Prefab Homes Can Now Be Designed Using This Cool Mobile App

Person using iPhone

Prefab homes are becoming increasingly popular, and their ability to be customized is bringing out the creative energy in many potential owners. With that being said, it was only a matter of time technology took advantage of this new trend, and one company has created a mobile app to help people design the prefab home of their dreams. Blu Homes, a company that builds high-end prefab homes, has recently released the Blu Design Studio app which gives prospective home owners the chance to create the home they want. The company, which prides itself on giving its customers a high-end experience, says, “We’ve found that once people walk inside our homes, they understand they’re not a regular prefab or shipping container. You wouldn’t know it’s a manufactured home. When we walk them through this app, when they go inside, they get a real spatial feel, and what it’s like to stand inside.” With the help of the mobile app, it looks like their gearing up to create an even more memorable and interactive experience for anyone interested in owning a prefab home.

As of now, the app only allows for limited customization, but as the technology continues to approve, Blu is hoping that the app will eventually become even more functional. According to one of the company’s art directors, Jeremy Schwartz, “This is just version 1.0. It’s really an exploratory tool. In subsequent versions, when we port this over for desktop, users are going to have the ability to configure pretty much anything they want. It’s going to evolve into a true configuration and design tool.” If this app gains popularity, it could really change the real estate industry, and change the way people approach designing their future homes. With prefab homes representing a cheaper and more convenient option for many people, Blu Homes is already a step ahead of the curve, and it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

(Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)


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