San Francisco Rates Poorly in Homeowner Perception

New Study Names San Francisco As Most Expensive To Buy A Home

No matter where you live, homeowner perception is very important. This concept describes how home owners view their homes, and whether or not they are happy with their location. as you can imagine, places with poor homeowner perception are likely to have unhappy residents as opposed to places where the homeowner perception is more positive. Poor perception can also effect whether or not people want to move to the area. Nobody wants to invest in a property that may eventually lose value because the area is becoming less desirable. While it’s easy to see why some places aren’t high on anyone’s list – others will certainly catch you off gaud. Surprisingly, recent reports show that San Francisco is one of the places currently struggling with poor homeowner perception.

This news is something that most people probably didn’t see coming, but as the saying goes ‘numbers don’t lie.’ While the beautiful city by the bay is often considered one of the most popular cities in California, it looks like residents have a bit of a different idea. According to a survey conducted by Porch and Redfin, San Francisco ranked number 47 on the list of best places to own a home.

In the survey, local homeowners were asked to rate the area based on 31 questions including climate, commute, education, resident satisfaction, safety, walkability, and other categories. San Francisco ranked low in both safety (65th) and real estate (66th). However, while the results may be discouraging to people in the area and those who are considering the move, it is important to note that the survey based its findings off of just 81 responses. These findings also contradict with other recent reports which say that the San Francisco suburbs are among the best places to live.

Other recent reports have also noted that San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to buy a home – indicating that is a very desirable location. But, whether you agree with the findings or not, it is always interesting (and important) to note what people living in an area have to say about it. If large numbers of people are unhappy, that could be a key indicator the there are some deep issues going on. Unfortunately; however, this small sample size cannot provide a true indication of how the majority of San Francisco residents truly value their homes.

 (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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