any day of the year, but on this holiday it’s the one time you get to go for broke and light up every room, if you want, with the colors of passion and desire. The opportunities that exist to create a home décor that can change your normally pleasant home into a lover’s den of desire are so plentiful that you might find that you need to pick just a few to avoid overdoing it. The ideas and creative methods that can turn your home into a playful and overall pleasing tribute to this amorous holiday are designed to be both fun and easy to do, and will bring a bit of color to your day and a feeling of frivolity to your home. So with that being said, here are just a few ways that you can celebrate this holiday with some easy, DIY Valentine’s Day décor.

7. Ombre Glittered Candle

Candles are almost always a pleasing and appreciated idea to add a bit of romance to your Valentine’s Day, and this one is extremely easy to make. It might look like it would take a great deal of time and skill at the onset, but if you look closer you will see that if done correctly this pleasant illusion is not quite what you think. You can use scented or unscented candles for this easy to do decoration, but the idea is to find a candle in a clear jar so as to keep the overall effect.

You will need:

*1 candle (preferably in a large glass jar)

*3 or 4 different colors of glitter (depending on how much work you want to do)

*double-sided tape

What you’ll do then is apply a strip of tape, one at a time, to the jar. Apply the glitter however you want, but be sure to wipe away any excess when you are done. Repeat this with several more strips of tape, always remembering to overlap the ends of the tape so as to create the illusory effect that it is a continual layer of glitter. When you’re done, set it wherever you like in your home and enjoy!

6. Ombre Yarn Letters

If you’re the type of person that simply loves to pronounce the holiday with a big and bold statement then this DIY project is for you! The letters can be made out of wood if you want to get super fancy, but if not can be molded out of cardboard or some other durable material. This project is exceedingly simple as all you’ll need is your base material for the letters, red and pink yarn, and some glue to hold the yarn in place. Once you’ve got all your materials you’ll need to:

*Wrap one color around the bottom half of the letters, applying your glue beforehand. Keep the yarn tight so not to create any unwanted gaps or loose coils.

*When done with the first color, allow some drying time before applying the second color of yarn.

Once you’re done these letters can be placed anywhere in your home to offer a pleasant and festive feeling for the holiday.

5. Rose Garland

If any flower ever said “Valentines” just by its appearance alone, it would be a rose. Lovely in appearance and fragrance, roses add a pleasing touch to any home and can encompass the feel of Valentine’s Day like few others. The only thing you might want to think about is how many roses you can manage for this particular DIY project, as it’s widely known that roses are hardly ever cheap and can cost more than your entire night if you’re not careful. With that said however, here is what you will need:

*1 bunch of roses

*gardening shears


This project is fairly simple. Cut the stems from each rose, leaving at least 2 inches so you have something to use for the twine. Lay out your twine so that you can space the flowers evenly, and then secure them by tying a double knot around each stem. Voila, you have an instant garland that not only looks fantastic, but will grant a pleasing scent to your home that is absolutely divine!

4. Photo Wall

This is a project that could easily be used for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion that calls for a look back at the years you’ve spent with your significant other. As a Valentine’s gift you could even shape your photos into the form of heart by carefully selecting which pictures you put where, typically with the smaller photos near the tip of the heart or middle of the lobes. In any case, this is a fun and thoughtful way to look back on your time together and remember all the fun you’ve had getting to this point in your lives. You can use any type of backing for the pictures, though often it is wise to use something firm and not as yielding if you want to make sure it lasts.

3. Hand Art

This can be for the more playful or for those that have children, as it is a perfect way to get your children involved in how they feel about their parents. Hand art, or finger-painting, can be a huge expression of the love you hold for one another and a very delightful expression of your feelings that can be shown loud and proud on the walls of your home, preferably on a canvas or paper backing though.

You will need:

*A backing, preferably canvas, but paper or cardboard, or wood, would work just as well

*finger paints

A popular design for Valentine’s Day is to place a print of your entire hand atop the other, simulating either a heart-shape or butterfly wings, which can also be attributed to the holiday. When dry this piece of artwork can make your home just a little brighter for the effort and love that it conveys.

2. Tuna Can Vase

It’s likely that you’ll look at the name of this DIY project and roll your eyes, thinking that perhaps it would be a perfect kids’ project. But in truth the finished result is far more impressive than you might think. The container, when cleaned, is both sanitary and safe, and is very inexpensive. It might not hold a great deal but the sentiment is more than enough and the ambience that can be created with this easy to make bit of décor is all dependent on how you choose to decorate when it is finished.

You will need:

*1 tuna can (empty and cleaned with label removed)

*clothespins (21 to 22)

*potting soil, or candle depending on what you wish to use it for

Apply the clothespins one by one, making sure they are firmly clamped and won’t wiggle free. Once that is done, fill the bottom of the can with soil, sand, or anything you can think of that would be a pleasing surface for whatever you want to put down. You can use this small vase for a small plant or herb, or use it for a small tea candle. As for the decoration, you can cut out paper or felt hearts or drape lace over the clothespins to make them a bit more festive. This is a decoration that is dependent on your need and designs.

1. Watercolored Coffee Filter Wreath

That is a mouthful to be certain, but it is also a very easy to make project that can add a bit of color to your front door for Valentine’s Day. You need only a few key items and a little bit of time to put this together, and you will have a very attractive piece for people to view when they come to visit.

You will need:

*1 foam wreath base

*coffee filters

*sewing pins


*paint brush

What you’ll do first is fold each coffee filter in half, then in half again to simulate a flower shape. When you’ve accomplished this pin the finished product to the foam base. Repeat this until you’ve applied filters all around the base, taking care to avoid leaving any bare spots. This might take a pack of filters or more, so plan accordingly. After this part is done take your brush and watercolors and brush the tops of the filters only. You don’t need to go any further than brushing the tops, as this will give your wreath a pleasing and fresh look that isn’t too heavy or garish with color. Let it dry, then hang it and let your neighborhood see how festive you can be!


You don’t have to go expensive to have a good Valentine’s Day, especially considering the number of DIY projects that are available for anyone to view. Take a trip to the dollar store, pick up some ideas and some craft materials, and see what you can come up with. This proves that you can have a happy and festive Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

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