Real Estate Bot Is Newest Tech to Lead Buyers


Search engines are one of the most convenient tools that have sprung up with the popularization of the Internet. However, their usefulness tends to be rather broad in nature because their concept tends to be rather broad in nature, meaning that people who are interested in something more specific must resort to other tools. As a result, it is no coincidence that search engines have inspired similar sites operating on similar principles that service more specific needs, with the real estate market being a perfect example.

What Is Ask Doss?

In brief, Ask Doss is an excellent example of something similar to search engines that specializes in catering to real estate consumers. It provides two main functions. First, it provides information about real estate properties that might be of interest to its users based on their submitted criteria. Second, it provides information about home service providers such as plumbers and electricians that can be found in the local region. Combined, these two functions serve to make the real estate process that much more convenient for not just real estate consumers but also other individuals with stakes in the real estate sector. Something that is made all the better by the fact that Ask Doss is a voice-activated tool that can be used on a wide range of platforms, meaning that interested individuals can benefit from its existence anytime and anywhere so long as they have something capable of connecting to the Internet.

What Is Onboard Informatics?

Like its name suggests, Onboard Informatics specializes in information. To be exact, it specializes in information about not just the real estate properties that can be found in the United States but also their surrounding regions, which is something that interests not just businesses in the real estate sector but also other businesses in other sectors that might be interested in it for the sake of their forecasting. As a result, Onboard Informatics earns its revenues by selling this information to interested entities, thus empowering them to make the informed decisions that are so essential when it comes to business success.

What Does the Partnership Between Ask Doss and Onboard Informatics Mean for Real Estate Consumers?

In recent times, Ask Doss and Onboard Informatics announced a partnership between the two, which should have a significant effect on its user base. After all, no search engine can succeed without the information needed to answer the questions put to it, meaning that better information should lead to better results for its users. This is particularly true because Ask Doss needs local information, which tends to be much more challenging to find than other kinds of information for the simple reason that there is less of it floating about in a compiled, usable form because there are fewer people interested in it. Since one of Onboard Informatics’s specialties happen to be local information about the regions in which real estate properties can be found, this means that this partnership has much promise to it.

For real estate consumers, this means a much easier time finding real estate properties that are suited for their needs and circumstances instead of being forced to settle something that is close enough of the limited resources that can be put into them searching on their own. This is important because finding the perfect real estate properties result in higher satisfaction rates, which in turn, means an immense increase in the usefulness that said individuals can expect to derive from their homes over the course of their home ownership. Better still, they can find information about the surroundings at the same time as they are searching for real estate properties with promise, which is critical because the value of a home is based on not just its characteristics but also the characteristics of its surroundings. As a result, real estate consumers who use Ask Doss can expect to build a much more complete picture of the truth without having to sacrifice convenience with the announcement of this partnership.

Likewise, real estate professionals can expect something similar. However, in their case, the increase in convenience means an increase in their profitability as well, which is one of the most important criteria of business success regardless of the sector. After all, the more time and effort that they have to spent on searching for real estate properties, the more time and effort that they can put into the rest of their operations, thus leading to a natural increase in their revenues. For that matter, they can increase the satisfaction of their clients by having the reliable information provided to them through Ask Doss, which is critical because increased satisfaction means better word-of-mouth marketing. Something that can sound unimportant but is in truth, one of the main sources of a real estate professional’s sales leads.

Needless to say, those who need home service providers stand to benefit as well. After all, they need to sort through a fair amount of information to find service providers that can satisfy their needs in an efficient and effective manner without breaking their budgets in the process, meaning that a search engine that can streamline that process can save them a fair amount of hassle. Something that is particularly true because a lot of people call for home service providers because they have some sort of emergency that needs a fast and reliable solution as soon as possible.

What Can We Expect in the Future?

The partnership between Ask Doss and Onboard Informatics is proof of a trend of increasing sophistication in search engines. Something that should come as welcome news to interested individuals because more sophisticated search engines tends to mean better search results and thus increased usefulness. While predicting the future is never a simple and straightforward matter, it seems probable that real estate consumers can expect Ask Doss and similar services to become more and more useful to them as relevant technologies continue to improve.




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