10 Quick and Easy Fishing Gear Tips

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Fishing is a blend of skill, patience, and the right equipment. By optimizing your gear and techniques, you can make your fishing trips more successful and fun. Here are some quick and easy fishing gear tips to help you get the most out of your fishing trip.

Preserve Your Bait with Desiccant Packets


Those small packets of desiccants found in bags of beef jerky and new clothing are invaluable for anglers. These packets absorb moisture and can significantly reduce rust and corrosion on your fishing gear. By placing a few in your tackle boxes, you create a dry environment that prolongs the life of your hooks and lures. Remember, always dry off your gear before storage to maximize its effectiveness.

Polish Metal Lures with Ketchup

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Over time, metal lures lose their shine, reducing their effectiveness. Instead of using harsh chemicals, try polishing them with ketchup and steel wool. The mild acid in ketchup helps remove tarnish, and when combined with the abrasive action of steel wool, it restores the lure’s shine. Ensure you rinse them thoroughly afterward to avoid lingering smells that might deter fish.

Protect Your Reels with Gentle Water Pressure

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Rinsing saltwater off your fishing reels is important, but high-pressure water can force moisture into the reel’s internal mechanisms. This can lead to rust and impaired performance. Instead, use a gentle mist or light stream of water to clean your reels. Follow up by swabbing them with a dry cloth to extend their lifespan and maintain their smooth operation.

Extend the Life of Your Fly Line

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Saltwater can rapidly degrade fly lines, so it’s essential to rinse them thoroughly after each use. Strip off the line that was in the water and rinse it separately to ensure all salt is removed. Allow it to air dry before re-spooling. This extra step keeps your fly line in top condition, providing smooth, accurate casts every time.

Enhance Lures with Holographic Nail Polish

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Adding a touch of holographic nail polish to your lures can significantly increase their attractiveness to fish. The polish creates a vivid hologram that catches light in every color of the rainbow, making your lures more enticing. This inexpensive and easy modification can transform your standard lures into highly effective fish catchers.

Maintain PVC Rain Gear with Car Cleaner

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PVC rain gear is durable and highly water-resistant but requires maintenance to prevent cracking. After exposure to saltwater, rinse your gear with fresh water and dry it thoroughly. Applying a light coat of Armor All before storing helps keep the material supple and water-resistant.

Loosen Reel Drags for Longevity


Keeping the drag on your reels tightened during storage can compress the internal components, leading to quicker wear and reduced performance. Always loosen the drag after each fishing trip to relieve pressure on the internal parts. This simple habit extends the life of your reels and ensures they operate smoothly when you need them most.

Camouflage Bright Braid with a Sharpie

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When fishing with a brightly colored braided line, a simple trick to reduce visibility to fish is to darken the first few feet with a black Sharpie. Cut a shallow groove in the tip of the marker and run your braid through it. 

Prevent Wader Odor with Disinfectant


Sweat can cause chest waders to develop an unpleasant odor. To avoid this, turn your waders inside out after each use and wipe them down with a diluted disinfectant. Let them air dry thoroughly before storing. It keeps your waders fresh and extends their usable life.

Detect Rod Guide Chips with Pantyhose

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Small chips in the ceramic guides of your fishing rod can cause your line to snap unexpectedly. To detect these chips, run a piece of pantyhose through each guide. If the pantyhose snags, you know there’s a chip that needs attention. This simple check will save you from losing lures and fish due to damaged guides.


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